Lilly&Frank OBV Fitted Diaper Review

Like a cloud. Like the softest, most luxurious pillow, fit for a princess’s royal bed. As Agnes would say, “It’s so fluffy!”

When our Lilly&Frank one-size OBV fitted diaper arrived, the first thing I did was rub it on my face. Then I wondered if I could just use it as my own pillow instead of a diaper for my toddler. Organic bamboo velour is unbelievably soft. It’s also absorbent!

The Lilly&Frank OBV Fitted is constructed with organic bamboo velour … hence “OBV”: breathable, natural and incredibly absorbent.

The inner absorbent layer is a snap-in insert made of four layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece topped with velour. The insert folds in half at the snaps, giving you a total of eight absorbent layers. We also received a 2-ply, velour-topped booster.

Lilly&Frank’s OBV fitted fits approximately 10–35 lbs. Rather than rise snaps to accommodate smaller babies, the diaper has a fold-down rise. Basically, you fold down the top of the diaper to reveal another row of female snaps:

It also has cross-over snaps at the waist. Miss Cub is 24 lbs now at almost 2 years old, and she wears the rise unsnapped but the waist crossed over.

I almost never used fitted diapers on my son, even at bedtime. On Miss Cub, who is a significantly heavier wetter at nighttime than her big brother, fitteds are a great solution. With the booster, Miss Cub gets a leak-free, 12-hour night under a pair of woollies.

She still nurses overnight at least once and often downs her entire water bottle over the course of her night, so she has definitely put this diaper to the test!

My favourite things about our Lilly&Frank one-size OBV fitted:

  • Did I mention yet how soft this thing is?
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Super-absorbent and suitable for heavy-wetters overnight (with booster)
  • Makes for the cutest little fluffy bum
  • Inserts can be folded to get the perfect amount of absorbency
  • Because the insert is removable and only four layers thick when unfolded, the dry time is very reasonable
  • Made with skill and love in Canada

What I like less:

This diaper with booster retails for $52, which is not an attainable price point for everyone. That said, it is a reflection of the quality and local manufacturing. The price is comparable to other overnight solutions I use, and well worth it.

About Lilly&Frank:

Based in my birthplace of Surrey, BC, Lilly&Frank makes one-size and newborn fitted diapers, cloth wipes and nursing pads. Heather launched her business in 2013 with a focus on quality craftsmanship and local and ethical manufacturing.

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57 responses to “Lilly&Frank OBV Fitted Diaper Review”

  1. Andrea Griffiths

    My fav diaper now for 2 kids, so glad I found L&F. Love, love, love!

  2. Niki

    Thanks for the review! L&f makes the softest diapers/wipes and blankets ever!

  3. Paloma Hernandez

    This seems like an amazing diaper. Ive never tried a hybrid fitted before, its just so expensive, but i can understand why. Im going to check out their breast pads though.

  4. Ting Waymouth

    This diaper is so cute. Love the stitching. I’ve never tried a hybrid fitted, but love the idea. My daughter is only 8 weeks and still wakes up frequently enough that nighttime isn’t a problem (not so different from daytime in terms of diaper changes, except by an hour or two), but I’ve been reading up on nighttime solutions for older babies and would love to add this to my stash.

  5. Lisa

    I love the look of these diapers! Thank you for the review. I can’t wait to try them!

  6. Ashleh

    Love L&F. Currently in the process of switching my whole stash over. Simply the best.

  7. Kathy Zolondek

    While I love cloth diapering and am not pleased the covers used by those with the stiffer feel (ex:Bum Genius) I am reluctant to purchase a baby diaper that costs $52. per pair. That is a price point that I am not willing to pay. Would just as soon make and wear wool covers.

    1. Emily Halvorson

      If you’re interested in trying these unbelievable diapers on a more economic price point, there’s a great BST board on Facebook where you can get preloved Lilly & Franks for around 25 to 35$. That’s how we tried them. Now almost our whole stash is Lilly & Frank.

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Sounds like a great diaper to me especially for night time. Love the softness too.

  9. Sheri

    Our favourite diapers!! Prints are amazing and the best overnight solution! We currently own over 100, with more on the way!

    1. wendy browne

      You have over 100 diapers with a $52 price point? Wow, that’s dedication!

  10. Kathryn

    We use these for overnights. Currently have 4 in rotation because of the price which is enough. These will last multiple babies. I also love that they have petite sizes for smaller babies! Would love to add more to our stash.

  11. Kristi Blackley

    I love the fold over option instead of rise snaps! Those look absolutely luxerious! Would LOVE to try!

  12. These look so soft and super absorbent.

  13. Leigh K.

    This bamboo fitted looks gorgeous, soft, & absorbent. I love the pretty colored snaps & serging around the edges too. I’m sure this is a fantastic overnight option & I appreciate the chance to win one!

  14. Jennifer Smith

    Thank you for the review of Lilly&Frank diapers! I love using them for nighttime under wool, and the cute fabric prints for day!

  15. Theresa Robinson

    Lilly and Frank make up 99% of our stash. They are everything you’ve said here. Quality, soft, absorbant, made with love. And the prints are amazing. On top of all that Heather the maker is fantastic and lovely to work with and the community over at Lilly and frank is wonderful. I’m so glad I found these diapers.

    Oh and yes the price makes them a little out of reach for many people, but their BST page has lots available in the $25 range. So that’s amazing.

  16. Mary

    These are the only diapers we use now!

  17. Kathy Forsyth

    I love the 1 Lilly & Frank diaper we have! But even with their booster I have to add 2 hemp Funky Fluff boosters to get through the night with my super soaker and her wool is still damp in the morning!! They are oh so soft and a GREAT fit!!! Even with the inserts, their booster + the 2 extra FF boosters! I never have to fight to not get leg gaps which is HUGE for me!! I’m definitely looking into getting a few more (along with some more FF boosters to add to them 😉 ) I just wish they had a larger option for toddlers!! They fit great width wise but I wish the rise was taller. They still fit but I don’t think they’ll fit till we’re ready to night train. She just turned 3 and day trained but no where near ready to night train!

  18. Emily Halvorson

    Love these diapers! We’ve almost converted our entire stash. Locally and beautifully made. Worth every penny 🙂

  19. Brynn

    We’d love to try one of Heather’s OBV diapers!

  20. Samantha

    I just found these diapers a few weeks ago, when looking for a night time solution for a side sleeping super soaker. They are amazing!

  21. Beth Willment

    Love L&F- my favorite diapers! And the blankets are just as amazing!!

  22. Nadege

    Just discover L&F a few day ago and look amazing. Im in love

  23. Marie Lowther

    This sounds like a wonderful diaper! I would love to try this one out.

  24. Megan G.

    You make me want one just because of how soft you make it sound!!!

  25. Wendy

    I know my daughter is always looking for a better overnight solution. The price point is a little on the high side, but, if it works, it would a great investment for a couple. Definitely on the wish list!

  26. Linda

    I love that this is good for heavy overnight wetters because my son drinks a lot of water before sleep.

  27. Elaine Buonsante

    These diapers look like they have enough snaps to get a good snug fit.

  28. Olivia

    Thank you for the review, they look so so soft!

  29. M Hobson

    These diapers look so nice and soft! Will definitely bookmark for future nighttime solution!

  30. Kristine

    I have never tried a diaper with fold down snaps to adjust rise. I wonder how the fit compares. Looks like a great diaper but agree with the con – the price does make it difficult for those of us on tighter budgets.

  31. Erin b

    Lilly and frank diapers have changed everything! She’s always conforably dry after 12 hours and they are so so so soft. And easy. I can’t get enough of them!

  32. Camille

    I am due in October and so so excited to start CD’ing our new little one. These fitteds look amazing and I would love to try one!

  33. Rebecca Hickman

    We love our Lilly&Frank for day and night. There’s something about the fit that works really well for us.

  34. Erin B.

    That looks like such a well made diaper! I would love to try one of those on baby #3 for at night!

  35. Melissa A.

    I’ve never tried a fitted diaper before, but I’ve always been intrigued!

  36. Brittany Brandenburg

    These diapers look so super soft and comfy. I’m just starting the cloth diaper journey with my first little one due in October. I would love to give these a try!

  37. wendy browne

    These look so soft and luxurious! I have a few fitted but not soft bamboo like this. My 18 month old has been a 24/7 heavy wetter, only pockets with Geffen Super liners work for us. I’d like to see if he could go more than a few hours in these.

  38. Heather makes amazing diapers! We’d love one for our wee girl.

  39. Alishia Chamney

    This diaper looks wonderful but I agree that it comes at a high price point – yikes! I hope it would last well!

  40. Emily R

    Thanks for the giveaway! L&F diapers and wipes look so amazing!! I’d love to try them out on my little guy 💙

  41. Emily Johnston

    I really love the community of L&F! Definitely, join the chat group 🙂 I was first impressed by the quality of Heather’s workmanship…and I love that you can request custom velours! I have a pink and mint stash going on and I love them! If fitted’s are not your thing or are too expensive, you can always substitute some flats. She makes wonderful bamboo stretchy ones.

  42. Krystal M

    Lovely OBV is so silky and soft, the stitching details on this simple (yet absorbent) diaper is gorgeous. I’ve heard great things about Lilly&Frank diapers quality craftsmanship – although my kids were out of diapers before I could try them out, this would be perfect for my new baby niece (who has inherited the fitted cd stash)

  43. Tanya N

    I’m building my stash of overnight diapers and this sounds like a great option. I especially love the sound of how soft it is!

  44. The velour on this diaper looks sooo amazing! I would love my little one to have a fluffy bum from Lilly&Frank! The colored serged edges are really cute too! Love love love!

  45. Anjaliegh

    I was at mommycon vancouver and I regret not being able
    To visit their booth!! It was so busy! I checked our their instagram page and I am glad it is nearby us! Definetely will be ordering some diapers for night time! Such cute prints!!

  46. Elena C

    Thanks for your review! We’re in the process of switching to cloth for our 6 month old. Haven’t done overnight yet. These look like a great option for nighttime.

  47. Tasha

    New to cloth diapering. Baby # 1 due in December. I’ve heard great things about Lilly and Frank fitteds. I’m in the researching pahse so this review was helpful 🙂

  48. Kaley H

    These look super soft. I’ve been wanting to try fitted diapers but wasn’t sure where to start. After reading this review I think I found a brand that I might want to try! Time to start saving up 😊

  49. Isabel Whited

    I have not tried this diaper, but it appears to be a bulletproof nighttime solution. I struggled to use cloth with my son overnight and gave up due to sleep deprivation. I’m more motivated to use cloth with #2 and am scouring the diaper world for options!

  50. Rebecca McBeth

    I would love to try this diaper for my heavy wetter! I’m glad to know its a great solution for overnights

  51. Candice Stuifbergen

    These diapers sound amazing!

  52. Emma

    Oh my goodness this looks super soft and super absorbent!

  53. I’ve heard so many good things about this diaper! I have tried many overnight solutions for my heavy wetting toddler and would LOVE to have the opportunity to try out this fitted.

  54. Britney Lombard

    This looks so soft and absorbent! We love bamboo fitteds, thanks for the chance!

  55. Allie f

    My brother and his wife just had a baby girl! These look like just the quality of diaper she deserves! Thanks!

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