Omaïki H2Ö Swim Diaper & Swim Shirt Review

Last summer, I went on a mission to test out as many reusable swim diapers as possible. My favourite one-size model in the bunch was the Omaïki H2Ö. This year, they’ve made one slight design change, so I decided to partner with the ladies at Omaïki to do to a dedicated review of the 2017 H2Ö swim diaper as well as the H2Ö swim shirt.

H2Ö Swim Diaper

The H2Ö is very different than most other swim diapers on the market. Most are fastened like regular cloth or disposable diapers: at the front. The H2Ö fastens at the sides, which means you can pull it on and off like regular swim bottoms or you can use the snaps. Although I dislike side snaps on a regular cloth diaper, for a swim diaper they are perfect. I love that you can pull the diaper off and on like swim shorts, or use the snaps. In many ways, this makes it very similar to disposable pants, which can be pulled down or torn off if the situation warrants!

Even though the 8–35 lbs weight range is comparable to other swim diapers in our stash, the design of the H2Ö makes it the largest one-size swim diaper in our collection. It has a taller rise with four rise adjustments, and it’s wider at the waist on the last snap setting than any of the others we’ve tried. I have seen some swim diapers that do not fit well on a 30-lb child with a large waist even though they are labelled to fit up to 35 lbs.

The inside of the H2Ö is athletic wicking jersey with a light bamboo blend absorbent insert. The previous models had the insert sewn completely into the diaper shell. The 2017 version has the insert sewn only at the top and bottom, so it dries faster. The insert is designed to contain light leaks before baby hits the water. I would love to see this insert snap in and out of the diaper … then you could just remove it before baby hits the pool!

Not all swim diapers have a layer of absorbency. As you can imagine, once the diaper goes in the pool, that absorbent insert just soaks up the pool water, adding weight to baby’s bum. Little Miss Cub was wearing her H2Ö swim diaper during an impromptu stroll around the neighbourhood. She did a huge pee and it simply dripped out of the diaper: this is normal.

The H2Ö has a lovely, thigh-hugging gusset, meaning Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo will not need to be fished out of the water by a disgruntled lifeguard. If your public pool requires two diapers, you can also fit a sized swim diaper, such as an AppleCheeks, underneath the H2Ö. I do this rather than using a disposable swim diaper with a pair of plastic pants on top, which is what Calgary pools require. (Honestly, no one has ever checked the diaper situation on my kid, but I like to follow the rules!)

The thick waistband is akin to shorts, so this diaper stays up even when your child is going up and down and in and out of the water. The H2Ö doesn’t get too droopy when wet, either.

H2Ö Swim Shirt

Omaïki also makes a swim shirt that comes in solid colours to match the prints in their swim diaper collection.

The H2Ö swim shirt offers UPF 35+ protection and is made in Canada with Canadian fabrics. It comes in three sizes: small (0–6 m), medium (9–12m) and large (18–24m). Little Miss Cub is wearing size large.

The swim shirt has three-quarter-length sleeves, which is my primary complaint. I use a swim shirt on my kids to avoid applying sunscreen to their torso and arms. I would prefer full-length sleeves for this reason.

I like the high collar of the swim shirt, which provides some nice coverage for little necks. I’d love to see them offer shirts in fun prints and in larger sizes!

The Verdict

While the H2Ö swim shirt might not be my favourite swim shirt on the market, the H2Ö swim diaper is definitely one of my top one-size swim diapers. I love the generous sizing: it fit great on Little Miss Cub last year, and still fits great this year. There’s no way she will outgrow this diaper before she potty trains.

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37 responses to “Omaïki H2Ö Swim Diaper & Swim Shirt Review”

  1. Leigh Kitchens

    I think it would be great to be able to decide whether you want the absorbency in the swim diaper or not by having it snap in and out instead of being sewn in. I wouldn’t want it in there once they are in the pool. I do like that it is sized to give a better fit.

  2. Ann

    I love how you can wear the swim shirt with the swim diaper and it looks like bottoms not a diaper. The insert would be better if it had a pocket or snaps so you could remove before hitting the water.

  3. gloria patterson

    What I knew before about swim diapers would not fit the head of pin. But based on what you wrote it would be nice if the absorbency pad was totally removable and that they need long sleeves. I had assumed a lot of wrong information but thanks to you I know better.

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  5. Carole D

    I love how cute it is and so much more comfortable then a disposable diaper.

  6. Paloma Hernandez

    I agree with the sleeves. My little has sensitive skin and even with sunscreen i have to be careful because she’ll still get pink

  7. Diana Powell

    I love the colours and prints available.

  8. stephanie

    The diapers look great! I can’t wait until my newborn is big enough for the pool so we can start swimming every week. 🙂

  9. Pat F

    I have yet to try a swim diaper but this one looks amazing. I want something I can count on and does the job and also is stylish! Looking forward to the grandbaby wearing this one!

  10. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review,i was just talking about something like this last weekend with my daughter,her little one is just over 4 months.

  11. Kristina L

    This looks like a great swim set. I’ve never seen a swim diaper with an insert like that. It looks like it would be less bulky than other styles and dry pretty fast!

  12. M Hobson

    I like the price of reusable swim diapers. I wish we had thought to look for them when getting ones for our first son. I always hated that they always are scented which I am highly sensitive to myself (so no one in our house has scented detergent!). Thanks for the review!

  13. Barbara

    The shirt is my favorite piece but agree long sleeves would be helpful. The matching set is nice looking and would work for either gender child.

  14. Jaclyn Bartlett

    I like the design of the waistband on this swim diaper, I find the standard diaper waist seems to drop over time. I like the added absorbency too for little leaks but now that my youngest is a toddler I know it wouldn’t help much!

  15. Melisss Bissett

    I like it has a matching shirt and the print is cute. Also it looks comfy.

  16. Tera Penton

    I love the prints available and love the long sleeves on the rash gaurd

  17. Danielle Petryshyn

    I like how the shirt matches the swim diaper! I also like the shorter sleeves and high neck on them.

  18. Jocelyn Paprocki

    I need a reusable swim diaper that doesn’t cut into the back of my daughter like the one we have right now

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  20. Hollie Baker

    I love how it just looks like a swim set rather than a diaper also the absorbency is interesting I would like to see how that works for us.

  21. Janet M

    I agree that I like the high collar of the shirt as necks burn so easily. I also like the diaper as it seems to stay up well.

  22. Brianna Beers

    I would really like to have one of these to use on my baby while swimming. I feel that Id be helping to keep Earth a little bit cleaner. These are way better than disposable swim diapers, I refuse to buy disposables! Thank you for this chance to help keep our place cleaner!

  23. Rosanne Robinson

    I really like that the diaper has athletic wicking jersey, plus the insert is sewn only at the top and bottom, so it dries faster. The swim diaper and shirt are super cute!

  24. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I must tell my daughter who lives in Australia about these, they have to be so careful with the sun there and are often in the pool or ocean. This swim diaper would be ideal for my new granddaughter and the shirt would protect her from the harmful sun’s rays.

  25. Wendy

    What an adorable little set! I love the high collar on the shirt, but would love to see it with long sleeves. The less exposed skin the better. The swim diaper sounds great – adjustable rising is always a plus. Thank you for a terrific, honest review.

  26. Michelle Jensen

    I would love to win this! My son is almost too big for his cheapy diaper!

  27. Elisheva Mayerhoff

    This swim outfit looks so cute and also practical! I love that it is very gender neutral and how absorbent the swim diaper is. I definitely would love to give these a try!

  28. Melissa A.

    So cute! My son would look adorable wearing this at the splash park.

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  30. Alexandra elsa

    Love omaki product and New print , very great quality 😁

  31. Kristine

    New to swim diapers so appreciated learning that some diapers like the omaiki have some absorbency. Can see that being useful.

  32. Marie Lowther

    Thank for for reviewing this diaper! This is great to know that this brand has a insert inside! This would make it much easier to get the baby ready at home and take them to the beach, pool etc without having to deal with it when you get there.

  33. Linda

    I love that the thick waistband means that the diaper doesn’t droop when too wet.

  34. Michelle gauthier

    I haven’t tried anything except amp. Curious how this one would compare.

  35. hannah

    I love the pattern on this swim diaper. It’s classic nautical, but not too wild of a pattern, and gender neutral too!

  36. Eileen

    I love the cute print and it looks like it fits really well. Definitely an improvement over a disposable swim diaper!

  37. Angelehm

    The swim diapers are adorable and very wearable for boys or girls. The anchor is a timeless pattern.

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