Brownie Match Game for Preschoolers

Brownie Match Game - Super Sweet Fun for Preschoolers

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We received this item at not cost to facilitate our review. All opinions remain my own (and Cub’s).

There is one absolutely horrible thing about Educational Insights’ Brownie Match game. Edible brownies are not included. And that’s a problem because it will make you want brownies. It will make you want delicious, fudgey, hurt-your-teeth sweet brownies. 

Brownie Match Game Set Up

The game is composed of twelve delicious-looking brownie pieces, each with either a one, two, three or star on the bottom; four « plates, » a spinner and a spatula. The object of the game is to be the first player to collect five brownies. Let’s face it: if they were real brownies, there’s no way I’d be able to keep five on a plate in front of me without shoving them in my pie hole. 

Although recommended for ages four and up, this memory game is perfectly suitable for many children closer to age three. Cub has known his numbers for a long time, so recognizing numbers one, two and three is a piece of cake (brownie?) for him. In order to collect brownies for your plate, you try to flip over a brownie with the same number as the number you spin.  As with the other Educational Insights games we’ve tried for this age group, there’s a bit of hand-eye coordination involved. You don’t want to get icing on your fingers, so you have to flip your brownie with the spatula!

Cub uses the spatula in Brownie Match Game

If you don’t flip a brownie that matches the number you spin, you have to put it back. If you flip a brownie over with a star, you get to keep it—it’s like a wild card! Now, if you are playing strategically, you’ll want to watch which brownie your opponent flips over, and keep your eyes on its position if it’s returned to the pan. If you play like me and Cub, you wind up with a messy, mixed-up pan, and you’ll be flipping brownies over blindly because you haven’t seen which brownies your pint-sized foe has turned over since you’ve been busy tending to his younger sister. This is likely for the best, since smaller versions of yourself likely don’t much care to lose.

Cub puts a piece of brownie on his plate in Brownie Match Game

To spice up the competition, your spinner might land on a burnt brownie (put one back) or spilled milk (lose a turn). Likely, if you’re my son, your spinner will land exactly where you want it to thanks to a not-so-subtly placed finger.

Cub wins Brownie Match - Om Nom Nom

As with Sophie’s Seashell Scramble—the other Educational Insights game we reviewed—Brownie Match is the kind of game that doesn’t make Mama want to pull her hair out. (It just makes her really, really want chocolate.) It has a variety of educational aspects, but they’re delivered with a spatula-full of sugary fun. Plus, if you’re into triumphing over mini versions of yourself, stave off senility by exercising your short-term memory to win all the brownies!

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