Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing Sweater Review

All About the Kuuma Babywearing Sweater by Belly Bedaine


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My Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater was one of the items I included in my recent “10 Pieces of Baby Gear We’re Still Using at One Year” article. It kept me warm on cool summer nights at the end of my pregnancy (side note: I am ever so grateful that summer nights do cool down here in Calgary compared to the stifling heat and humidity of Montreal soirées), and it was perfect for babywearing in early fall and at the end of winter in Little Miss Cub’s first year. Just in time for baby’s second cold-weather season, Belly Bedaine has launched a new sweater: the Kuuma!

All About the Kuuma Babywearing Sweater by Belly Bedaine

Like its cousin the Kangarooo, the Kuuma is a multipurpose piece perfect for pregnancy, nursing and babywearing. The biggest difference is its level of warmth. The Kangarooo is a single layer of PDR (a polyester/rayon/spandex blend fabric), while the Kuuma is a dual-layer. The same PDR exterior fabric from the Kangarooo comes lined with soft, insulating fleece in the Kuuma.

All About the Kuuma Babywearing Sweater by Belly Bedaine

It’s hard to say exactly to what temperature the Kuuma could be used because its warmth can be increased so easily by layering. So far, it hasn’t been particularly cold in Calgary. With just normal clothing underneath for both me and Little Miss Cub, we were plenty warm enough with just the Kuuma at about 5° C (41° F). I don’t know about you, but I get very warm when babywearing, so I always need fewer layers when spending time outdoors with a baby attached to me than if I were strolling solo.

All About the Kuuma Babywearing Sweater by Belly Bedaine

I can imagine that if I dressed both of us in thermal layers and added hats and neckwarmers, we’d be content to about – 10° C. This is something I’ll come back to comment on when the weather does turn cold! (Probably sooner rather than later!)

There are a couple of design features on the Kuuma that differ slightly from the Kangarooo and that I really love. The Kuuma is a touch longer than the Kangarooo, which is great for tall gals like myself. While the Kangarooo has a band of fabric at the bottom that sits nicely on the hips, the Kuuma has an elasticized bottom. This keeps the sweater snug around baby’s legs and your bum, which is important when the temperature starts to drop, or it’s really windy (the wind seems to pick up out of nowhere here in Cow Town!).

All About the Kuuma Babywearing Sweater by Belly Bedaine

Putting the Kuuma on with baby in a front carry is super easy thanks to the side zipper. The drawstring at the opening for baby’s head can be tightened around baby or be used to close the opening when you’re wearing the sweater without a baby in it.

And that’s a specific advantage of the Kuuma: let’s say you’re out and about with baby, and you’ve got the Kuuma keeping you both warm. At some point, baby is in the stroller or perhaps you’ve dropped her off at daycare, but you still need to wear a sweater. Because you can cinch up the opening for baby’s head, you can actually wear the Kuuma as a normal sweater and not look silly.

When you want to put the sweater on for a back carry, I admit, it’s a bit tricky. I can do it on my own, but it’s a struggle. If you have someone around who can help guide baby’s head through the opening then it is super easy. On my own I still need a bit of practice, but I promise it can totally be done.

What I love about the Kuuma

  • Unisex
  • Made in Canada
  • Soft fleece lining for added warmth
  • Side zipper makes it much easier to put on than the Lenny Lamb sweater
  • Elasticized hem to keep out the breeze
  • Longer design covers baby’s legs easily and suits even tall gals like me
  • Three functions: pregnancy, babywearing and as a regular (nursing) sweater

To achieve absolute perfection, the one feature I would add to the Kuuma would be tapered cuffs with thumbholes. I am a total sucker for thumbholes.

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95 responses to “Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing Sweater Review”

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  2. I’m super interested in the tandem style for additional options too. Looks well made and great for our Fall and Spring weather.

  3. Chelsey Gike

    I love this! I have one on my baby registry, I really hope I get one!

  4. Queenie Ho

    It looks so comfy. I just got a Lenny lamb. Now you make me want to get Kuuma as well.

  5. janie vezina

    i love this sweater, and your right, love the idea of the thumb hole.

  6. Cara-Leigh

    I’m looking for a baby wearing sweater this year, and I may have found the one I was looking for after reading your review. Last year during the freezing days of winter I wore my daughter in her tula wore an over sized coat and zipped it up around us and wore my winter jacket on top of that. It look ridiculous, I just wasn’t aware that there was another option. Thank you for helping open my eyes to the world of warm winter baby wearing.

  7. Amanda L

    Have been looking for a wearing sweater but could never convince myself to jump on one brand over another. Your reviews always give me confidence in a product and make me more willing to commit! Thanks!

  8. This would make baby wearing through the fall/winter in northern Alberta so much easier

  9. Jen Houle

    I wish I would have purchased one last year while pregnant. Would have one more year of use!

  10. Steph S

    I am desperately torn between getting the kangaroo and the kuuma…thanks for your great reviews, but you’ve just made my decision that much harder!

  11. Shayleigh Bennest

    This looks great! Now I’m so torn between this or the Kangaroo lol. I love that this is a Canadian company!

  12. Marie

    Great review. This would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe for this winter.

  13. Doriana Hutton

    I’m trying to find the perfect coat and the Kuuma is a top contender on my list of baby wearing jackets. Your reviews are always so helpful when I’m shopping for new baby gear!

  14. Alayna

    This sweater is gorgeous – and would be perfect for my upcoming trip to the UK in November!
    Thanks for the review – will have to take a look around to see if I can find it at any of the local shops in my area!

  15. Ashley Huynh

    I’d love this for babywearing my toddler. And for nursing discreetly! I love that the length is long to cover up babe and my bottom! And the elasticized hem sounds amazing.

  16. Elishia

    I am SO excited about this one! I have been looking at different babywearing sweater and coat options, and so far this is my favourite! I really love the size zipper feature! Thanks for the thorough and well-written review (as always!), and for the giveaway!

  17. kathy downey

    This is just genius,will be perfect for my daughter who is expecting a son in Feb.

  18. Janet M

    I love the look of this baby sweater. It looks so comfy for Mom and baby.

  19. Darlene W

    My daughter in law is due in December and has been looking for sweaters like this

  20. This looks excellent. With a two year old and a new baby coming in December, my daughter would love one of these.

  21. Tannis W

    This sweater looks so comfortable and warm. Thumb holes on the sleeves are a great way to keep the sleeves down and covering your wrists.

  22. Love this sweater! It’s hard to know how things fit when buying online, but your reviews/feedback on instagram is helpful!

  23. Jennie

    This looks so warm and snugly … perfect for the cold weather ahead of us!

  24. Wendy

    These look amazing! My grandson loves being worn and I would love to gift this to my daughter for cool weather walks.

  25. Shantiqua Allen

    This is perfect bow that fall is here and my son will be here in November ao it would be really perfect

  26. Rachel Buchanan

    This looks so soft and beautiful!! Definitely would be nice in our cold weather!

  27. Melissa O

    This is so much more attractive than wearing my husband’s coats or sweaters! LOL

  28. Tricia Hall-Aubry

    We just moved to Saskatchewan because my husband is in the military and we got posted to Dundurn! I actually need this sweater so much 5 month old and I can go for walks; especially now since it’s already started to snow ??!

  29. louise g

    I only started to REALLY baby wear outside the home when my daughter was close to a year old. Jackets weren’t needed then. But I plan on bringing my little cub out in the carrier a lot and this jacket sure would do it for us!

  30. Linda

    I love that this is warm enough to take baby out in chillier weather.

  31. Marie Cole

    This is awesome! I’ve never seen a sweater like this before but it would be so great to have as the weather gets cooler.

  32. Kirsten Lucas

    This would be perfect for chilly Calgary days at the dog park!

  33. Tina F

    This is so wonderful of a item for a parent. Great review as well. My niece would so love this .

  34. Jessica K.

    Have been exploring options for a babywearing sweater for my little babe set to arrive next month. We’re on the East Coast in Canada so it gets chilly! The Kuuma looks like a great solution!

  35. stephanie

    This is amazing. I’m in southern BC so the winters are pretty mild compared to the rest of Canada, but I always really feel the cold! I would love to have one of these.

  36. Nicole Lalonde

    Would love to babywear in something so cozy!

  37. I love that this covers babies legs and mine. Such a versatile top that would be very useful this winter with my new baby on the way.

  38. leana

    I would absolutely adore to be able to wear this while carrying my little one!

  39. Elaine W

    Thanks for the great review! It looks so cozy for the Northern Canada weather I have in NWT!!!

  40. Sarah Parker

    I find your photos along with your review so helpful! I’m such a visual person (and it helps we’re the same size.. Almost :p)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  41. Ashley G

    Would love one of these for the fall and winter look pretty comfy

  42. Faith Fontaine

    This looks so amazing. I’m due in January so this would be amazing to win !

  43. Catherine C

    This would be so perfect for me and my daughter! Great to use in the cold fall weather!

  44. Nicole B

    Love the look of the Kuuma! The lightweight of the Kangaroo deterred me last year from purchasing. 7 weeks left until Baby #3 arrives, which means winter sweater for mama, and at least another year of baby wearing. This would be perfect, because you’re right – the winds in Calgary do pick up out of nowhere!

  45. Brynn

    Looks really chic!

  46. Helen woo

    What a wonderful giveaway! I enjoyed your review ?

  47. Amanda G

    This sweater looks so cozy for our chilly Canadian winters! I would love to snuggle my little one up in one while we baby wear ?

  48. Cheryll

    Very helpful review! I love the extra warmth and the ability to cinch when babies not in there. I have the kangaroo and love it so the added warmth of the kuuma would allow me to wear my babe outside even longer!

  49. Briana S

    This looks awesome! I like the bottom elastic, it’s so nice to have something that goes snug around the bottom, I hate getting drafts up the bottom of your coat.

  50. Sandra L

    I would love to win this! It looks stylish and comfy for both ?

  51. H. Ram

    Awesome contest, thanks!

  52. Looks so cozy! Would be nice to own in the winter to put baby in when you’re running in quick to a store or to get my other 2 kids from school

  53. Audree T.

    Wow! So happy to see à really intetesting babywearing sweater other than Lennylamb’s! I love the addition of the side zipper and the dual layer for added warmth, and it looks very sleek 🙂

  54. Julie Quan

    The sweater looks awesome! I would love something like this for my 4 month old and I!!

  55. Momma_Mouse

    Have been looking for babywearing sweater. I appreciate hearing point of view of someone who has tried it out. Enjoyed comparison.

  56. Nicole Aben

    This is great, I’ve been thinking of putting this on my wishlist for xmas and your post helps to confirm it!

  57. Kirsten Nesbitt

    Winning this might make winter here in Northern Alberta a little more tolerable 😉
    Great review!

  58. Yolande Prain

    Looks good for walking and taking transit around Calgary 🙂

  59. Kelli

    This is super cute! I like how it’s pretty slim fit – so many babywearing sweaters are bulky. Perfect for our mild Vancouver winters 🙂

  60. This sweater is reversible (back to front) in order to do front or back carries, right?
    I really like that it looks long enough to cover the back when bending over.

  61. Laura G

    This babywearing coat sounds amazing! Hope I win!

    Thanks for running this contest.

  62. This looks like such a functional piece!

  63. Lorraine Rowe

    We spend so many cold days at the rink, this would be the ultimate Mama/Baby hockey sweater! Not too hot not too cold!

  64. Cassandra Rae

    I love the quality of material the sweater is made of!

  65. Chelsea veno

    I’ve been looking at multiple different baby wearing sweaters and the kuuma actually has caught my eye I love that the elastic is around the bottom keeping the baby’s bum warm !

  66. This would make babywearing so much easier in the fall/winter/spring! It looks super easy to put on with a front carry and I love that you can cinch the opening up to wear it as a regular sweater if you take your baby out.

  67. KimG

    I definitely need a baby wearing sweater and this one looks so comfy!

  68. Elizabeth C.

    I live in northern Quebec and we have very cold winters. I have “Make my Belly Fit” extensions for baby-wearing with two of my winter parkas but I’ve been looking for a good fall option. I love this sweater; thanks for the awesome review!

  69. Ellen

    Looks cozy!

  70. Kate

    I love how functional this sweater is: front carry, back carry, worn alone. Perfect for the busy, babywearing mom!

  71. Anne-Marie Buki

    I already own a Kangarooo and I looove it. I really hope to try a Kuuma too!

  72. jodi Armstrong

    This looks so cozy. I wish I had one years ago.

  73. TessaSak

    Looks so cozy – want one of these!

  74. Shannon O’C

    Any chance of a video on how to put it on for the back carry? I think that would be highly entertaining – I mean informative!! Very informative! 😉

  75. I’ve been looking for a simple comfy and warm Babywearing sweater and I love the side zipper!

  76. Nicole

    This might come in handy and I could use it while pregnant with numbers #2.

  77. Donna Doyle

    What a great idea. I wold love one for my daughter who is pregnant. They love to hike.

  78. Veronique

    I love the idea of the side zipper and how you can use it for front or back carry. I was looking into getting the lenny lamb but your review convinced me that this one would be more practical because you can wear it sans baby and it looks easier to put on.

  79. Grace J

    So cute! Baby girl loves being outside and going for walks, this is so perfect!

  80. Ashley Morel

    I could really use a baby wearing sweater or jacket and this one looks both functional and stylish. Definitely more of a necessity with baby #2 and a toddler at home.

  81. M.Tsai

    I just got a LennyLamb, but now I want a Kuuma! It has a side zipper!

  82. Cecy C.

    I have the thinner version and I love it. The Kuma would be amazing on colder days. And I love that it’s made in Canada!

  83. Zoe Lerikos

    Perfect for fall walks in the woods with the babes! I love the look of the sweater too!

  84. Tanya Nix

    This sweater is such an improvement! I have been searching for something that I can use as a back carry, with a zipper, finally! Thanks for the great review.

  85. Shailja

    Love this sweater..will like to buy it for my 6 month old N me…

  86. C McKenzie

    Great review!
    While I have the LL fleece ( and also wish it had a zipper), this would be awesome to have in rotation!

  87. Laurel

    I really like that the pouch kind of blends into the rest of the sweater – it doesn’t look like it was just tacked on, but has some style to it! I’d love this for an upcoming trip overseas.

  88. Melissa F

    The Kuuma looks so comfy! I really like how it looks with the back carry. Thanks for another great review, you are making it very hard for me to chose what sweater I want to get!

  89. Nat

    The Kuuma looks perfect for cozy fall and winter strolls!

  90. Miss G

    I’m looking for a babywearing sweater that will work over a more structured carrier (we use the Onya Outback), I wonder if this one will do the trick?

  91. Viv Sluys

    I love this so much. It looks so comfy and so much less bulky than me wearing a jacket and my baby wearing her shawl.

  92. Michelle Seguin

    I love these action shots! This baby wearing jacket seems perfect and Corey for mom and baby!

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