Magformers Sky Track Building Set Review

What’s so magical about Magformers and the Magformers Sky Track building set?

Well, Magformers are the gift that just keep on giving.

Ideally I’d like to tell you that they magically spew money at you every time you construct a wicked tower, castle, prison, boat, duck or soccer ball (the possibilities are endless) … but they don’t give cash, just endless, rediscoverable fun that grows with your kids.

Fun for the Whole Family

When we first started playing with Magformers, my son was 3. Now he is 6 and his little sister is 3, and they’re both loving them.

Our twins are only just mobile now at 9 months old, and naturally Magformers are not designed for them. However, I am comfortable with the big kids having the Magformers out while the babies are in the area, beacuse this is a construction toy that the babies cannot easily swallow if they get their hands on a stray piece.

Note that supervision is definitely required for the younger crowd: although well encased, Magformers do contain magnets!

How does the Magformers Sky Track work?

Whether your kids already have a Magformers collection or if they’re just starting out, the new Sky Track Adventure Set blends the magnetic building pieces from basic Magformers with the joy of a monorail track and a vehicle.
The tracks click onto the included Magformers pieces (or onto pieces you already have if you want to up the ante), and there are enough for 13 different track configurations shown in the manual and for infinite possibilities from your budding civil engineer’s imagination.

Because the included vehicle clicks onto the track, the rocket can ride the tracks vertically without falling off; not only can we build impressive tracks on the floor or table but also on our magnetic front door or on the fridge!

As with regular Magformers, the fun is suitable for preschoolers to adults. Simple, circular tracks can be made in four pieces by Miss Cub, and my son and us grown-up kids can work together to make complex courses that seem to defy gravity.

If you want to give a gift that will be played with for years to come and by kids at many ages and stages, we highly recommend Magformers!

Update, 2023: We are now a full 8 years into our Magformers journey. The twins are now 5 and have been playing with our Magformers sets since they were around 3, just like their older siblings. I would consider Magformers to be one of our toys with the most longevity and play value!

A solid 8 years since this review was written and we are still playing with this set!

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