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My Favourite Amazon Products

I honestly endeavour to buy as little as possible from Amazon … and frequently fail.

As much as I can I try to privilege small, local retailers. As we all know, the choice can be difficult when faced with $20 in shipping fees or zero shipping fees …

Amazon is not an especially generous affiliate partner for my blog; I earn a very small percentage off of your Amazon purchases when you use my affiliate links. That said, every little bit helps this little project of mine afloat, so if you are shopping with them anyway, feel free to send some commission my way.

For my American fans, if you are shopping at, you can look for these same products and follow this link to help me earn!

Here are some of the products from Amazon that I have been particularly satisfied with:

My very beloved Cheezy Dibble has a not-so-beloved habit of peeing on things when he is stressed by new guests or new objects in his “territory.” He peed more than once on our bouncy castle, for example. This e-z clean solution is THE best product I have tried for eliminating even set-in cat pee. Highly recommend.
We replaced the 20-year-old showerheads in both our upstairs bathrooms with this handheld shower with multiple modes. Great shower pressure and perfect for washing the kids hair while they’re in the bathtub.
Compressed air canisters are a huge waste, but to clean my husband’s massive computer tower he needs some kind of concentrated air stream. I invested in this cordless electric duster and my favourite thing to clean with it is inside our Dyson vacuum. As much as it is emphasized in the owner’s manual that you need to properly clean your Dyson to keep it working well … it is impossible to actually clean it well. Well, unless you have an electric duster … I recommend using it outside!
I really struggle with night sweats during the week before my period. Although they haven’t stopped, I have noticed an improvement in my comfort and body temperature on those sweaty nights thanks to these bamboo-blend fitted sheets. I also find these sheets deep enough to actually fully cover our Hamuq mattress without constantly riding up at the corners and driving me insane. 
I recently blew everyone’s minds when I showed off how I save money by changing my van’s air filters MYSELF! These are the ones I use; obviously use the drop-down menu to select the right filters for YOUR vehicle. Here’s my tutorial. 
Cheezy pees on stuff, and our other cat, Squeaker, chews stuff up. SO MANY CABLES have been lost to her little teeth. My husband keeps his office door shut at all times as a preventative measure, my strategy (since there are cables everywhere in the house, not just the office) is to use ones the cat does not chew on. These braided Anker cables have been the best solution so far, both for surviving cats and children.
My brother and sister-in-law got me this heating pad for my birthday and it is my constant bedtime companion. People were really excited about it when I posted about it, and many have gone on to purchase it! 
I really wanted to start working on my cardio now that I have ceased pushing a massive double stroller up hill on a regular basis. I didn’t want anything fancy or overly expensive, just a comfortable bike I can ride on while watching Law & Order. This bike fits the bill and I have really enjoyed it so far. Alas, it was also closer to $300 when I bought mine in May 2022. 
Onto the third item on this list inspired by my cats. For the cables in the house that I cannot replace with a braided variety, there is this cord wrap that I now preemptively apply to new cables in the cats’ domain. (Which is, let’s face it, 99% of the house.)
This is the stove-top espresso maker I use every single day to make my delicious and affordable lattes!
In order to do car seat checks over the winter, this cute little space heater (and my Aurora Heat wrist warmers) is my number one pal. 
For both our HydroFlask and Ecovessel bottles, these replacement lids are AWESOME. Affordable and durable and leak-resistant, and means we can keep using our beloved stainless steel bottles even when we manage to bust up the lids. These are compatible with many bottle brands. 
This is the milk frother I use for my at-home lattés!
 Here’s the concentrate I use with milk to make at-home chai tea lattés using the above milk steamer!

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