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23 Weeks Pregnant … and I have to P!

I know that with my second pregnancy I posted blog updates almost every month. My last update this time around was at 12 weeks, so I am slightly behind! Honestly, it’s because I’ve been taking a chunk of my two weekly workdays (when Miss Cub goes to daycare) for napping. With her big brother in school, the workday is cut short since I have to pick him up at 3:30 (whereas when he was in daycare, I was able to work until closer to 5:00). In short, my days are shorter, so the non-paid blog posts get left by the wayside in favour of napping.

I am a really big fan of unnecessary alliteration, so I noticed while reviewing the various topics I wanted to cover in this post that they all started (or could be forced to start with) P. Plus, PREGANCY starts with a P, so naturally I decided to parcel my post into P-related portions. Luckily, none of those Ps are pain, pre-eclampsia or pickles. (Third pregnancy, still not craving weird combinations of foods with pickles on the side.)


This blog post is brought to you by a new podcast I discovered, hosted by a mama like me and her daughter! I love me some true-crime, but I can’t listen to it with the kids around. If you are looking for a kid-friendly podcast that the whole family can enjoy, check out the Dream Big podcast. Olga and her daughter interview big dreamers like Chris Hadfield, from both a child’s and a parent’s perspective! (And listen to an upcoming podcast for them to mention your favourite Mommy Blogger … ME!)


Ermagawd I pee all the time! I mean, I know that pregnant ladies pee often … but the extra human in my uterus seems to be squishing my bladder even more.


TMI, but OMG. I also poop all the freaking time. And when I have to poop, like, I HAVE TO POOP. This is an “almost run a red light so I don’t crap my pants” level of poop urgency. I know, it’s probably really normal. I am eating a huge amount of food, and the babies in my belly are squishing my intestines. But holy sh*t.


Actually, not quite puke. I am thankfully into the dry-heaves phase of my morning sickness, and it is typically reserved to mornings now.


Don’t forget to refill Diclectin. (See above.)


I am a very impatient pregnant lady. The day I find out I’m pregnant, I start getting impatient for the baby to arrive. I kind of thought maybe because I’m super busy with two kids already, this pregnancy would fly by. Alas, not true. I AM SO IMPATIENT!

(hunger) Pangs

Luckily, I can get through the night without getting up for a meal. But other than that … I am hungry all the time. Lately, I want non-breakfasty-food for breakfast, usually leftovers from the night before. So, I’m scarfing down mac and cheese or lentil stew before 9:00 a.m.

Paw Patrol

I get so sleepy during the day—thank goodness for the new season of Paw Patrol so I can doze off on the couch for a bit.


Lots of extra appointments with twins in the belly! I met my ob-gyn last week and he seems really great. I am getting shared care from an OB and a midwife, so while my OB will be the primary care provider for the pregnancy, my midwife will be attending the birth too! She will also take over my after care, which is what I am most excited about: she will come to our home for postpartum visits and help me with things like breastfeeding, which ob-gyns cannot do. Because I’m having twins, I also have extra ultrasounds. Our next one is early January, plus I have my gestational diabetes test coming up. I think the orange drink they make you chug for that test tastes like the orange drink that McDonald’s served when I was a kid … and I kinda like it!


It’s highly unlikely I’ll be delivering on my due date of April 9th. My OB says I’d probably be induced by 38 weeks if I get that far, so that brings us to the end of March. With my impatience and my passion for organization, we’re close to having everything ready already. My parents came in November to help out while my husband was away, and they repainted our upstairs bedrooms and helped me rearrange furniture a bit. We aren’t putting cribs up for the twins considering our first two never slept in theirs. We picked up two free Baby Boxes and will be getting a twin playpen. And if the twins actually sleep on their own, I think it’ll have to be in two playpens in our master bedroom. (We only have two bedrooms … )


I am constantly out of breath. Up the stairs? Out of breath. Pushing the stroller and dragging slow-walking Walter uphill to the school bus stop? Panting.


In case you missed the announcement, my twins are both boys! I was so sure that there was at least one girl in there because I was so sick in my first trimester. (I wasn’t very sick with my son, but with my daughter I had to take Diclectin.) At my 21-week anatomical scan, we found out that we’ve got twin boys. I will not deny that I was hoping for boy/girl twins, but the news has settled and we shall be a family with three boys and one girl! And I think Miss Cub and I will share a bathroom …

We’ll see if I squeeze in another blog post in the second half of this pregnancy—and we will have to see what new-twin mom life brings in terms of blogging frequency!

Are you pregnant? How are things going for you? Please only answer using the letter P.


8 responses to “23 Weeks Pregnant … and I have to P!”

  1. Laura

    I loved reading this – I’m also a toddler mom and 18 weeks pregnant with twins! I’m experiencing so much of this! For P’s… well I live in Prince Edward Island – which means we’ll be doing some traveling to Halifax for our scans! We won’t be able to have an anatomy scan until 22 weeks – and I still have no idea how many placentas we’re looking at! I also have this longing for boy/girl twins – but this twin thing is such a surprise that I’ll be happy with anything! Final thought – the poo thing is real. Didn’t have this with my daughter at all! Good luck!

    1. Lindsay

      I am so glad I’m not alone with the pooping. I wish I could tell you it got better. It seems to be getting worse as they get bigger though!

  2. Jan

    I’m four weeks Postpartum after delivering our twin boys at 35+4.
    Twin pregnancy was a total Pain in the ass. Up to pee six times a night. I never had urgent poops, but was majorly constipated. I’m not sure whether extremely urgent poops sound better or not. That’s all I’ve got for Ps!
    Once week 32 hit I was majorly uncomfortable and sleep was practically non existent. I worked until I was 34 weeks along. I had gestational diabetes and cholestasis.
    At 35 weeks I was completely ready to serve eviction notices. My boys were born vaginally and each weighed 6lbs 1 oz, so it’s really no wonder I was so uncomfortable!
    Now they’re here and we’re still sleep deprived, but they are precious and life’s just about perfect!

    1. Lindsay

      You made it! And whether or not I would prefer constipation depends on the proximity of a bathroom I guess … I’ve also had that end of things with my other pregnancies and post partum!

  3. NJ Nowoselski

    My daughter is 16 weeks with her first. She has the worst morning sickness I have ever seen. In fact they keep giving her altra sounds to check on baby. As her mom watching her go through this is tough. Hoping in the next week or so she will moving out of this morning sickness phase.

  4. P is for panicking. lol I am 29 weeks with my third and I am just now starting to freak out about having 3 kids to, you know, keep alive and whatnot! P is also for Pain. This kid implanted like way up in my uterus and seems to have stayed there. If I am on my feet longer than, like, 15 minutes my ribs start hurting…and have since before I was even 20 weeks! Ugh! Other than that and having a hard time dealing with my seasonal affective disorder, things are going pretty well so far. 😉

  5. Nikki A

    I’m with you on the orange McDonald’s drink. I looked forward to the GD test because of it! Good thing, too, since I failed the one hour both pregnancies and had to do the two hour. Bottoms up!

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