Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Sweater Review

Belly Bedaine Maternity and Babywearing Sweater Review: For your pregnancy belly, then to keep baby warm doing a front OR back carry! Made in Quebec, Canada.

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own. 

I am all about products that serve multiple purposes, and serve them well. Maternity clothes are great, but even better if they can be used for nursing, for example. But what about a maternity sweater that can also be used for BABYWEARING! And nursing while you babywear if you’re so inclined!

So, as you know, I’m still in the pregnancy phase, so I’m only rocking my Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Sweater over my belly, as seen above at Lake Louise. (FYI: Bedaine = Belly in French) Let me use their promotional images so you can immediately see how the sweater is used to both front AND back carry:

Belly Bedaine Baby Wearing Sweater

Isn’t that super cool? I’m psyched to wear Cub 2.0 in my Tula and keep her warm with this sweater come October-ish. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. How does the Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Sweater perform as a simple maternity pullover?

Belly Bedaine Maternity and Babywearing Sweater Front View

Um… so… I love it? Here in Calgary, it may be the end of May, but dang does it get chilly here in the evening! (Which is, honestly, a huge improvement over how it would sometimes be even hotter at night in Montreal by this time of year.) Since I was pregnant with Cub around the same time of year, but living in Montreal, I never needed anything long sleeve… I just needed an air-conditioned bubble. This time around, I’d been struggling to squeeze into my non-maternity sweaters with little success until my eagerly-anticipated Belly Bedaine arrived in the mail! (They had so much success at recent Baby Expos that they had to sew one up, just for me!) 

In order for it to double as a babywearing sweater, there’s a large opening at the front of the sweater that you simply cinch up when using as a maternity sweater. I don’t even notice that the opening is there, and I don’t think it looks super obvious. In the front there are zippered pockets for your hands, your keys, your tissues, whatever… plus a zipper that lets you inside the sweater so when you’re babywearing you can squeeze toes as necessary. 

I generally wear a size small or medium in my tops, and my Belly Bedaine size small is a perfect fit. I’m especially satisfied with the body length, since I hate when my back is exposed if I bend over!

Belly Bedaine Maternity and Babywearing Sweater Back View

The sweater is made in Quebec out of a tight-knit jersey mesh, so I find it quite breathable. I wore it home from Banff in the car (on a very sunny day, in a vehicle with every seat belt in use) and I didn’t break a sweat. 

There’s still room for more belly growth, which shows me that there will also be plenty of room for a big baby in her carrier. 

There is a zipper on the side of the sweater which makes it easy to take on and off (whether baby is in the belly or in the Boba). The only tiny improvement I’d make to the design is longer sleeves with a little thumb hole. I love when I can stick my thumbs through the thumb holes in sweaters! (I don’t know how universal that feeling is, though.)

The sweater retails for $84 CAD, which, given its multiple purposes and the fact that it’s made in Canada is a fair price in my opinion. I think the sweater is very well made, so it would last you through multiple babies, or could be easily resold or consigned when you’re all done carrying babes in your belly and your Beco! (So grateful right now for babycarrier brands that start with “b”.)

{update: 9/27/2015}

So, how does the Belly Bedaine work over a babycarrier? Perfectly. Now that fall has arrived, it’s getting plenty of use. It is truly an awesome solution for keeping Little Miss warm in the carrier. We were in Banff this weekend and it was probably about 10 degrees. I love that it keeps my neck warm, too, and that I can access her legs through the side pockets but also just keep my hands warm (there are two openings: one for pockets, one for touching baby’s toes). The sweater is also perfect for nursing!  


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43 responses to “Belly Bedaine Maternity & Babywearing Sweater Review”

  1. Viv Sluys

    I love this! It looks like a normal sweater without baby in it too! I love having shirts that are more than just for when you have a baby (i.e. not regular nursing tops etc)

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  3. […] For a more detailed overview of the product, check out Maman Loup’s review! […]

  4. Tracy Gordon

    I love that there are zippered pockets for my keys and phone! It is a cute sweater!

  5. Sarah Templeman

    I love that it looks so easy to breastfeed in!

  6. Mal Reid

    I like the versatility – pregnancy, nursing, babywearing

  7. Claudia Joyal

    i think my favorite thing is that you can wear it for front AND back carry.

  8. Megan Drane

    I love that it is versatile! I also love it’ll keep both me and my son warm!

  9. april proveaux

    I love that it has multiple uses! I’d never heard of this sweater before….it’s really neat!

  10. Kavita Kumar-Brignall

    I love how versatile it is – but doesn’t look frumpy!

  11. Donna Hood Mayes

    I love how versatile it is!

  12. Nicole Burch

    Yay for Canadian made!! I like that this is good for front and back
    carries, and those extra special 9 month long carries 😉

  13. Kristi Blackley

    Love that i can keep baby and i warm so comfortably with this!

  14. Viv Sluys

    I like that it has zippered pockets in the front

  15. sherry Blamer

    I love how thin it looks. I like that its not bulky or too thick.

  16. J James

    that’s awesome it can be used on front AND back!

  17. Ashley Sutherland-Prouse

    I love the functionality of it. I have a 5 month old and I hate wearing my husband’s sweaters so I can wear her at night. I feel very frumpy. With this I would feel like a woman.

  18. megan

    I love that it doesn’t have a hood (my boba one has a hood and it looks super awkward when doing back carries). I also like that it looks like a good length, there’s nothing worse than a too short sweater/shirt!

  19. Nicole Leger

    I like that it doesn’t look ridiculous without a baby like the boba hoodie.

  20. Barb

    I love that it’s so multifunctional, I struggle to find enough nursing shirts, so the fact that it has that function too is great. This sweater looks awesome!

  21. Erin McGill

    I love that it can be worn over baby while babywearing! Great for babywearing in Canada!

  22. Tanya Reid

    I love that unlike many other that are only made for front wearing that this one works for pregnancy all the way to when baby is old enough to back carry.

  23. Veronique

    I love that you can wear it for both pregnancy and babywearing, and that it doesn’t look weird if you wear it without a baby.

  24. kiwi

    My favourite feature is that I can wear it while baby wearing!

  25. kaleaid

    the material looks so soft

  26. Marie Tobin

    I love how cozy this looks. I live on the east coast of Canada and it gets cold. I can see this getting a lot of use 🙂

  27. Veronica Bohan

    How it can be worn for front or back carry

  28. Bianca

    I love that this can be front or back carry. I wear on the front for a very short time.

  29. Jeanette

    Love this! I’m expecting baby #4 and can’t wait to wrap him/her. We love reviewing carriers and have all kinds!

  30. hayley s

    I love the length of this! It looks so comfortable, and I love that you can wear it for both maternity and babywearing!

  31. Megz G.

    I love your alliterations 😉 I also love how long this sweater is – I, too, hate when my back is exposed when I bend over! I also share your love of thumbholes in sweaters 😉 Would definitely consider buying this sweater (or requesting as a gift) for both my current baby wearing ventures, as well as for FF Mini Ambassador 2.0 (in a couple years time) 😉

  32. Teleia D

    I love how you can use this sweater for front and back carries. It’s cute and versatile!!

  33. Aleasha Campbell

    With being on a tight budget, I love the versatility of this sweater! Also love that it’s a longer fit.

  34. Maxine C. Latour

    Love that it’s fait au Québec! And love the versatility of the sweater!

  35. Freda Taylor

    I love how snug fitting it looks. As if its giving a kind of “swaddling” effect

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