All About Calgary’s Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery Service

Special thanks to Maman Loup’s Den for letting us give you all a brief overview of what our diaper delivery service looks like.

We are Cayley and Steve—parents just like you—and we own and operate Calgary’s only LOCAL cloth diaper delivery service, Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery. We have enjoyed cloth diapering both of our littles, Lexi and Luke, so much that we started our own cloth diapering business.

How it Works:

On a weekly basis we come to your home and exchange your dirty diapers for a supply of clean diapers. You do not need to be home for your delivery time as we simply exchange laundry bags on your front step.

The Basics:

All of our packages include unlimited cloth diapers, a large laundry bag and, of course, the diaper pail to contain it all. You have the option to add cloth wipes to your delivery service for an additional $3.50 per week.

Our fitted diapers are designed with a fluffy fleece inner that helps baby feel dry while wicking moisture to the cotton/rayon centre and microfibre outer. Once the diaper is soiled, you simply take it off babe and toss it into your diaper pail—no different than changing a disposable and tossing it into a Diaper Genie!

Because we use fitted diapers that do not have a water-resistant outer PUL layer, you will need to use waterproof covers with our service. We retail a variety of different brands, and covers can be purchased from us or any of your favourite cloth diaper stores. You wash your covers at home: nothing special, just toss in with your regular laundry!

The Cost:

There is an initial start-up cost for our service. Choose a basic start up for $38.99 or pre-purchase four one-size covers with your start up for $110.79, which also includes free use of our newborn-size covers.

Your weekly fee for diaper service is $23.60 in the greater Calgary area or $25.95 per week in bordering towns. (Check our map to view delivery areas.) This cost does not fluctuate unless you feel inclined to add retail items from our website. We carry a selection of cloth-safe diaper creams, swim diapers, wetbags and various other accessories for all of your cloth diapering needs. All products can be found at our online shop.

Our Commitment:

Not only are we are committed to making cloth diapering enjoyable for parents, but also to reducing our environmental footprint. From sourcing as many local or national manufacturers as possible to using phosphate-free detergents and planting trees to further offset our emissions, we do our very best to help make the world a greener place. You can also rest assured that we thoroughly test our diapers post-wash to ensure that your little one’s skin will remain irritation free.

And there you have it—our modern cloth diaper delivery service summed up in a nutshell. Please don’t be shy about giving us a call because we might just be cloth diaper enthusiasts who love to share information! Whether you have questions about our diaper service, need some help troubleshooting your own diapers and wash routine or have super-stinky diapers that need our stripping service, we’re always more than willing to chat and help you out.

Happy Cloth Diapering!!

Cayley and Steve


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