Nuggles Size 1 Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover & Prefold Review

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go covers and prefold inserts epitomize my ideal “all-in-two” (AI2) cloth diaper system.

In case you’re new here, an AI2 system is a two-part system that combines a reusable, waterproof diaper cover with some form of absorbent insert. When wet, you simply swap out the wet insert and reuse the cover, either immediately or at the next diaper change. (I know some people like to alternate covers, letting one air dry in between changes and then throwing all covers in the wash at the end of the day).

There are several advantages to using an AI2 system: you do less laundry, spend less money and pack fewer items with you when you carry your diaper bag. While I can’t deny that I’ve converted most of my cloth diaper stash to all-in-ones (AIOs) since the birth of the Cub Twins, the practicality of AI2s is even more evident to me now that I have three bums in cloth.

Nuggles covers and prefolds come in two sizes. Size 1 covers are designed to fit 6–20 lb and Size 2 covers are designed to fit 15–40+ lb. The prefolds come in two corresponding sizes and are made in Canada with a Canadian-milled bamboo/organic cotton blend. The daytime prefolds are 2-ply and nighttime prefolds are 3-ply.

Nuggles cleverly uses different coloured stitching around the edges so you can easily identify which size and ply you are reaching for: yellow for daytime, red for nighttime (or green and blue respectively for Size 2).

I prefer prefolds (sometimes also called trifolds or flats, depending on the brand) in my diaper covers because you can fold them according to your needs. They also launder more easily and dry faster, not to mention being eternally useful even when baby’s out of diapers. There’s no better cleaning rag than an old prefold!

Before their umbilical hernias popped out!

The Cub Twins started trying out their Tuck-Wrap-Go covers and prefolds at about 7 lb. The double gussets hugged their scrawny little legs perfectly, and the double row of closure snaps allowed me to adjust the cover looser at the waist to give some breathing room to their gassy preemie bellies.

The double gussets make the Tuck-Wrap-Go the ideal newborn diaper cover: newborn poops are explosive and liquidy, and the Nuggles gussets are there to protect baby’s clothes, your clothes, your bedding, the car seat and the stroller from orange ooze.

At about 12 lb, with umbilical hernia in plain sight!

I like to use the “burrito” fold for our Nuggles prefolds. This creates a trim fit while creating eight layers of absorbency (with the daytime prefold) where it’s needed most. Make a burrito out of the overnight prefold and you get twelve layers up front!

In terms of absorbency, I have to say that my boys need the extra oomph of the overnight prefolds for daytime use. The overnight prefold, folded burrito-style, is enough absorbency for three to four hours. If I only fold the prefold in three, it’s not quite enough. The daytime prefold gets us about two hours between changes, but this can be increased with a fabulous Nuggles booster.

With the rise fully unsnapped, the Tuck-Wrap-Go cover also provides a great fit over bulky overnight fitted diapers on my boys. The rise snaps give you flexibility, accommodating your growing baby and the type of absorbency you’re using inside. And that’s what’s great about Nuggles sized covers: you get the great fit of a newborn cover, but it fits up to around 20 lb! And if you already have diaper inserts in your stash, Nuggles covers will work fine with those, too.

My favourite things about Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go covers & prefolds:

  • Fully wipeable cover makes it easy to reuse multiple times
  • Double gussets fit skinny legs well and keep messes in
  • Canadian-made prefolds can be folded as desired for best performance
  • Inner flaps hold insert in place
  • Cover fits well over fitted diapers and can be used with any style of insert desired
  • 6–20 lb size range means you get a cover that fits a newborn but lasts much longer than a dedicated newborn cover

Room for improvement:

  • The overnight prefold wasn’t actually sufficient for us overnight; we used it during the day.
  • It would be so fabulous if the Tuck-Wrap-Go cover could also be made in Canada, but I’m very conscious of the impact that would have on the competitive pricepoint.

The newborn stage can mean as many as twelve diaper changes per 24 hours, making AI2s a logical and economical choice for new parents. Nuggles prefolds are versatile and will be useful to you well beyond the diapering stage. Even if you prefer another diaper style, it’s great to have a few AI2-style covers and inserts in your stash when you need to pack light, and Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go Covers and Prefolds fit the bill!

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