#adulting in Style with JORD’s Unique Wood Apple Watch Band {+ Coupon Code & Giveaway}

By Sean Gallimore (aka Maman Loup’s baby bro)

This year, we finally got around to doing a responsible adult thing—we got life insurance.

I suppose it’s not a particularly exciting thing and generally wouldn’t have anything to do with watch straps, but in this case it does. And, that’s about as good as a segue I could come up with.

One of the perks of our particular life insurance is free Apple Watches! Well, they are free as long as we remain active. The watches track our daily physical activity, and if we achieve a certain level each month, we don’t make any payments towards our watches. Apparently, the insurance actuaries figured that if people have healthy habits, they won’t need to pay out on life insurance claims as frequently. Works for me. It’s actually been incredibly motivating, and I love my watch. But I digress.

Our Apple Watches each came with one sport strap, specifically the Apple Watch Sports Band and the Apple Watch Sport Loop. They are both great and functional and are wonderful for a variety of physical activities. I comfortably wear my Apple Watch for running, swimming, cycling, yoga, weightlifting and beer drinking.

The Apple Watch is primarily marketed as a health accessory, so the included straps reflect this idea. However, I need to wear this watch as often as I can so I can get credit for each and every one of the precious calories that I burn. If I’m going to be dressing up for a presentation at work or going out for a nice dinner, my regular watch band is a little drab. The sport straps are quite plain and don’t look great with non-athletic outfits. So when Maman Loup approached me about JORD’s Apple Watch bands, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

JORD offers four types of Apple Watch bands: Harmonic Apple Watch bands (interlaced rare hardwood and metal), Wood Apple Watch bands (interlaced wood and titanium) and Leather Apple Watch bands and a Padded Leather option. The folks at JORD were kind enough to send us two of their unique Apple Watch bands to review.

For myself, I was sent the Tigerwood and Brushed Gunmetal Apple Watch band, and holy moly, it’s nice.

The JORD packaging is very sleek, and the box it comes in is a nice touch. The dark metal matches the colour of my watch perfectly, and the interlaced tigerwood looks very classy. My wrist is now at least 80% more attractive.

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The JORD butterfly clasp mechanism on the band itself works very well, and the custom stainless lug end adapters fit as they should with the body of the Apple Watch. The lug ends don’t slide in as easily as with the stock Apple Watch bands, but it’s not a big deal. The strap fits well, as I had to send my wrist measurements to JORD in order for them to custom make the band for me.

Did I say how nice it looks yet? I used to wear a Fitbit Surge. Not only was it fairly lousy at its job of being a watch, it was superbly ugly. I could never get away with wearing my Fitbit and wearing a suit, for example. With my new Tigerwood Apple Watch Band, I now have a very dressed up accessory to wear to the office or with a suit. Much like purchasing life insurance made me feel more adult, my new band makes me feel more adult as well.

My wife was sent the Speckled Rose Leather Apple Watch band.

Because the band is made from genuine vegetable tanned leather, it was a bit stiff when she first started wearing it. On top of that stiffness, the sizing is more than generous. We weren’t required to choose a size, and it seems that this band can accommodate some rather large wrists. She wears it on the third smallest size, and there are seven additional holes in the band. The main issue with this is that because she wears it so small, there is a very long piece of band left over, and it’s awkward to tuck in properly at times. I’d imagine these straps would not work well for those with thin wrists.

The band does look nice, and my wife wears it almost exclusively now, only reaching for the Sport Band when it’s necessary. Similar to my watch band, the lug ends are a bit harder to slide into the Apple Watch than the stock Apple bands.

Wooden Wrist Watch

There are a plethora of less deluxe leather or faux leather Apple bands available on Amazon. My wife bought one earlier this year. The main issue with the cheaper bands is that the adaptor lugs don’t fit perfectly with the Apple Watch. Apple Watches have two different sizes for each of the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 4. The cheap ones offered online are often advertised as 38/40mm or 42/44mm, so depending on which one they end up sending you, you might have a small overhang of the lug adaptors. Instead of being flush with the body of the watch, you end up having these little metal horns that stick out. The JORD Leather Band looks really great and fits perfectly with your specific model of Apple Watch.

The leather band is nice and fits seamlessly with the Apple Watch, however, it’s not as unique as the interwoven metal and wood band options, like the one I am so spiffily modeling. The metal and wood combination is something I haven’t seen elsewhere, and it really is quite striking. My wife looked at the metal and wood bands on the JORD website, but she felt that there weren’t any feminine options. The metal and wood bands are unisex and the options available are more masculine. The bands are quite bold and were a bit too bulky looking for my wife’s taste in watch bands.

I see people with Apple Watches everywhere. However, I’ve yet to see an Apple Watch band that looks as nice as the one that I have. The JORD watch band has elevated my Apple Watch from a sporty activity tracker to a truly eye-catching accessory.

Shop & Win

No purchase necessary. Contest open to Canada & US, 18+. Prize excludes Limited Edition bands. Winner will receive a gift code toward a free Apple band of their choice via email. 



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  1. Marsha Arditti

    What a nice looking watch!

  2. Dazzling to behold!

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    nice watch

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    I would not mind this watch.

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    would love to win this beautiful watch. Thank you for this contest

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    nice watch

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