Hamuq Hybrid Mattress Review

I don’t know about you, but one of the most exciting things about finally co-habitating with my then-fiancé—now husband of almost eleven years—was that we would get to share a bed! Sure I was moving to the opposite end of the country, but what was most exciting? Picking out sheets for our new bed! A bed designed to accommodate two people!

Let’s back up a bit.

The story of sharing a bed with my husband begins in Valladolid, Spain, in 2005. We’d only been dating for half a year, and most of that year we were on opposite sides of the country anyway. I took a semester off from university to earn money for the trip to see him in Spain where he was on exchange. He told me to pack a pillow. Little did I know that the reason I had to pack a pillow was because he did not have one.

What he did have was a sleeping bag and a twin mattress on the floor and a very, very bizarre roommate. A twin mattress, an individual sleeping bag and a single pillow (which I supplied) are not intended for use by two people simultaneously. I remember he would get up for his morning classes and I would act sad he was leaving but be secretly glad that I could finally zip into the sleeping bag alone and get some quality sleep till noon. (My husband could and can sleep basically anywhere except, conveniently, in a room with his children.)

I mean, what’s stopping him from sleeping?!

When we moved in together a few years later, we had an air mattress. Then—a true test of the strength of our engagement—we went mattress shopping. Three of our first “life as a couple” lessons (which we still draw upon to this day) came out of our visit to a chain furniture store: one, neither of us copes well with high pressure sale tactics; two, we should never enter a store without knowing exactly what we are looking for; and three, Lindsay should never be required to make a decision while hungry. Long story short, we avoid furniture shopping, high-pressure salespeople and hanger as a part of our prenuptial agreement.

Fast forward more than a decade and four children later, and we’ve gone from that flat with a weird roommate in Spain to a tiny condo in Montreal to a 2-bedroom townhouse in Calgary to our most wonderful and perfect FOREVER HOUSE WITH A YARD, from whence I write this blog post.

And after all that initial joy about sharing a bed, we have spent the last seven years sleeping apart. The deal we made as we survived parenting one, then two, then four children was that we would sleep wherever and however we could to ensure that everyone got the most sleep. And that meant the two of us sleeping apart.

But now that we have enough bedrooms for the twins, our 4-year-old and our 7-year-old to each have their own rooms and a spacious master bedroom to call our own (although I occasionally make a Freudian slip and call it mine), it’s time to get back on the co-sleeping (with each other) train. And for that, we needed a new mattress.

Took me a while to realize all 4 kids are in this picture.

Our original, high-pressure-sales-purchased queen-sized mattress was older than our marriage, and ready to be relegated to the guest bedroom. I knew we wanted to upgrade to a king-size to ensure we would be able to comfortably accommodate the occasional (or frequent …) child visitor, and I knew I wanted the convenience of a bed in a box that could be delivered without strangers entering our home (the COVID-19 pandemic was upon us) and that I could research and purchase online without having to relive my big-box-commission-sales nightmare of yore.

I reached out to Hamuq for a review for several key reasons:

– They’re a Canadian company that uses Canadian materials.
– They’re affordable ($1099 for a king).
– Their mattress is designed to keep you cool.
– Their mattress is made with foam and pocket coils.
– They have a longer warranty.
– They offer a 101-night trial and a pleasant return process (at least according to customer reviews on their website) that sends mattresses to charities in need.

Unrolling your Hamuq mattress is magic right before your eyes. My burly husband was able to carry the box upstairs without issue (it weighs close to 100 lb, so I’m not claiming I could’ve done it), and I did the honors of unboxing and unrolling it onto our bedroom floor. (We have two mortgages right now, so we have no bedframe until someone buys our townhouse!)

First, like any self-respecting adult, I tested it for bounce.

Thanks to those 8″ pocket coils, it bounces!

Second, I posed on the mattress because that seems to be what every influencer does with their new mattress. (I especially like the pictures where a couple is supposedly waking up from their first night on their new mattress … without any sheets on it.)


Third, and most important, came the sleep test. We have now been sleeping on our Hamuq mattress for two months, and it is divine. (I am also writing this blog post upon it.)
My husband would rather sleep on the floor than on a mattress that is too soft, and the Hamuq is firm enough for his liking. I want to feel cozy and comfy without feeling like I’m drowning in fluffiness, and the Hamuq is perfection for me.

My daughter started strong sleeping in her own bed when she first got her own bedroom, but she soon began joining us more often than not. Thanks to both the size of our Hamuq and the impressive lack of motion transfer, there have been nights when my husband hasn’t even realized she’s gotten in bed with us. (Those are the nights when she doesn’t wake up screaming for me to refill her water bottle … for all its strengths, the Hamuq doesn’t muffle the nocturnal howls of a 4-year-old.) Even more impressive is that there have been nights when I’ve gotten in and out of bed a couple of times for the twins and he has slept on, blissfully unaware with his useless, milkless nipples.

So here’s the straight goods, folks: I am not a professional mattress tester. I have not slept on every single mattress-in-a-box on the market. However, I am no longer of an age when I can fall asleep easily on any surface (or at least not without injuring myself), and I am definitely of an age when sleeping is one of my absolute favourite activities. I love sleeping on this mattress. I look forward to my bedtime even more (which I didn’t know was possible) since we got our Hamuq. And if you try it out and it really isn’t right for you, their 101-night trial really does let you return it, risk-free.

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2 responses to “Hamuq Hybrid Mattress Review”

  1. Kathleen

    Thanks for sharing your review! Would you recommend a hamuq mattress for a toddler transitioning to a full size bed?

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Kathleen! I wouldn’t see any reason why not! My two older kids definitely enjoy sleeping on our Hamuq and my twins I’m sure will once I release them into the wild, out of their crib!

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