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Layer Your Love Maternity, Babywearing & Everyday Sweater Review

Melanie Gallant, the seamstress behind Layer Your Love (LYL), is among the many Canadian momtrepreneurs I count as friends in my online social network. We’ve never met and may never meet, but we’re still connected by our mutual devotion to the #momhustle.

When my daughter was a baby, she made me the mother of all maternity coats: warm enough for the most frigid, snot-freezing winter days. I wore it again this past winter over my giant twin belly!

With my first (and only, thank you very much) winter pregnancy out of the way and my spring/summer babies out in the world, Melanie sent me another of her custom creations to test out.

Her Babywearing, Maternity & Everyday Sweater is exactly what it sounds like: a sweater that you can wear every day, with or without a baby in your belly or in your baby carrier.

When the boys were finally out of the NICU and the snow had melted, I took advantage of having my mom stay with half the kids while walking my oldest to his school bus with one twin in the carrier. Our Layer Your Love sweater wrapped around baby and me kept the morning chill off, and I think we looked pretty darn good, too!

The wind can pick up out of nowhere in Alberta, making baby under dressed in a short-sleeve onesie sans pantalons. Pulling on my LYL sweater keeps little twin toes covered, without having to fuss with a blanket.

If I’m not babywearing, then my LYL sweater looks great on its own! (Although I do think a cute baby in a carrier really does elevate any outfit).

When the cold weather returns, simply adding a jacket for me and an extra layer for baby will give me a practical fall babywearing solution.

But if you’re still focussed on summer babywearing or have a trip down south planned later in the year, I should probably mention that this same LYL style is also available in a UPF 50 fabric that is antibacterial and moisture-wicking.

If you like to do everything in your power to protect yourself and baby from the sun without resorting to sunscreen … then this blouse is for you! It would be perfect for chasing a toddler around the splash pad while baby snoozes in a mesh sling.

The LYL Babywearing, Maternity & Everyday sweater and blouse are suitable for both front carries and back carries, and can be made to your exact measurements and specifications!

Contact Melanie via her Facebook Page to Order!


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