Mother ease Wizard Uno All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

After six years with my finger on the pulse of the cloth diaper industry, it takes a lot to impress me. I know what I like, I know what works, and I’ve tried pretty much all the brands that are available to Canadian shoppers.

Mother ease has been on the periphery of my cloth diaper awareness since day one: I had a few of their fitted diapers before I really knew what a fitted diaper was for. I used their Air Flow cover for my son overnight for a while. But I soon got wrapped up in the cool prints and savvy social media marketing of other brands, and I never really got to know the story behind Mother ease nor did I explore their other product offerings.

Last summer Mother ease caught my eye again when they introduced their “Fashionables” line. The Instagram teaser said “No more choosing between fashion and quality. Mother ease brings you leak-free cloth diapering systems that work, with cover prints so trendy your little ones will be rocking the no pants dance!”

I remember thinking SMART MOVE Mother ease, SMART MOVE!

If there’s something I’ve learned about the cloth diapering industry, it’s that the best way to entice parents to give your brand a shot is to lure them in with an irresistible print or colour. It seems fickle, I know. The most important feature of a diaper ought to be its reliability, not its look. But I’m just as guilty as the next person of judging both books, diapers and bottles of wine by their covers. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you have fallen in love with some of the fabulous prints that Mother ease has been releasing but aren’t sure if they’re good diapers and not sure if you’ll like them … I am here to tell you that YOU WILL LOVE THEM. (Never take my recommendations for wine, but definitely take my recommendations for cloth diapers.)

Mother ease Wizard Uno One-Size All-in-One Specs

  • CAN$28.95
  • 7–35 lb
  • Absorbent insert is sewn into the waterproof covers at the corners only, making it easy to add absorbency while speeding up dry time
  • Absorbent inner and waterproof cover both have elastics providing a double barrier against leaks
  • Available in synthetic stay-dry or organic cotton inner, comes with a matching booster when purchased individually (as opposed to in a multi-pack)

Since having twins I have become a firm believer in the all-in-one (AIO) diaper. For a time, my daughter was also still in diapers, so that was truly an epic amount of diapers each day. I do not have time to stuff pocket diapers now (something I relished doing quietly with a cup of tea by my side when I had only one child in diapers).

The downfall of most AIOs I have tried is that they aren’t absorbent enough for a good three to four hour stretch. And while yes, ideally we can change our babies more frequently, the reality is that once I had more than one child, diaper changes got less frequent. So if an AIO leaks after two hours, that’s a problem for me. But if I toss in the included booster, both my cotton and stay-dry Wizard Unos can even last overnight. I’m going to err on the side of caution and declare an 8-hour stretch leak-free (but there have definitely been successful 12-hour stretches). My boys still drink a lot overnight, so that morning diaper is FULL. To guarantee 12-hour success, I’ve been using a variety of different inserts from my stash underneath the Uno insert with great success. I can also use one Mother ease booster on top and one Mother ease booster underneath to get through a full night.

The second downfall of many AIO designs is how long they can take to dry. If you plan to exclusively air-dry diapers, I would typically caution against choosing an AIO. So many layers of fabric all sewn together make even a good 90 minutes in the dryer insufficient to dry them to the core. Mother ease AIOs solve this problem because the absorbency is sewn only to the four corners of the diaper. Dry-time is cut down and the ability of laundry detergent and water to penetrate and truly clean the diaper is greatly increased.

Other AIO designs have tried to resolve the long dry-time issue by attaching the main absorbency like a long tongue that you have to tuck into the diaper’s pocket. This works, but it adds that extra step to cloth diapering laundry that I am trying to avoid.

The construction of the Wizard Uno also creates a double-elastic effect. The absorbent insert has elastics and so does the cover. Double the leak protection!

My favourite things about our Mother ease Wizard Unos:

  • Made in a St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada facility using green energy
  • Priced on par or less than comparable, non-Canadian brands
  • Double elastic protection: like a double gusset, but better
  • Three-across rise snaps without bulge
  • Easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Soft elastic casing

  • Bottom-row hip snap
  • Trim fit
  • At least eight hours leak-free overnight with the included booster (likely sufficient for many babies for longer, and absorbency can extended for heavy wetters by using another booster or insert that can easily fit under the sewn-in insert)
  • The best diaper prints currently on the market, in my very subjective opinion
  • Lifetime warranty on elastics and snaps, one-year warranty on manufacturing

Things I like less about our Mother ease Wizard Unos:

  • Hard to get a tight fit at the legs if baby has “chicken legs,” so may not fit all babies right at 7 lb; I found the fit reliable closer to 10–12 lb
  • The price point is higher than what some families can afford, or than some want to spend, but is reflective of a made-in-Canada product with a great warranty and high-quality materials

Overall Appreciation

Look guys, I’m cloth diapering my third and fourth children here, and it takes a lot to impress me. I am impressed by the Mother ease Wizard Uno. I have to keep up with my washing schedule so that I have clean diapers for overnight until I get a couple more.

Try them for the prints. Keep them for the reliability.


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31 responses to “Mother ease Wizard Uno All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review”

  1. Jennifer Currie

    I’m right there with you! I’m cloth diapering my third baby and I am in love with this AIO. I won one and have now sold off a bunch of my diapers and have a mini stash of these to complement my prefolds and husband pockets. They are my go to for taking my other kids to school because I know they won’t leak, even if my 6 month old has a massive poop while strapped in his car seat (it has been tested). If I can sell of some more I’ll probably get a few duos to compliment my unos. I wish I found them with baby #1, but then again they certainly weren’t as cute 6 years ago!

  2. Emily

    I’m on my their kid and also just discovered these. They are my bullet proof leaving the house solution and now I’ll be trying them overnight. I love them so much and want more.

  3. Kristin Drummond

    My first ever cloth diaper purchase was a mixed box of fluff at a yard sale. There were lots of prefolds and covers, but also some MotherEase Wizard Duos. I was so sad when my son outgrew them. But now baby #2 is coming, and I’m eager to get to use them again….and maybe buy some new UNOs too.

  4. Katelyn D

    We are expecting our first baby in Jan and we are planning on AI2 at home but daycare prefers AIO. This is definitely a good brand to know about. I have heard about their fitters but not the AIO!

  5. Jorie

    I tried a Wizard Duo and never looked back. When baby #2 came along I tried out their newborn Unos. We had absolutely no leaks with them for 3 weeks. The few other newborn AIOs we had were leaking at the end of week one.

    Our one OS Uno is super trim on my 6 week old. I love their products. I can’t wait for the new fall prints!

  6. Julie Lowe

    I’m glad they came out with better prints! I almost bought Mother Ease diapers before, but ultimately passed on them because of the prints!

  7. K Singson

    Love the look of these, we’ve transitioned to half cloth and half disposable. I’m working on replacing the elastics and it takes forever. I LOVE that these have a lifetime warranty on elastics. If you include that with quality of material, these are a great choice!

  8. Kalindi Morgan

    My mother found an incredible deal where she got a dozen motherease fitted sandys xsmall and a dozen motherease fitted sandys small for $40 used. They have been the one diaper that he has been wearing since birth , I find them bulky for daytime use now so use other AIO’s , but they are now our go to fitted night time diaper. I am excited to read about their AIO’s – if the quality is as good as the sandy’s fitted I am pretty excited to try them! And made in Canada is a HUGE bonus – using green energy too!!!

  9. Debbie S.

    As I wait for my third grandchild to arrive, I have been informed that they would like to use cloth re-usable diapers. I thought I would checkout your blog to see, as I remember this is your expertise. Thank you. I’m entering. I will let the Mama know to check out your blog. It is loaded with great info.

  10. Marie Lowther

    These sound like amazing diapers! Thank you so much for the review!

  11. Sarah P.

    J’aimerais tant les essayer! Ma fille a maintenant besoin de couches de nuit, et les Motherease sont tellement belles! A mon avis les plus belles couches de nuit. 🙂

  12. Amanda

    I’ve always been wanted to try Motherease diapers. I have a few liners, but no diapers. Especially now they have an AIO!

  13. Savannah K

    I love how this diaper is put together! Looks easy for husband and grandma to figure out but still dry and clean easily. I recently got some second hand mother ease fitteds and like them.

  14. Michelle H

    I’m also diapering my 3rd and 4th babies and was actully just looking at these yesterday. I have a mother ease fitted and it seems so simple compared to other fitteds I have but it works really well too. Thank you so much for the review it couldn’t have came at a better time!

  15. Mikaela Jackson

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful and useful giveaway for parents. I absolutely look forward to learning so much more about cloth diapers ! And to use on my little one .

  16. Amelie B

    I haven’t had the chance to try these yet but they sound amazing! Right now I really love their bamboo fitteds with 2 added hemp boosters and airflow covers for nightime! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  17. Lisa Davis

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been meaning to try Mother Ease based on my cousin’s recommendation but now I have more incentive as I have a heavy night wetter with my 7 month old son. Willing to try it and hoping for a leak free experience!

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  19. Yvette

    This is my first baby and first time cloth diapering I love it. And he hasnt had one rash sense I’ve started😍

  20. Catherine B

    This is one of the few brands I haven’t tried. I agree that these prints make them tempting. Your kids are getting so big! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Hollie Baker

    What a thorough in-depth review! I will be honest when I think of motherease the white Sandy diaper comes to mind. Now these prints are cute and the diaper is simple! I love simple. I hope to be able to try one out.

  22. M Hobson

    I am thinking more about AIOs too as I move forward, and I only have one in diapers! Fit and functionality are key in those, and they have to be as good as my Funkys. I’d love to try these out!

  23. Jennifer

    I have been doing some intense research on cloth diapers and have orders my first 26 diapers which I am extremely excited to receive soon. I have seen many reviews for different brands but not one quite this detailed, I will definitely try this one out. Thank you so much!

  24. Leigh K.

    I’m helping my daughter boost her stash for baby #2 due in a few months. This will be my 4th cloth baby, & I’m love trying all the new modern cloth diapers! We’ve never tried Motherease before, but it sounds like a fantastic option because of the double gussets, fiber options, quick dry time, & adorable prints!

  25. Logan

    I just had my 3rd baby and really want to try cloth diapers but the whole prefolds terrified me with a 2 year old in diapers also lol. These look super cute and the fact that its all in one might be what I need to try cloth.

  26. Leonie Bennett

    I have used Mother Ease fitted and Wizard Duo diapers on my kids. Would love to try the uno. Still trying to find the perfect cover for the fitted diapers.

  27. Elaine Buonsante

    I am very impressed that these diapers are leak proof for at least eight hours overnight with the included booster.

  28. Molly

    Thanks for this review! I am kind of like how you mentioned – I had heard of mother ease and I have some second hand fitteds, but didn’t really know much more than that about mother ease. These diapers seem awesome! And our twins are so so cute!! 🙂

  29. Courtney Janssen-Grieve

    I love our Wizard Duo covers. They are our solution to a heavy overnight wetter and would love to try the all in one.

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  31. […] mama, I was excited to try Mother-ease’s Big Kid Training Pants and Bedwetter Pants. Mother-ease’s cloth diapers were a big success for the twins, and Mother-ease is by far my favourite made-in-Canada cloth […]

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