Preschool Snack Success thanks to Life Without Plastic

Preschool Snack Success received-at-no-costaffiliate-links

Cutting down on plastic in the kitchen can get tricky when it’s time to pack snacks and lunches for school and work. I grew up on Tupperware—the same cracking and peeling Tupperware that is still in the drawers at my parents’ house. The same Tupperware that always left a distinctive taste to the leftovers I would heat up in my grade 7 classroom. (My teacher had brought in an old microwave for us to use, which felt like the most grown-up thing ever!)

Speaking of growing up, Cub started his first full-year of preschool a couple of weeks ago, and I was looking for a lightweight, durable container with dividers for his snack. Jay at Life Without Plastic recommended this round, stainless steel “take out container”:

Preschool Snack Perfection with Life Without Plastic It’s 7.25 inches in diameter and almost 2 inches deep. The removable dividers can be configured to create two or four sections or be removed completely for one large snack or meal. The container is made of food-grade stainless steel and the container portion is dishwasher safe. The lid has a replaceable silicone seal that makes for an airtight fit when secured with the four clips around the edges. Cub is still practicing opening the clips himself, so depending on your child’s dexterity they may need help to open it. For preschool, I offer Cub a choice of fruits and vegetables, some kind of cracker or bread and usually a bit of cheese.

Preschool Snack Perfection with Life Without Plastic

He rarely wants lunch before preschool, which starts at 12:30, so his snack is usually his midday meal. This container is also awesome for eating in the car! When he skipped breakfast before swimming lessons, I packed some dry cereal and fruit, plus a wet wash cloth for his fingers so he could eat on the way to Canmore for the day.

Preschool Snack Perfection with Life Without Plastic

The container sits perfectly in his lunch bag.


Cub isn’t the only one in the family who needs to pack a lunch. Papa Wolf helps us stay within budget by bringing his lunch to work every day. (I don’t know how he resists the amazing food trucks that park outside his building every day, but he does!) He usually brings leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, so we wanted a container that he could microwave, but also something spill proof since sometimes he brings soup. He chose this glass container with stainless steel lid (obviously the lid doesn’t go in the microwave): The container holds 800 ml and is the perfect size for his lunches. He throws a Life Without Plastic spork into his bag, and he’s good to go!

Life Without Plastic for a Greener Lunch

For everything from Little Miss Cub’s snacks to salad dressing for Papa (because otherwise he takes the whole bottle with him, much to my chagrin), we have these smaller, airtight and watertight stainless steel containers.Preschool Snack Success with Life without Plastic

What I love about all the containers we have from Life Without Plastic is that they’re built to last. You can purchase new silicone rings or new lids so your pieces don’t become obsolete when a lid goes missing or the silicone needs to be replaced. A few stainless steel or glass containers can replace a whole cupboard of mismatched plastic containers stained red from spaghetti sauce or warped from the dishwasher!

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13 responses to “Preschool Snack Success thanks to Life Without Plastic”

  1. Amy S

    I’ve been secretly waiting for our tupperware to die so we can replace it with better stuff, but it’s being stubborn! I swear it’s lasting forever and not getting lost just to spite me.

  2. kathy downey

    Thanks for such a wonderful review,this looks like an amazing product we have been getting away from plastic this past year its shocking to realize how much of it we have in out homes.

  3. LisaM

    Wow – this looks great. I wonder how heavy the glass containers are though. I hate feeling so weighted down!

  4. I prepare my nephew’s snack in a container and he loves it. He eats all the vegetables even though he never eats them at home and I can never get why. Maybe it is just kids’s things, isn’t it?

  5. janie vezina

    i’ve been changing all plastic stuff to glass and stainless, love this brand for lunches.
    do you find them big enough?

  6. Lynne

    I too grew up with Tupperware – I’m not sure I would be comfortable using a glass container to take stuff to and fro from work – I know it would end up broken. But, I could keep a glass container at work, and bring my leftovers in some type of reusable container and then transfer them.

  7. Marie Cole

    This is genius! I honestly didn’t know that stainless steel snack containers even existed. I really want to try them now!

  8. Sandra Caballero

    What an amazing product! I want to look more into this because my daughter’s school is also going green and plastic free. They are trying to reduce trash that students bring from home. I’m changing my daughter’s lunch into a metal lunch box. It should be a fun lunch for her to enjoy at school.

  9. This is such great advice! Our kid is just 10 months but he’s loving his stainless steel Pura Kiki straw cup.

  10. Said no with plastic! I did. Use plastic – not good for the healthy.
    I agree with you!

  11. In my country there are lots of companies use dangerous plastic to make toys for kids, haissh that’s not good. So I also become aware of the origin too. Btw, it’s so cool to see him eating a lot of vegetables. My kids are so naughty and they rarely taste them 🙁

  12. Not your baby loves this lunch box, but me also love it. So colorful and healthy. Totally agree with you on stainless steel or glass containers . They are much better than mismatched plastic containers.

  13. Amy B

    It would be nice to switch to stainless containers

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