Top 10 Reasons One Twin is Crying

You know what? I can’t complain: my twins are pretty chill.

Fed, well rested, bums clean … they’re usually in good spirits. That said, every day is an exhausting battle to keep them fed, well rested and clean. (Not to mention their older siblings—but at least the big kids don’t have such insatiable appetites!)

One of the highlights of my days is watching my twins interact with each other. Sure, it’s cute to see siblings play with each other, but there’s something special about watching these little humans who have quite literally been at each other’s sides since they were in my uterus making one another laugh … and cry.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why one twin might be crying:

1- He was served dinner a millisecond after his brother, and he’s super hangry.

2- His brother stole his milk … despite having the exact same cup of milk in his other hand.

3- His brother’s getting his nails clipped, and he knows who’s next.

4- His brother’s head is way harder than anticipated.

5- He’s getting blamed for something his brother did.

6- Yet another person has asked if he’s a twin.

7- Mommy only has one lap and it’s full.

8- His brother is nursing from the good boob.

9- His brother has sharp teeth.

10- He’s not sure, but his brother is crying, so he will too.

I’ll surely come to regret only owning one TV

What fun twin-sibling drama awaits me as they grow up?

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  1. Heidi

    Love this just looked after 7 1/2 yr old boy girl twins they were in early morning bed with me kissing each other with tongues touching 😂 if you shared a womb why not! while seeing who could have possible one more inch of them touching me, and yes it ended in tears.

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