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AdrienneI met Adrienne where all Millennial Moms go to meet new Mommy friends: the Internet.

I was selling soap nuts, she wanted to try them. I invited her to pick up a box at my house, and I actually forgot about it. (She didn’t know this until now.) She pulled up in her minivan on a warm spring day while I was sitting outside, and I had to pretend like I totally was expecting her and frantically defrosted the cookies I had promised to serve.

Her son was the same age as Cub, so we hung out for a bit and ate cookies. She was totally relaxed and totally spunky at the same time: like me! At some point it came up that she actually had three kids, and I became yet another one of the many, many people who do a double take and say, “What?! How old are you?!” and “Wow! Three kids!? That’s crazy.”

I remember she sent me a Facebook message after she got home from my house, telling me she was so happy to have met another Mom like her. It didn’t take long for us to become BFFs, and I can’t imagine my life now without Adrienne and her brood. (Oh, and her husband, he’s pretty sweet, too!)

Since I’ve known her, Adrienne has broken her ankle and her collar bone, been hospitalized for H1N1, moved houses, adopted two cats, attended at least ten births as a Doula-in-Training, birthed a fourth child, been hired as a part-time day care assistant (with baby in tow) and now become a contributor to my blog. Just to be clear, I’ve known the girl for a year and a half.

While the rest of you may turn to the Internet for parenting advice, I just ask Adrienne. You name it, she’s probably experienced it. She’s gone from early-weaning, early-return-to-the-workplace-disposable-diapering to toddler-breastfeeding-cloth-diapering-and-mama-cloth-using-stay-at-home-Mom-ing, so she totally knows what’s what on both sides of the fence.

You can trust Adrienne to keep it real, just like me, when reviewing products for Moms and babies. And if she can find the time, I know she has some hysterical parenting and relationship advice pieces up her sleeve!

You can check out all of Adrienne’s posts here, and ask her a question for her Ask Adrienne column using this form.

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  1. Love it! I keep hoping I’ll someday find a local BFF as easily as you did … it hasn’t happened yet but I only have 2 kids. Maybe I need to have that third and then I can find a Maman Loup of my own 😉

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