The Best Craft Kits for Kids

best craft kits for kids

My daughter loves crafting! I love crafting with her … sometimes.  The best craft kits for kids are the ones that their parents do not hate.

She has received many crafting kits that drive me insane: too much glitter, too many teeny tiny beads, not enough glue that doesn’t stick anyway, and a finished product that is essentially destined for the trash.

Here are what I think are the best craft kits for kids. We have both loved them and they would make great gifts for crafty kids in the 6-8 age range, whose parents you do not hate. (If you have a grudge against their parents, go for the glitter!)

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Kiss Naturals DIY Soap & Bath Bombs

My husband once decided he was going to make soap and there were lye burns on our floor following that unsuccesful enterprise. Kiss Naturals’ DIY Soap Making Kit uses glycerin. Just melt a chunk down in the provided container and use the molds to create cute little soaps. Customize using colours and scents (included, of course) and by hiding tiny treasures inside. The kit has enough to make plenty of little soaps.

We used a bath bomb kit that was a complete disappointment: the bombs disintegrated and we basically had some mushy powder to put in the bath. The Kiss Naturals Bath Bomb Kit works perfectly. The bath bombs turned out great, were easy to make and fun to use.

All Kiss Naturals come with cute little tools you can reuse for other projects, plus a fabric placemat / reusable gift wrap.

Shop Kiss Naturals ($25)

Lego Dots

My kids love Lego way less than I expected them to. I possibly enjoy Lego Dots more than my daugher, and would’ve been obsessed with them as a kid.

Yes, the pieces are tiny, but you’re not going to find them in every crevice of your body! The little projects make functional, decorative toys that kids can use … since we all know that once you build a Lego you either display it or destroy it. Why not build something you can use? A jewellery box, picture frames, pencil holders; there are so many fun kits! Of course, kids can also free-style. We gave the Lego Dots bracelet kits as party favours for my daughter’s 6th birthday.

Shop Lego Dots ($6-$85+)

Crayola Scribble Scrubbies

Love a craft kids can do over and over again. Scribble Scrubbies are cute little animals that kids can decorate with washable marker as they wish, then wash off and repeat.

Washing them off is part of the fun! This is the craft kit that requires the least amount of adult intervention. Just have a towel handy for the scrubbing …

Shop Scribble Scrubbies  ($15-$45+)

Plush Craft Fabric Crafts

I am the daughter of an extremely talented sewist. My mother can work absolute wonders with a sewing machine and I can barely sew a button. Plush Craft kits are a lovely way to “sew” something without having to sew. It’s like paint by number, but with fabric. The stuffed animal or pillow has pre-poked holes and a number code to match with the included pieces of fabric:

Use the included poking tool to press the pieces in; it’s very satisfying! The resulting craft is a toy or pillow the child will enjoy even after they’re done.


Shop Plush Craft ($25)

If you’re looking for a gift for a crafty kid that won’t drive their mother nuts, hopefully this list holds the solution!

What craft kits have you loved for your kids? (Or hated!)

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