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Produits de MaYa Liniment: Magic Butt Oil Discovered

Produits de MaYa Liniment

A new dad discovers Produits de MaYa Liniment: A guest post by Sean, Maman Loup’s younger brother

As Maman Loup’s brother, I was always destined to carry the cloth diapering torch after her children were no longer in diapers.

This is absolutely true, and I had been grooming him as my successor long before he had his own successor.

You might be surprised to know that there was no coercion to go the cloth diapering route.

This is proof of effective brainwashing.

There wasn’t even any nudging, hinting or nagging that this was something I needed to do for my children. I was converted long ago when Maman Loup introduced me to the concept.

My indoctrination was clearly more successful than anticipated.

That, and I was generously gifted an amazing collection of cloth diapers and wipes from my sister. (Another amazing benefit of cloth diapering is you can gift your stash when you’re done with it!)

Hopefully this makes up for the time I dropped his brand-new cell phone and shattered it on our kitchen tile.

I love that when my son inevitably poops immediately after I change him, I don’t have to feel like I’ve wasted a diaper. That diaper just goes in the wet bag (after I spray out the poop using my bidet) and then into the wash to get back into the rotation.

Produits de MaYa Liniment

We were definitely raised in a family that doesn’t like to waste and also likes to save, as evidenced by the gallons of expired Sunny-D our dad once proudly brought home from work at a bargain basement price.

I love that when I reach for my cloth wipes to clean up the poop in the above scenario, I don’t have to fumble with the packaging of traditional baby wipes, and I can use as many as are required for the job without worrying about filling up the garbage can.

He speaks the truth.

I especially love the magic butt oil and its convenient pump that I use with the cloth wipes.

While Sean does refer to it as “magic butt oil,” I feel it necessary to clarify that the product is called liniment and is made by Les produits de MaYa. (Learn more about liniment.) In a coconut shell, it is a moisturizing cleanser made with all natural ingredients (Sean would likely want to specify that you could safely eat it, but you probably shouldn’t.)

My baby is a wriggler, so I appreciate being able to grab a wipe and get some oil onto it all with my free hand. The magic oil can go directly onto my baby’s skin or onto the wipe. I get him cleaned up, toss a fresh diaper on him, and I’m finished. No need to rinse or wash my baby’s skin afterwards, I just toss the wipes in the wet bag and carry on with my day.

And there you have the magic butt oil standard operating procedure!

Even when we’re away for a weekend and using disposable diapers, I still prefer to use cloth wipes and the magic butt oil. I find it is much better at cleaning up after a messy poop, and I feel that the oil protects my baby’s skin nicely as I’m wiping him clean.

One time, when our washer broke down, and I was having to transport everything to the laundromat, I resorted to using liniment ON disposable wet wipes because wet wipes alone just suck.

The oil comes in a variety of sizes, and we keep the small travel-size in the diaper bag. We also use cloth wipes to wipe baby’s nose, but before wiping, I’ll put on a tiny dab of the magic oil to keep the skin under his nose from getting irritated. I call it the magic butt oil because that is mainly what I use it for—my baby’s butt. However, there are many other uses as well. In addition to cleaning, moisturizing and protecting my baby’s skin, it can also be used to soothe minor burns, treat cradle cap, remove make-up and be used as an after-shave.

Note that Sean did some research there. He has yet to fully explore the other uses of liniment, which I have previously listed!

Even prior to having a baby and constantly doing laundry, I started my journey towards decreasing my toilet paper and tissue paper use. I installed a bidet on my toilet (which now doubles as a diaper sprayer) and I now use cloth wipes in place of toilet paper. And for my birthday, my wife bought me some handkerchiefs, so I rarely reach for Kleenex anymore!

Sean’s post about his bidet is a fan-favourite!

I am responsible for the laundry duties in our household, and I am quite proud of seeing our stacks of cloth diapers and wipes after they’ve come out of the wash, knowing that we’ve kept so much waste from going to our landfills.

When my nephew was first born, Sean wore him in the Tula while doing laundry and used a grabbing tool to reach into the laundry tub without having to lean over.

If I’m being honest, the best thing about cloth diapering is I rarely need to take out the garbage (my least favourite chore because I have to get dressed!) The only things that fill up in our home are the laundry hamper and the wet bags, both of which can be emptied and their contents reused, which I find very satisfying. I find sitting and folding laundry while watching TV thoroughly relaxing, so I don’t mind at all.

We are clearly related as this is also my greatest cloth diapering joy. Although my kids are all out of diapers now, liniment still gets used daily in our house!

Produits de MaYa is avaiable at Lagoon Baby

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