12 Examples of my Children’s Impeccable Timing

Ever noticed that your children always choose the perfect moment to ask you for something? No? Well, me neither!

Here are 12 examples of my children’s impeccable timing. I’m sure you can relate!

1- When they wake up crying in that exact moment right before I fall asleep when my brain has finally gone quiet and I’m off to dreamland.

2- When they ask me for a butt wipe just as I’ve inserted food into my mouth.

3- When they announce they’ve forgotten their backpack as they exit the van at school.

4- When they ask a complex, existential question while I’m trying to make a left turn on a busy street.

5- When they stop napping the second I pour milk into my perfectly steeped tea.

6- When they require my absolute, undivided attention as soon as I make a phone call.

7- When they need to go pee as soon as the trailers end and the movie begins.

8- When they choose to sleep in on a school day (never the weekend).

9- When they need me to hold their leaf while I am balancing two babies and grocery bags.

10- When they require a beverage the moment I finally sit down to eat my dinner.

11- When they are intolerably hungry after they’ve brushed their teeth and been tucked in.

12 -When they ALL need a cuddle while I’m on the toilet.

What are some examples of your children’s impeccable timing?

2 responses to “12 Examples of my Children’s Impeccable Timing”

  1. Te-Anna Paradis

    When they have to pee the moment everyone is finally ready to head out the door 🤦‍♀️

  2. Tina F

    Oh when its time to shut the lights off at night and all of a sudden I have to pee

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