Why Moms Don’t Sleep When Baby Sleeps

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When it comes to old adages about new parenthood, “Sleep when baby sleeps” is a lovely one in theory but an unrealistic one in practice.

Now, I am a huge advocate of prioritizing sleep in the early days. Get as much help at home as you can so you can recuperate from birth and adjust to life with a newborn. But it won’t be long until, for your sanity, baby’s sleepy time becomes your personal time. And by personal time I literally mean the time you take to feel like an actual person.

If I slept when baby slept, I’d have no

-clean laundry

-clean dishes or

-clean body parts.

I’d also have no

-food in my stomach

-relationship with my husband or

-delineation between my left and right eyebrows.

And I’d have a lot of

-unwritten blog posts

-unplayed turns of Words With Friends and

-undrunk cups of tea.

With four kids 5 and under, my children’s waking hours are very busy (for me). And frankly, their sleeping hours are arguably even busier as I try to reconcile my own biological need for sleep and my psychological and practical need for some semblance of organization, adult conversation, basic hygiene and a reduced but robust professional life.

I use our Avent Digital Video Monitor to give the eyes on the back of my head some much needed respite.

My kindergartner is the best sleeper of the bunch, and I admit that at times I think wistfully of what it would be like to have an only child and be at the stage where I don’t need a baby monitor anymore. (Although he does enjoy using our monitor to play spy games with his dad.)

Broadcasting her rendition of “Let it Go”

Miss Cub—winner of the “most annoying to put to bed” award at just shy of 3 years old—sleeps in my room with the twins who are (thank goodness) much better sleepers than their siblings were as newborns. I use our Avent Monitor to see what she’s up to (since, I guarantee, she’s not sleeping when she’s supposed to be) and to make sure she’s not harassing her younger roommates.

I use the talkback feature to tell her to get back into bed ASAP when I see her about to make her escape. (Let’s pretend this actually works.) She often requests music since she knows the monitor plays a selection of lullabies.

The 3.5″ high-resolution colour screen lets me see which twin is crying (just kidding, I can’t tell them apart on a monitor screen no matter how clear the image is), and the 2x digital zoom lets me know exactly whom I’ll be evicting from my bed when I turn in for the night.

Caught my Mama checking on her babies

Because the video monitor is portable, it can follow me around the house, especially down to the basement where I can’t hear the babies if they stir. The 150′ range is ample for our needs.

With a battery life of about ten hours depending on use, I don’t have to charge it every day either.

My husband is the kind of guy who puts tape over our computer cameras and microphones so he’s reassured that no one’s spying on our heated political debates impromptu singing contests. Thanks to the secure connection provided by Avent Digital Monitor’s adaptive FHSS technology, he’s knows Big Brother isn’t watching.

For those once in a blue moon occasions when I might blow dry my hair, the visual noise indicator on the monitor can alert me to a crying baby before he wakes up his roommates. This is also a great feature if you’re enjoying some Netflix binging and have the monitor on mute so you don’t have to hear every little baby snuffle.

Our Philips Avent Digital Video Monitor helps me with all the things I’m doing besides sleeping when my babies are.

What do you get up to when everyone’s asleep?

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17 responses to “Why Moms Don’t Sleep When Baby Sleeps”

  1. Jonnie

    I love having alone time when everyone else is asleep. I have to be quiet so I have an excuse not to clean and can indulge in some guilty pleasures like trashy reality TV on low volume.

  2. kristen visser

    This would be fabulous !! I am due with my baby girl next month and this set would really come in handy. Thank you for the great giveaway

  3. Christine D

    I totally agree! If I didn’t cook, clean or organize my life when my son naps then I would never accomplish anything… with the exception of the first few weeks when baby is born .. I will rest with baby until I get some of my energy back! This is a great monitor! I’ll have to consider for baby on the way! As for the bottles they would come in very handy for little ones feedings!

  4. kathy downey

    Thanks,what a wonderful set these would be great for my little grandson!

  5. Tiffany P

    You’ve nailed most things on the head. I’d have to add loving all up on my pets and reading a book, preferably in the tub. If I have someone to watch Buddha baby, I try to get my errands/running around done as well.

    I would be thrilled to win the bottle set!

  6. Jenny

    This would be great to win!

  7. This is so true! I remember feeling torn between sleep & so many other things when they were asleep!

  8. Shannon

    Thank you for acknowledging that “sleep when the baby sleeps” is unrealistic – this was one of the most useless pieces of advice I received as a new mom. Taking time to feel like a person is so important!
    Of course, it also helps to figure out what you can get done with baby (or toddler, or kid) in tow, so that you can really take advantage of nap time…

  9. I never was able to sleep when baby slept either unless totally exhausted. I usually catch up on work, clean and if lucky my fave shows

  10. Elaine Buonsante

    I have a little great grandbaby who could use this super set of baby bottles.

  11. Patricia Legault

    Great post, as always! Can completely relate.

  12. Kathleen zolondek

    When the babies are asleep I take a bit of me time and try to do some really beneficial self-care. If I do not, everyone suffers. The house, eh……………it can be cleaned in a few minutes if every one contributes. Great gifts for all babies

  13. Natalie L

    I would love to win this set !

  14. Florence Cochrane

    Wonderful prize. I would love to win it to gift to a friend who is having her first baby.

  15. Amanda

    With my first I slept as much as possible while she did, but now with the thought of a second I have no clue how to balance sleep with two different napping schedules and get stuff done and spend time with my oldest

  16. Sarah

    It was easier to justify sleeping while they sleep with my first child but now with her brother here I have learned to function on less sleep than before.

  17. jeannine cymbalisty

    Thanks for the chance! Your twins are adorable! 💜

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