15 Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have more than one kid, or you can borrow an extra kid or two, you’re going to need themed Halloween costumes! Whether you’ve got twins, triplets or they came out one at a time, the possibilities are endless. Thanks so much to all my Maman Loup readers for submitting their children’s costumes for inspiration.

1- Clark Kent & Superman

Got twins? Dress them as a super hero and their regular Joe alter ego!

2- Pirate Pals

Adaptable to any number of crew, just add a few first mates and a parrot or two!

3- The Yellow Brick Road Crew

Whether it’s just Dorothy and Toto or the entire population of Oz, head off to see the candy wizard!

4- Vet for a day

Basically any domestic animal costume (and any number of small children) can accompany a vet from door to door!

5- Get Curious!

The Man in the Yellow Hat and his monkey friend make a cute duo, even if the monkey is bigger than the man! 

6- The Addams Family started, when Uncle Fester …

If you’ve got enough kids you can be everyone’s favourite freaky family!

7- Rock it as rock stars

Whether it’s a dapper duo or a whole troop, it’s easy to dress up the whole band as pop stars!

8 – Bedtime is the right time to …. trick or treat!

Their favourite TV heros can make for great costumes!

9 – Gotta catch ’em all!

This is my inspiration for next year: big brother as Ash and his three younger siblings can be Pokémon!

10 – In a galaxy far, far away …

The Star Wars universe is awash with costume possibilities!

11 – Not a Peanut-free Halloween

Charlie Brown and all his buddies make for a pretty adorable gaggle!

12 – Fire fighting friends

Dalmatians and fire fighters make fun friends for frightful times on the 31st!

13 – Go, go Power Siblings!

There are more iterations of the Power Rangers on Netflix than I ever knew existed. Lots of costume options!

14 – Sister Act

I love a good pun, so twin sisters dressed as sisters is very punny indeed!

15 – Paper Bag royalty and her fire-breathing sidekick

A dragon costume for the wee one and a giant paper bag and scissors is all it takes to be this literary tribute team!



What are your great sibling costume ideas?

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