guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair Review

It’s a guzzie+Guss hat trick! That’s right: this review means I will have tested all three of guzzie+Guss’s high chair offerings. Conveniently, the Banquet wooden high chair merges my favourite things about its cousins, the Perch and the Tiblit, to make it the perfect at-home feeding chair solution.

The Perch is a portable chair that clips onto the table. Many parents love its portability, but what I have discovered is that we eat 99.9% of our meals at home. My favourite aspect of the Perch is that it brings Little Miss to the table, at the same level as the rest of us. This is not only perfect for playtime, but also for mealtime. However, since the Perch attaches to the table, it also takes up a spot, which is a problem when we have company and need to fit more grown-ups at the table. That’s why I love our Tiblit. It’s a stand-alone high chair and has been where Little Miss has taken the majority of her meals until recently. Enter the Banquet: a stand-alone high chair with a tray that can also be used at the table. Plus, it turns into a regular chair for a child (or in my case, adult) up to 60 kg (about 130 lbs).

guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair ReviewMy first hint that we needed to try the Banquet was when Little Miss started climbing up on our dining chairs on her own. She can’t climb into or out of the Perch or the Tiblit without help, and she’s at that age where she is bound and determined to get where she wants to go when she wants to go there. Seated on a regular dining chair, she can’t reach the table to eat, and I can’t keep her secured. The Banquet allows her to climb up onto her seat alone, and then I can use the 5-point harness to secure her. The chair tucks right up to the table and she can eat with the family.

guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair ReviewThe Banquet allows you to position the seat and footrest at the perfect height for your child and your table. It’s super easy to raise and lower both the footrest and seat depending on who is using the chair. Ultimately, you can remove the footrest and your older child can use the Banquet as their regular chair. The harness comes right off too, so unnecessary straps aren’t left dangling. The instructions suggest use up to ten years old or 60 kg. I don’t think I surpassed 60 kg until my twenties, so I’m sure many kids could keep sitting on it well past ten years old! (Update: I just got a physical and I am 59.2 kg … Little Miss is going to have to fight me for this chair!)

If you don’t want to use it at the table, simply use the included dining tray. When we need to fit more people around the table, I’ll bust out the tray.

Although we don’t use it, there is also a bumper bar included.

I love how perfectly the Banquet tucks into our table when we’re not using it. Our dining area is really small, so any extra space is appreciated. I chose the black one to match our dining chairs, but it also comes in dark brown, orange and red.

Unlike the Tiblit, which was ready to use right out of the box, the Banquet took me about half an hour and some brainpower to assemble. I have disastrously poor spatial reasoning so initially I had some parts on backwards. If you can build basic IKEA furniture, you can build your Banquet.

guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair Review

Little Miss loves sitting on her Banquet. She’s part of the dinner time action now that she’s at our level instead of off to the side in her Tiblit. I do have to watch out for her pushing herself away from the table when she’s done, but at least the chair just slides backwards rather than tilting precariously. As soon as baby is sitting independently, she can sit in the Banquet. It’s not soft and cushy like the Tiblit, but you can purchase seat pads if desired.  This could easily be the only high chair you need from the first bite of mushed banana till they’re making their own banana splits.

What we love about the Banquet:

  • It can be used as a stand-alone high chair or directly at the dining table.
  • It transforms into a regular chair for big kids.
  • The seat and footrest are easy to adjust to the perfect height.
  • Surfaces are easy to clean with a damp cloth, and there are few nooks and crannies in which crumbs can hide.
  • The chair tucks perfectly under the dining table, so it doesn’t take up precious space when not in use.
  • My daughter adores being able to sit at the table in a big-kid chair, and I adore being able to strap her in.
  • It’s super sleek and stylish and matches our dining table.

guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair Review

 What we love less about the Banquet:

  • Assembly required: there are a lot of pieces, and I don’t recommend trying to build it with a curious toddler roaming around.
  • It’s not portable: as I mentioned, we almost never require a high chair outside the house, however the Tiblit folds flat and comes with a carry bag, and the Perch is compact and clips onto most tables. If portability is your main criterion, the Banquet is not for you.

Of the three guzzie+Guss high chairs we have now tried, the Banquet is definitely my favourite. It’s compact, versatile and multi-stage!

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81 responses to “guzzie+Guss Banquet Wooden High Chair Review”

  1. Lisa Garland

    I love that the banquet fits right at the table and can transform into a regular chair, very versatile and a nice high chair.

  2. kathy downey

    I love its portability and that it can transform into a regular chair and comes in three colors!

  3. Amie M

    Our current high chair is a bit annoying, and we would love the Guzzie & Guss chair. It has a narrow footprint, sensibly made, and looks like it will have a longer lifespan in our house than the current chair!

  4. s p

    Nice high chair very versitile

  5. Tara Vesey

    I think a banquet would fit our space a lot better than the clunker I bought second hand for our first child!

  6. hannah

    I really like how much thought went into this high chair. It’s not bulky, it is adaptable, it can grow with the ki d – what’s not to like?

  7. Elizabeth Kohtakangas-Dietrich

    I love the sleek and simple look and design of the Banquet. It looks like it would be easy to clean unlike the current high chair we are using which lots of nooks and crannies for food to fall into making it rather difficult to clean.

  8. Adrienne L

    We purchased the Perch but didn’t like the 5 point harness as we felt it wasn’t necessary, and wanted additional options so we returned it and purchased a similar product. However, the Banquet looks like a perfect space saver and I enjoy the design. We currently eat at our counter but will be moving to a table soon, and the Banquet looks like a leading contender.

  9. Jennie

    I absolutely love this. Thank you for the review and giveaway. We have a high chair, but it is SO big and bulky. It takes up way too much room, and I’m sick of cleaning the tray after every meal! I LOVE that this chair can be used with the kitchen table. It looks so well made and durable. We’re a single income homeschooling family, so while we don’t have extra money to buy this, I would truly love to win. Good luck, everyone!

  10. Donna L.

    I love how the banquet high chair is compact and can be brought right up to the dinner table which my little one would love.

  11. Kathy Harrigan

    I love that this is easy to clean and doesn’t take up a ton of room

  12. barbara parker

    I love that these chairs can adjust to your child as they grow. They are also a space saver when you don’t have much room to begin with. I would much rather have wood than plastic also. Better for our environment. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Jaclyn Bartlett

    Oh we would love a Banquet, we currently have a chair very similar to a Perch.

  14. Pat F

    Love that it is a chair that can grow with the child and be used as a regular chair.

  15. Briana S

    This is so awesome. We have a perch and like it, but so many places we have taken it and it doesn’t fit on the table! This highchair seems great, I love that it turns into a regular chair.

  16. Taralyn

    Love the amount of space that would be saved with this chair! I have always found traditional high chairs are just in the way when not being used. Being able to tuck this chair into the table would be so convenient!

  17. Tannis W

    I like that this chair can be used for a variety of ages and stages!

  18. Amber Ludwig

    LOVE this chair!! I love that it fits right up tableside!! I also love the sleek and flatering design and color!! Perfect for any home!! I also love that it grows with the child and can be used for years!! Seriously awesome!

  19. Laurie Nykaza

    I love the colors the Banquet comes in . The design of it nice and stylish too.

  20. Mylène Bélanger

    love the multi function too, no need to buy a booster after the high chair stage…. hate when ma y kids eat on their knees because the distance between mouth and bowl are now too long and mess will come

  21. Annie

    We have a simular high chair for our daughter and love it. We will be considering the guzzie guss if we have a second child. The one we have didn’t cine with a tasty or a bumper bar and we missed that. They are a Canadian company (they don’t produce in Canada, but it’s already something). I didn’t see that information in your review

  22. Camille

    We went through a few chairs that we hated before settling on the booster chair we currently use. Our daughter is outgrowing it though and it looks the Banquet would continue to grow with her.

  23. janie vezina

    i love how you show how versatile the chair is.

  24. Angela

    Would absolutely love one of these! My 4-year old is in the autism spectrum and his occupational therapist recommended this type of chair to encourage better posture and focus for table activities and during meals. I’ve been trying to find one on sale for a while now!

  25. Kristie

    It looks good but portability might be an issue for my sister but maybe not. It looks awesome though! Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy February!

  26. Deborah D

    I like that the banquet is a chair that can grow with your child.

  27. JoB

    I love how this fits up to the table! Our current highchair doesnt get low enough and this seriously inhibited my son from eating well – he would eat so much better when sitting at the same level as the rest of us! I’m intrigued by the seemingly small footprint as well – so many highchairs are huge behemoths that spell peril for all wandering toes and errant knees!

  28. Julie L

    I like the licorice color because it matches the color of my kitchen!

  29. Tina F

    I really like that the banquet is a chair that can grow with your child. This is something that is so perfect for families as they do not need to keep figuring out what to sit their child in where they become to big for the high chair they sit in but too small to sit properly at the table in a chair. Ingenious for sure.

  30. Wendy

    Absolutely love the versality!! This would be perfect as a free standing high chair in the kitchen for quick breakfast & lunch meals and while we are working in the kitchen. And, then the perfect chair to have our little one join us at the dining room table for dinner.

    1. Wendy

      Love when autocorrect has no idea what I want!! VERSATILITY

  31. Laura

    I love how this is able to grow with your child. Also love that modern style of it! Very nice!

  32. Kayla Klontz

    I love this banquet chair, it’s easy to clean and grows with your child, this would be perfect for my daughter! I love the style and the color options as well. Great review!

  33. Velvet

    I love that the banquet can fit easily into the room it looks fabulous also

  34. Deborah D

    This high chair is great. My sister is expecting a baby and would love this.

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  36. denise low

    This is really nice. I like that the seat and the foot stool is easy to adjust. I like that as your child grows you can adjust it to fit them.

  37. Linda

    I like that this transforms into a regular chair for big kids. That means we can use it a lot longer.

  38. This would make a great gift for my friend who is a new mom! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  39. Ashley Stone

    I love the look of this chair! My son’s current highchair is so bulky. I love how sleek this one is and how it will blend into regular dinning room chairs. I also really like that it turns into a chair that can be pulled right up to the table.

  40. Angelehm

    I love this banquet high chair! I love that it is sturdy and as you described very versatile! The removable tray is perfect and the space saving design is big when your space is limited as my darling daycare running daughter’s is. I love that its not just practical but attractive , it won’t look out of place even at a dinning room table. The assembly won’t be a big challenge either , I have had years of IKEA and Zellers furniture puzzle assembly experience . Got my Allen key and multi head screw driver always at the ready!

  41. Joni W

    That chair would be perfect for my niece. She refuses a booster seat. She kneels on the chair,

  42. dave

    love that its portability and that it can transform into a regular chair.

  43. Amy Hall

    The first time I saw this chair was on your Instagram. So cool you’re doing a giveaway for it, thank you. Nice when baby furniture is functional and looks good.

  44. Such a great review! We considered getting one of the portable chairs but like you we eat most our meals at home. Sounds like the Banquet would be perfect for us. As a toddler Bella loves eating at the table with us and her current high chair we bought when she was an infant doesn’t allow for that.

  45. Jen Eiserman

    I love that this pushes in to the table and blends in with the rest of the chairs! Our big plastic high chair just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  46. Carmen Rudnick

    I love the look and features of this highchair! We have been looking for a good one for my daughter and this would be perfect!

  47. John L.

    I love the colours available for this high chair.

  48. Yzabelle Pedroza

    We plan on doing BLW and I feel like the high chair plays a big role in this experience. I have uet to see ome like this! Looks like a great option so child actually feels like part of the family.

  49. Nathalie Demers

    LOVE How close you can get them to the table. We need this now, perfect for the stage he’s at.

  50. Andy D

    I love how this high chair fits so seamlessly with your table. I know that it would look just as amazing at our table and that my daughter would love it. I also love how many colours you can choose from.

  51. Yvonne Ghik

    This chair looks awesome! I would get that same colour.

  52. Nicole Moore

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  53. estherliow

    I like how this chair can grow with the child and it can tuck into the dining table. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. Megan Grant

    I love that the banquet fits right up to the table! This is exactly what I need for our super tiny dining are!

  55. Taryn

    This chair is so cool!

  56. Marie Lowther

    This looks like a fabulous highchair! It looks like it would be great to have since we will be moving around the next several years and it wouldn’t take up that much space! I love that fact that you can also move up the child up to the table when they are ready to eat with the family! Thank you for the review and giveaway!

  57. julia moriyon

    The chair has many qualities but the best one is its easy to clean!!!

  58. This would be absolutely perfect for my grandson and my daughter would flip if I won her one. It would also be super for my mother in law, she has many, many grands and great grands and frequently has one or more needing a high chair – for big family gatherings we could use the trays since the tables are full, for smaller, we could just have them at the table with us. I also love how little space it takes up.

  59. Marilyn Legault

    these chairs are the best and last forever.

  60. Adrianne W

    Oooooh I like the looks of this chair. Sleek and modern while being super functional for years to come! Looks way easier to clean than our current handmedown high chair that has all the fold and creases of “wipeable” fabric … such a pain to clean.

  61. Monique L.S.

    I like that the child is able to easily get up on the chair on their own.

  62. Branka Stefanovic

    Thank you for your review. I have started my research early as my 1 grandchild is arriving in May. I want to be prepared as time does fly. Can’t wait to have visits filled with cuddles and laughter.

  63. Caroline Duggan

    I love how simple, but good looking this high chair is. I also love how it doesn’t have all the crevices like most high chairs do. I’m sure this would be much easier to clean!

  64. I happen to love high chairs that push right up to the table, but don’t have one that also includes a tray! What a great idea. Super versatile!

  65. Grace EMc

    The banquet would make a great stylish addition to our dining room

  66. Amanda R

    I love that this chair allows the child to sit right at the table and can be stored. We had a guzzie and gus perch and loved it so much until he turned two and can push himself up with his feet and I totally agree with the disadvantage of company coming over that was one problem in our house as well with two older siblings and company was very inconvenient to keep moving it. But I wpuld love to try this one fingers crossed 🙂

  67. nicky

    Looks like a wonderful chair! I appreciate the fact that it would be easy to clean (high chairs are not always that way!)

  68. Jessie Morrison

    This Chair would be such a wonderful addition to the house.
    It looks easy to clean easy to use and fits a wide range of children!

  69. Sarah Thurston su

    I like that my little one could climb up. Not an option with our current chair.
    She would also loooove to sit at the table.
    I would pick red bc I love colour.

  70. Bailey Tulak

    A family I nannied for had a similar – or maybe the same? – highchair that their 9 year old was still using. It looked great and there’s nothing I like more than buying something that can last kids more than a few months before it’s outgrown!

  71. Jessica

    I really love that there is no padding or little crevices on this chair. It looks super easy to keep clean and perfect for letting baby eat at the table with the family.

  72. Tanya N

    I would love to get a wooden high chair for my new little one on the way. This one looks great!

  73. l p

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and helpful review.

  74. Danielle Petryshyn

    I love how this slides right up to the table.

  75. Laurie P

    Love the look of Banquet chair! So functional, and matches any decor!

  76. julia m

    i had never seen a chair like this before with my 2 girls. Thanks for showing us such a modern and versatile chair.

  77. Nikki Hackney

    I loved our perch! But when we had to replace our kitchen table we didn’t realize it wouldn’t fit on the new table. That was a heartbreaking day!
    Guzzie+Guss makes great products 🙂

  78. Viv Sluys

    I love that this works at the table! We have one of the booster style high chairs that goes on a chair but while our baby is still this little we have to use the tray with it because it’s too short for her to use at the table.
    I love the wooden high chairs that can be used for ever (especially since this one doesn’t need to be put in storage between babies and you can always have it out for guests that have babies and just use it like a chair when there are no babies). The high chair we use at my mother-in-law’s house is the one that all eight of her kids used and most of her grandkids! I would love to have a high chair like that!

  79. Shelley Butcher

    What a super cool highchair! Your review is excellent. It covered all the information and pros and cons that I would want to know and answered all my questions that I had. This is one of the most versatile compact highchairs I’ve seen. It would work well for my grandson.

  80. donna porter

    I love the black color. This would be great for my daughter.

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