Belly Bédaine Baby Hood & Babywearing Sweater

Belly Bedaine Baby Hood and Babywearing Sweater

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I haven’t stopped using my Belly Bédaine Babywearing Sweater since I was pregnant this summer. I used it as a maternity sweater during cool summer nights, then as a nursing sweater those first weeks postpartum when I was still filling it out. All fall and through this unseasonably mild Calgary winter, the Belly Bédaine sweater has been keeping Little Miss Cub warm in front carries and back carries. (You can read my initial Belly Bédaine review, written when I was pregnant, here.)

Back carry in Belly Bedaine Babywearing Sweater

To keep Little Miss warm, especially on blustery days, I put her in a neck warmer (knit by yours truly) and a toque. One particular challenge is keeping said toque on her head when she’s on my back and I pull the sweater over us, or when she’s in a front carry and I lean over. Well, guess what? Belly Bédaine has designed the perfect hood for the babe-in-carrier. A neck warmer and hat in one, the hood stays on when I pull my sweater down and when I bend to help Cub on the toilet in a public restroom. (The last place I care to drop the baby’s headgear.)

Full view of Belly Bedaine babywearing sweater and baby hoodThis sweet bear-bear hoodie fits from approximately 3-18 months and is made of the same polyester-rayon spandex as the Belly Bédaine sweater. Even if you have a big-headed baby, it’s likely to fit. Cub is 3.5 years old and notorious for his big noggin.  It’s warm enough for mid-season weather: in other words, if you’re warm enough in your sweater, baby is likely warm enough, too. If you’re layering for yourself, I’d also put a toque under the hoodie for those super cold days.

Belly Bedaine Bear HoodieIsn’t my baby bear the cutest thing ever? She has enough freedom of movement to turn and twist her head while wearing the hood, and I don’t have to worry about it falling off or about it being too drafty for her little neck.Cozy Baby Bear in Belly Bedaine Baby HoodChasing after her big brother on his three-wheel, Little Miss is snug as a cub in her den for a short winter’s nap thanks to the Belly Bédaine Baby Hood!

You could win a Belly Bédaine Hood on the Facebook page of one of their retailers! Check out Belly Bédaine’s Facebook page to find out where to enter. Contest starts on March 15!


6 responses to “Belly Bédaine Baby Hood & Babywearing Sweater”

  1. Marsalie

    I wish I had one of these when my kids were little!

  2. Brittany Hardin

    This looks so awesome! Really want one. Looks like my little man would love this just as much as me. He loves to be carried!

  3. They look lovely and so perfect too.They are a must have for all new moms! 🙂

  4. Miranda H

    This looks awesome, thanks for the review!

  5. It is lovely jacket but I am little confuse while wearing it. How do I put my kid in jacket. Please guide me,

  6. […] New this September is Belly Bedaine’s Kuuma Kangaroo Sweater! It is lined and is recommended up to -20° C. Belly Bedaine also makes matching hoods for baby, you can see my review of their baby bear hood here. […]

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