3 Great DK Titles for Hands-on Learning

I’m really happy that my children share my love of books and learning.

If my kids didn’t get excited about a trip to the library or finishing the next chapter before turning out the lights, I would wonder if they were truly mine! (And as it is, given the twins’ fair hair, eyes and complexions, if I hadn’t seen them come out of me, I’d be asking some questions!)

Here are three titles from our beloved Canadian non-fiction publisher, DK Books, that are all about hands-on learning:

1 – For the inquisitive artist

Crafty Science

My daughter loves her bricolage (that’s French for crafts), and I think that with all the promotion of STEM-based learning, sometimes we forget the value of making art. But lately I’ve noticed a trend towards using the acronym STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. They all go together like birds of a feather! Crafty Science looks at the science behind shadows, bubble-blowing and gardening, among other favourite crafty activities.

2 – For the future app developers

Coding with Scratch Made Easy

My son is in Grade 1 and has been attending a free program at our local library called “Coding Buddies,” where he works with a high-school-aged volunteer to learn the basics of coding. I haven’t got the faintest idea what goes on in there, but he looks forward to “coding class” on Saturdays and always leaves with a big grin. We started working through Coding With Scratch Made Easy on my laptop, and although it is designed for kids aged 9 to 11, it was clearly actually designed for 35-year-old moms who still don’t quite know what coding is.

3- For the budding meteorologists

Weather and the Seasons

As winter has turned to spring here in Calgary, one of my favourite things to do with the kids as we walk around the neighborhood is look out for signs that spring truly has sprung. At my son’s bus stop, we’ve been examining the same branch every day to watch the progress of the buds. Weather and Seasons explores the science behind our weather and has project ideas such as making a weather wheel, a weather vane and an icy suncatcher!

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