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  • Summer Sleep Schedule Strategies

    Summer Sleep Schedule Strategies

    By Janelle Kent, Parenting Coach Special days, outings and events can be wonderful, but when your lovelies are falling to pieces by 4 p.m. because of missed naps and too much sun, the whole hysterical situation can make you wonder if those memories are worth all of the tears. Regularly missed naps and late bedtimes…

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  • Should My Twins Share a Crib?

    Should My Twins Share a Crib?

    By Janelle Kent, Parenting Coach They shared a womb so why wouldn’t they share a crib? Choosing to have your twins share a crib may not actually be up to you. You may have dreams of sweet little heads nestled together while they sleep peacefully away; but your reality may look more like reciprocal baby…

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