2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Eco-Friendly Families

When you give someone a gift that helps them reduce waste, you’re not just helping them save the planet—you’re helping them save money. Durable gifts that replace single-use household items are the epitome of the gift that keeps on giving.

There’s a gift on this list for everyone, from your crunchiest friend to your plastic-obsessed partner.

For Food & Drink

UNpaper Towels from Lil’ Monkey Cheeks

Unpaper towels are the perfect replacement for your eco-friendly family’s disposable rolls. Lil’ Monkey Cheeks is proud to carry a wide selection of Marley’s Monsters’ bold and graphic prints … adding a little fun to your daily household chores!

UNpaper Towels are one layer of cotton flannel with serged edges for durability and to prevent fraying. Each towel measures 12″ x 10″. UNpaper Towels cling together naturally, so they can be stored on a paper towel roll, or you can simply toss them in a basket.

Lil’ Monkey Cheeks is an Ontario-based online retailer with Canada’s largest selection of cloth diapers, baby carriers and a growing selection of zero-waste products for the whole family. With fast shipping, impeccable customer service and all your favourite brands, Lil’ Monkey Cheeks is a one-stop shop for the eco-friendly family on your list.

Shop Lil’ Monkey Cheeks

Öko Creations Reusable Bread and Bulk Bags

Öko Creations’ reusable bread and baguette bags are made of strong, durable hemp and are lightweight to carry. Thanks to the tight weave, no crumbs will escape, and the seamless inner design means no crumbs get stuck inside. The fabric is printed with a water-based dye. These bags are perfect for buying all kinds of bulk bread items and are completely washable and reusable.

Öko Creations’ bulk bags are designed to purchase bulk food products such as nuts, legumes, cereals, flour, tea, rice and more. Yes, the weave is tight enough to contain flour! Like the bread bags and all of Öko’s zero-waste products, these bags are infinitely reusable.

You can even use these bags as reusable gift wrap and skip wrapping paper and disposable gift bags altogether!

Based in Ste-Rose, Quebec, Öko Creations’ line of zero-waste products also includes reusable menstrual products, care products such as handkerchiefs and face cloths and beautiful gifts for babies.

Shop Öko Creations’ Zero-Waste Line

Affiliate links: The Baby Footprint

Yumbox from Lagoon Baby

Yumbox offers a great way to think green and stick to a litterless lunch routine. The illustrated pre-portioned compartments of each Yumbox are a guide to packing healthy and balanced lunches. Yumbox not only saves you money but also saves landfills from disposable baggies and wraps. Whether it’s for you or your little one, Yumbox is sure to keep yummies safe!

Shop Lagoon Baby online or in-store in Maple Ridge, BC. They have a HUGE selection of cloth diapers, babywearing Items, Canadian-made clothing and eco-friendly options for home. Reward program and free shipping over $99 to anywhere in Canada.

Earn double reward points on any Yumbox with code MAMANLOUP

Shop Yumbox at Lagoon Baby

Stainless Steel Straws from Snips & Snails Baby

Everyone can take small steps to help our environment, and these stainless steel straws are the perfect way to reduce plastic in our landfills. With a handy bend and available in silver or rose gold, these reusable straws come with a cleaning brush and a fabric cover so you can take them wherever you go. Keep a set in the car, your purse, picnic basket or cupboard for the convenience of straws without the waste. These are the perfect gift for anyone looking to be kinder to our environment.

Snips & Snails Baby is a small, Canadian-mom-run business. With four kids of her own, Karen has been through loads of trial and error, trying to find the right products to suit her family’s needs. At Snips & Snails Baby, she offers products they use in their home each and every day, so she knows they are high-quality, durable and will help make your parenting journey more enjoyable. Karen is available to help parents and is happy to answer questions. She’s always doing her best to provide a great customer experience.

Exclusively for Maman Loup’s Den readers, get 20% off a Travel Bamboo Cutlery Set when you purchase a set of four straws. Use code THANKSMAMAN. Valid until December 24, 2018.

Shop Stainless Steel Straws at Snips & Snails Baby

Re-Play Tableware from Carry Me Mommy

Carry Me Mommy is an Alberta retailer run by Jessica, a mom to two boys, who has a passion for babywearing and eco-friendly living. That’s why she’s a Re-Play retailer!

Re-Play offers products that are affordable, durable and sustainable—ensuring you spend less time worrying about mealtime and more time enjoying family time. This line of dishwasher safe tableware is made from recycled materials and can be re-recycled, saving the environment again and again. Sippy cups that don’t leak, dishes that don’t break, cutlery that’s the perfect size for little hands and mouths … what could be better?? How about 10% off?

Build your rainbow and use code DENCHRISTMAS to save 10% on Re-Play until December 25, 2018. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or sales.

Shop Re-Play

Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off, keeping your food alive. Keep mushrooms firm, carrots crisp, and let those half-cut avocados live to see another day! Made with beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth, Abeego is the alternative to plastic wrap you’ve been searching for. Give the gift of Abeego and keep food alive—perfect for your chef and foodie friends passionate about cooking and your eco-friendly relatives looking for green kitchen tools.

Invented in 2008 and made in Canada, Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap. In North America, we throw away over 40% off all food produced. Abeego is on a mission to change that, one wrap at a time.

They offer free shipping in Canada and the US. Receive a free gift on online orders over $45.

Shop Abeego

Affiliate links: Well.ca |  The Baby Footprint

S’ip By S’well Insulated Bottles from The Baby Footprint

Keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours. Leak-free, condensation-free and playfully designed to bring charm and fun to your everyday water bottle or travel mug, there’s a S’ip for every member of your family! Ditch those single-use containers and grab a S’ip today.

Baby Footprint is operated by Natasha in Sylvan Lake, AB, but ships nationwide. This family-run business specializes in products that not only help minimize the footprint we leave on this earth, but also make parenting an easier task. A huge array of products is available for babies and adults alike.

Use code gift2018 for $5 off an order over $50. Cannot be combined with other coupon codes. Expires December 31, 2018.

Shop The Baby Footprint

Haakaa Feeder from The Diaper Drawer

The Cub Twins are LOVING their Haakaa Fresh Food Feeders because it’s an easy way for them to get their favourite fruits to their mouths. I love these feeders more than the others I’ve tried because they’re easy to fill, easy to clean and help prevent food waste.

The Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder is the perfect way to introduce solids into your baby’s diet without the risk of choking. Simply place fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone pouch and seal tight. Your child will experience the flavor and texture of solid foods while building independence, learning to self-feed and improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Teething baby? No problem! Simply put some frozen breast milk or formula cubes in there and let them gnaw on that for relief!

The Diaper Drawer is run by pharmacist and phabulous person Jaclyn in Lethbridge, AB. She only carries the brands and products that have passed her tests in over four years of parenthood.

Shop the Diaper Drawer

Milkies Milk Trays

Milkies Milk Trays are an eco-friendly product that can be used for many different purposes. Developed by a nursing mom to freeze breast milk into 1-ounce sticks, the trays avoid the waste of milk storage bags and allow you to thaw the exact ounces of milk you need for each feeding, so you are saving every last drop of that “liquid gold” too. And the stick shape fits through all bottle openings!

Many moms continue to use the Milk Trays even after their breastfeeding journey. Use them to freeze homemade baby food, make infused water sticks and much more.

Fairhaven Health’s mission is to develop products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy wellness and breastfeeding success, and for years now, they’ve been achieving that important goal. From preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven Health is there—every step of the way—to provide clinically proven products to help you along your journey to parenthood.

Receive 10% off the entire Fairhaven Health store with coupon code MamanLoup.

Shop Milkies

Affiliate links: Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Milk Saver Review | Milk Trays Review

Colibri Reusable Snack Bags

Available in a variety of sizes for all your litterless lunch needs, Colibri snack bags make a great gift for anyone who eats food and cares about the environment.

Based in St. Adolphe, MB, Colibri products are made in Canada and help you reduce single-use plastic.  The turtles feel good about it, and so do you!

Use discount code HOLIDAY to get free shipping on orders within Canada and the US.

Shop Colibri

Omaïki Handkerchiefs

Say au revoir to boxes of tissue and hello to colourful, reusable, super-soft Omaïki handkerchiefs. These 100% cotton squares are 10.5″ x 10.5″ and so much more effective at catching snot than Kleenex! Just wash and reuse.

Omaïki is a well-known Canadian cloth diaper manufacturer that has recently expanded their offerings to include other eco-friendly alternatives to help families simplify their zero-waste journey.

Use discount code HOLIDAY for 10% off all Omaïki products (HÖM, H2Ö, Herö, Lötus, Gustö).

Shop Omaïki

For the Body

Loot Toys Bath Squigglers & Bubble Whoosh

Bring magic and delight into what is often a battleground—your kids’ bath time. At Loot Toy Co., their mission is to create fun, skin-friendly bath products for kids. Loot bath products are multi-sensory experiences designed to engage kids and stimulate their imagination. Their products draw on sight, smell and touch to motivate kids to jump into the tub and stay there.

Bath Squigglers are bath fizzies that colour the water and scent the air, and each one releases a cute sponge character to keep and collect. They are non-staining, allergen-free, non-GMO food and cosmetic grade.

Bubble Whoosh is a non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free foaming bath powder that gently moisturises skin. It’s great for kids with sensitive skin and for moms and dads who want to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate. (They use Lathanol, a natural coconut and palm extract, for bubbles—it’s very bubbly.) Available in hypo-allergenic or coloured and scented versions.

Loot Toys is committed to hand-making their products and sourcing their materials in North America. They operate two workshops in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada and the US.

Find a Retailer or Order Direct at LootToys.com

Routine Cream Natural Deodorant

Former smelly sisters Neige and Pippa created an antidote to their own unfortunate musk … and they created something that’s not only EFFECTIVE but also CLEAN AND STYLISH!

Because lymph nodes, the planet and its inhabitants (YOU) are important business, they decided to share their creation with ALL people. They believe armpits are lovely and deserve the best, just like every other inch of our flesh-covered selves. Glass jars help you kick plastic to the curb in your bathroom, and you can reuse them for whatever you want!

I am a total Routine convert! There’s a scent for every member of the family. You’ll want to try them all … but if you want to know where to start, how about the very unisex SUPERSTAR?

Use code NEWROUTINE for 10% off!

Shop Routine Cream

La Striga – Potions Urbaines Solid Shampoo Bars

Say buh-bye to plastic shampoo bottles forever! Use my favourite solid shampoo bars instead (psst: it’s “Le Coloré.”)

At La Striga, you can find all your favourite products on one site and shop with peace of mind, knowing that all ingredients used are premium quality and safe for your family. All products are designed and produced locally with eco-friendly values.

Get a 10% discount on your order using the code MAMANLOUP10 from November 6–20, 2018.

Shop Striga Solid Shampoo Bars

Les Produits de MaYa Liniment & Olive Oil Soap

To try liniment is to never go back to disposable wet wipes or even bum wash spray. Made in Quebec, Les Produits de MaYa liniment is a creamy, olive-oil based cleanser that is the only way I tackle poopy diaper changes. A dollop of liniment from my handy pump bottle on a soft cloth wipe gets baby’s bum clean and moisturized. No water needed! Parents who cloth diaper often choose cloth wipes over wet wipes anyways but have to use a spray bottle, moisten wipes in advance or be sure to change diapers near a sink. Les Produits de MaYa liniment is an effective and eco-friendly solution.

Liniment is also an amazing makeup remover, and you can use it to clean crusty noses and remove all kinds of goop from your children’s bodies (think the residue left by bandages, temporary tattoos and face paint).

Choosing Les Produits de MaYa’s gentle vegan soap means saying goodbye to plastic bottles of body wash and hand soap! Especially designed for sensitive, delicate skin, this hydrating artisanal soap is made of organic olive and coconut oils and doesn’t contain beeswax, so it is entirely vegan!

Find MaYa at one of these fabulous retailers:

Gentle Nest | Lil’ Monkey Cheeks | Baby Footprint | Lagoon Baby Nature’s Baby Basket | Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot | The Soap Dispensary

Maman Loup’s 8 Uses for Liniment

Anointment Men’s Grooming Products

Anointment is a coordinated collection of grooming products designed for men. Cedarwood, sage and lavender essential oils create an earthy scent, reminiscent of the forest. Their unique moustache & beard care products contain calendula-infused Canadian-grown certified organic sunflower and certified organic jojoba oils to help balance and calm the skin while leaving facial hair soft and moisturized. Use Beard Oil for daily moisture and Beard & Moustache balm for moisture and hold. Woodland Sage soap is a great daily shower soap. All products are made by hand in small batches.

For over fifteen years, Anointment Natural Skin Care has created exceptional, award-winning handcrafted body care products for every member of the family using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Anointment products are formulated by drawing on traditional herbal knowledge, aromatherapy and tactile experience.

Based in Sackville, NB, a small town on the windswept Tantramar Marshes of Canada’s east coast, Anointment draws inspiration from the historic landscape and the diversity of local plant life.

Enjoy 15% off at anointment.ca with code holidaygift2018. Valid until December 31, 2018. Free shipping on orders over $60 in Canada and the US.

Shop Anointment

Mom & Me Eco-leggings by Rococobum

Rococobum’s premium Everlast Leggings are the ultimate leggings for every woman. They wanted to make a pair of leggings that look amazing, wouldn’t fade or shrink and would keep you dry. They found a fabric that stretches without losing shape and provides compression support. They also care a lot about our environment, so they are proud to use an EcoPoly fibre that requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing.

Wear them from yoga to dinner; dress up or go casual. Made to match with baby & youth styles for your littles.

Canadians made your clothes, so wear your Rococobum proud! Rococobum creates premium, eco-friendly, handmade apparel that’s 100% milled and manufactured in Canada, sweatshop free. This brand cares about making fashion-forward, sustainable apparel that performs and lasts.

Use coupon code MAMANLOUP30 for 30% off. Expires Dec 31, 2018.

Shop Rococobum

PeapodMats Reusable Waterproof Mats

Are you fed up with having to change wet sheets nightly? Looking to replace disposable bedwetting pads? Tired of throwing away other vinyl mattress pads that just don’t last? Then get a PeapodMat!

Lay the PeapodMat on top of bedsheets without having to anchor it to the mattress with flaps, straps or Velcro! The grippy undersurface keeps the PeapodMat in place and the stitching design ensures that your mat will lie flat without bunching. This mat is breathable, so you won’t get hot and sweaty during sleep. And in the event of an accident, you just pull it off and pop it into the washing machine and dryer on regular cycle. Designed to last 500+ washes, the PeapodMat will hold more than one 1 litre (six cups) of water. PeapodMats are available in three sizes to fit a variety of surfaces and are free of PVC, vinyl and latex.

Shipping is always free in North America.

Shop Peapod Mats

Affiliate links: Lagoon Baby | The Baby Footprint | Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
PeapodMat Review

For the Kids

Grapat’s Nins, Coins and Rings from Modern Rascals

Grapat is a Spanish toy company that handcrafts materials that encourage, invite and stimulate the creation of invented little worlds. Grapat is made following traditional processes, using thick, soft, raw materials, natural dyes that don’t hide the wood grain and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine. The products are homemade and painted by hand, surrounded by nature and many children nearby, who inspire the makers daily.

Modern Rascals specializes in clothes and toys that kids LOVE. Parents love them because they are ethically made and eco-friendly. They’ve worked to bring Grapat to the Canadian market because of their love of colour, the beauty of their open-ended figures and loose parts and the fact that they offer their Nins in diverse woods!

Orders over $100 ship for free.

Shop Grapat at Modern Rascals

Super Undies Overnight Training Pants from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot

Pull-ups are expensive. Go reusable for naps and overnight with Super Undies’ bedwetting pants—designed to hold !

Super Undies started with a good concept for retaining a nighttime accident, then they beefed it up with waterproof material all through the external structure of the undies, four layers of built-in absorbency, water-resistant fleece for additional insurance against leaks, plus an outer pocket in case you need to add even more absorbency!

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot offers a huge selection of cloth diapers, accessories and mama products for you and your family. Black Friday sales are just around the corner with the lowest prices of the year, plus a must-see giveaway!

No-minimum, free shipping within Canada. Include the comment Holiday Guide ROCKS in the comments at check out, and they will include a free AppleCheeks Chateau Minimini in your order.

Shop Super Undies

LPO Pocket Diapers

LPO’s pocket diapers are such a good value, Mr. Scrooge himself would have bought them! At $14.99 a diaper, LPO Cloth Diapers has helped more than 15,000 Canadian families afford to use cloth diapers, and with a two-year warranty, clients know they are buying something made to last.

The features of LPO’s Pocket Diaper come in sets of two: two-sided pocket opening (so dirty inserts come out in the wash), two gussets to keep the mess inside, two bamboo inserts to absorb wetness and a “bumper to bumper” two-year warranty.

I recently tested LPO’s pocket diapers on the Cub Twins and was thoroughly impressed.

LPO Cloth Diaper’s aim is to make cloth diapering affordable and fun. Join the ever growing community of Canadian cloth diaper moms and dads who choose to go green.

Use promo code LPO10 to save 10% on everything in store. Valid only on LPOclothdiapers.ca until Dec 31, 2018. Shipping is available to Canadian addresses only.

Shop LPO Cloth Diapers

BIBaDO – Baby Weaning Coverall Bib

I am convinced that this bib is a game changer. Tired of changing entire outfits after mealtime or having to hose off the high chair? This bib attaches to a high chair (with or without a tray) to close the gap between the child and their food, catching it all! Less food is wasted, less laundry needs to be done … more fun for everyone.

The BIBaDO features soft Velcro with a fully adjustable neck to fit even small children, starting from 6 months old, and the sleeve length can also be adjusted. The BIBaDO is lightweight, stain resistant and waterproof, making it ideal for messy meal times. Now you can feed your little one while keeping them, their clothes and their chair clean and dry.


Nuggles Swimsees Reusable Swim Diaper

You will never have to buy another swim diaper again with Nuggles’ highly adjustable one-size-fits-most swim diaper. Public-pool approved, it boasts an innovative inner adjustable mesh sling, making it truly the best swim diaper on the market! Perfect for packing lighter on your next family vacation, Swimsees retail for CAN$19.99.

Nuggles is an award-winning brand and a small, mom-owned business that grew from one woman’s need to create something special for her own babies. With a focus on quality, eco-consciousness and ethics in manufacturing, the brand’s mission is to spread love and help this generation be a little gentler on this earth we all share.

Use coupon code MAMANLOUP20 for 20% off. Expires Dec 31, 2018.

Shop Swimsees

Silicone Teethers from Bonjour Baby Baskets

This beautiful handmade teether is made in Canada with 100% food-grade silicone and is free of BPA, phthalates, lead and PVCs—a great alternative to plastic baby toys!

Bonjour Baby Baskets offers fabulous brand-name baby clothing and natural products that have been carefully curated for their Luxury Baby Baskets. They are passionate about designer clothing, eco-friendly and locally made products, and they love sharing this passion with you.

Shop Bonjour Baby Baskets

Reusable Holiday Gift Bags from Thirty-One Gifts with Jill Blair

If you’re looking to reduce waste this holiday season, check out these Timeless Memory Pouches. Scrap the paper and start a tradition of reusable wrap! These lightweight and versatile drawstring bags are designed to coordinate with Thirty-One’s holiday totes, bags and more, but they can make a festive statement all on their own. Available in small and large sizes.

Jill Blair is an independent director with Thirty-One Gifts, offering organizational solutions for you, your home and your family.

Shop Thirty-One Gifts with Jill Blair

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    Peapod Mats are genius…we have got to get one of those!

  74. Kristi

    I love the La Striga solid shampoo bar.

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