Gamer Math = Math Tutorials for Gamers

A note from Maman Loup: Back when I lived in Montréal, I would often be working with my own students a few desks over from where my friend Julian would be working with his. Secondary math is hard … and it is often not struggling students’ favourite subject. Because I’m an eavesdropper, I always heard how well Julian engaged his students and how he even sparked enthusiasm in them for a subject that once caused them so much stress. When I saw Julian was merging his film-making talents with his love for math and video games, I wanted to make sure all my readers out there could get to know his channel as a resource for their kids! ~Lindsay/Maman Loup

Gamer Math: Math Tutorials for Gamers

Guest post by Julian Stamboulieh

Hi there, awesome parents!

My name is Julian Stamboulieh. I’m an actor, filmmaker, teacher, former colleague of Maman Loup and the creator of the new YouTube channel, Gamer Math!

Throughout my decade of experience working one-on-one with students as a tutor at St. George’s School of Montreal, I’ve often been paired with those struggling in secondary math.

When it comes to tutoring, I have the same passion as when I’m teaching filmmaking to artists: finding ways to simplify technical skills for those with a creative mind. The best first step is to relate the content to a hobby they already love and understand. More often than not, that hobby for teenagers is gaming.

I decided to make math tutorials for gamers because math can be applied everywhere in video games, whether it’s calculating percentages of health bars, using long division for buying items, solving linear equations to represent experience points, interpreting statistics to analyze match success rate, or using geometry to determine building materials for Fortnite or Minecraft structures.

Combining my love for geekdom with my filmmaking experience and on-screen presence, my goal is to bring an entertaining approach to math education, and hopefully help provide your kids with the tools to succeed at a time when sudden at-home learning has drastically affected focus, motivation and understanding.

New episodes of Gamer Math are being uploaded weekly. The goal is to tackle the entire secondary math curriculum, one topic at a time. Meanwhile, should the channel prove a success, there’s a plan to branch out into primary math in the new school year. (Maman Loup has made it clear to me that this is an area of need!)

I would love for you to check out the channel, and if you think it can be of value to you, your teens, or a friend, let me know in the comments or by email at The project is not without an immense amount of work, and knowing that it’s helped would brighten my day.

You can also visit for any major updates.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work as a director, check out my award-winning digital series LARPs (geeks welcome!) as well as my production company Beanduck.

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