Feel Delicious in Cake Maternity’s Nursing & Pumping Wear

So I know the song “Cake by the Ocean” isn’t actually about eating delicious baked goods on a beautiful beach … but honestly, when I’m singing along to it I’m imagining cheesecake in my mouth and soft sand beneath my toes.

Sadly, the closest I’m going to get to literal or figurative cake by the ocean is wearing my Cake Maternity nursing wear with my toes dipped in my daughter’s kiddie pool. At least I’m comfortable?

Lotus Yoga & Hands Free Pumping Bra

The first Cake Maternity nursing product I must tell you about is the one I first purchased on my phone straight from the NICU when I realized exactly how much of my life was going to be spent pumping. I already owned two pumping bras: one that could be worn as a regular bra but without a drop cup for nursing, and one that you strap around you like a corset when it’s time to pump. I wanted a bra that could go from pumping to nursing and back like a little black dress goes from day to night.

Yes, I am as tired as I look feeding Cub Twin A my pumped milk!

I loved my first Lotus Yoga Pumping and Nursing Bra so much that I immediately bought another, convinced my NICU neighbour to buy one and asked for a third when Cake agreed to sponsor a review of their products.

My husband calls me his “top tier cow,” and I’ll accept that for the time being.

I’ve been pregnant or nursing for almost seven years now, and over that time I’ve purged the underwire bra from my drawers and wear only sports bras. (And wearing a sports bra is the most athletic thing I actually do.) Since the Lotus bra can be used for yoga and other light sporting activities, it’s basically the perfect companion to momming newborn twins, a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Because I pump three to five times per day, I don’t want to keep changing bras. Sometimes I have to pump in the car. I put on my Lotus bra first thing in the morning and peel it off before bed; it’s become like a second skin.

I always get a bit nervous at stoplights and avoid eye contact with other drivers …

Like most sports bras, you can also easily pull down the cup to nurse if you’re doing combination feeds. The slits to accommodate the pump flanges are hidden behind the top layer of super stretchy, supportive fabric. This means you still get a smooth look under your shirts!

A mother does not have a personal space bubble.

It’s honestly one of my top product recommendations for full-time pumping moms, especially MoMs (moms of multiples—YES it’s a thing) who thirstily accept every spare second in the day, including those saved by pumping hands-free without having to swap bras.

Milk Bamboo Sleep & Nursing Bra

If you need to wear nursing pads 24/7, which was the case for me with my first two nurslings, you want a super comfy bra to wear to bed that allows you to nurse and also holds your nursing pads in place so you don’t wake up in a giant puddle when baby sleeps longer than expected. The Milk Bamboo Sleep & Nursing Bra is that bra. It is pajamas for your boobs.

Naturally, you don’t have to reserve this delightfully soft boulder holder just for nighttime. Because I don’t need a lot of support for my itty bitties, I enjoy wearing my Milk bra during my waking hours too. I love the moisture-wicking fabric that lines the cups, because the boob sweat is real. (A great test of motherhood readiness is whether you can handle never knowing if the wet circle on your shirt is pee, spit up, breastmilk or boob sweat.)

Ice Cream Cotton Nursing Tank

Surprisingly, I actually get out of the house without babies more often with newborn twins than I did when I had newborn singletons. The fact that they eagerly take bottles, that my husband finally feels confident in his parenting abilities and that his work schedule is more accommodating mean I’ve had a couple of mom dates since giving birth.

Bandage on my arm from my IV, baskets of laundry, squinty little sleepy eyes and a FABULOUS tank.

The Ice Cream Nursing Tank is mommy’s best friend—it’s as close to shapewear as you’ll ever see me get—with its flattering shape, extra length and supportive fabric that smooths belly pooch without feeling restrictive. This tank can also be worn over a pregnant belly!

Turns my crop top into an actual top!

The padded foam cups keep my nips from staring out unblinkingly at my unsuspecting server, and when I get home I can easily pop down a cup (or both) to nurse or pump.

Bitters Maternity Tankini

I already shouted out this fabulous piece of swimwear in my post about summer must-haves for moms. You don’t have to wear a string bikini to feel sexy in swimwear. In fact, I suspect most of us feel much more confident poolside in a flattering tankini anyway. I’m not splashing around to attract a mate: I want to cool down, play with my kids and not worry about a nip-slip. My Bitters Tankini has got me covered!

Wet t-shirt contests ain’t what they used to be!

So even if sex on the beach or cake by the ocean aren’t anywhere on the horizon for you, you can still feel delicious in Cake Maternity’s pregnancy, nursing and pumping garments.

I usually wear a 34 A bra and a 34 C when newly nursing. All of my Cake products are size medium.

>>>>Order directly from Cake (keep in mind they are in Australia and duty fees may apply) or from Canadian retailer Baby Footprint (affiliate link).<<<<

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  1. Leslie

    Can you nurse in the tankini?

    1. Lindsay

      Admittedly I haven’t tried, but it’s loose enough if you unzip it to pull down one or both cups because that’s what I do when I’m wearing it and I need to pump!

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