Life With Twins: Month 2

Two months with two babies and two big kids. And I’m here to tell the tale! If you’re expecting twins and following along with our journey—nay if you’re expecting one baby and following along—the second month was easier than the first.

Pretty psyched about this shirt I got at the thrift store!

Full disclosure: I am not a superhero mom. I have not done this alone. My husband had eight weeks of paternity leave, and before he left for his eagerly anticipated (by him) business trip, my amazing mama came to stay. So the first two months of the Cub Twins’ lives have been spent with at least one extra set of hands. It’s a scenario I wish for any new mama of multiples—extra hands.

Our baby boys are healthy and happy and in many ways my easiest babies so far in terms of their disposition. The only thing that makes it hard is that there are two of them! And while their siblings have no clue who’s who, I’m pleased to report I can now tell my boys apart with confidence. Because their second month was, developmentally, like a full-term baby’s first month (since they were born four weeks early), they spent a lot of time sleeping. Fed? Clean bum? Comfy? Sleepy time!

Month two was the month of slowly learning to get out of the house. Honestly, the first few times I felt completely overwhelmed trying to figure out how to leave the house with bottle-fed babies. I really took for granted how easy it was to go out with my singletons knowing I could always rely on my boobs to feed them any time, anywhere.

Our first non-doctor’s-office outing was a mere five-minute drive away to get our newborn photos taken by a good friend of mine. (Take a look at some of my favourites.) I was pretty exhausted on photo shoot day, but I really wanted to be sure to commemorate these babies with professional photos!

My husband’s paternity leave continued through their second month, and each day was much like the next. It’s impressive how busy two little creatures can keep you when you’re feeding, pumping, changing diapers, doing laundry and caring for two older siblings. When we first imagined what Papa Wolf’s paternity leave would be like in the context of a single baby, we had visions of attacking a massive household to-do list as well as going out for leisurely lunches with baby safely snuggled in the carrier.

As his weeks at home came to an end, my husband conceded that the life of a stay-at-home dad was not the life for him, and his excitement about returning to work was palpable. My mom came back once he started working again, making it possible for me to maintain my sanity a little while longer. (The key to this being a daily nap. Not having to load up all four kids to get Cub to the school bus stop every morning was a bonus.)

On Earth Day I attended my fifth (I think?) Great Cloth Diaper Change: my second in Calgary and my first with two bums to change. My friend Stefanie, from The Monarchy Mommy, whose toddler is potty trained, was in charge of changing one Cub’s bum since the rules are one caregiver per child. It took me about two hours to prepare to leave the house with my two babies. Needing bottles and formula (I didn’t want to waste any precious pumped milk) added to my concerns about what to bring, but we made it! And the event was a success!

It was extremely important that Pikachu make it into this photo.

We had our final visit with our midwife as well as my six-week appointment with my ob-gyn. Honestly, it was nothing but positives. The boys have grown, we are getting into a solid routine, and I think everyone (myself included) is adapting to being a family of six. (Granted I still trip up on this number when I need to fill out a survey or form.)

Mornings have been the trickiest to get under control: the twins both seem to decide they’re starving at the same time their older siblings need refills on their cereal. While Papa Wolf was home and my mom was visiting, one of us could concentrate on getting the big kids out the door without also wrangling the twins. But knowing that it would soon be just me versus all four, I started practicing handling the show solo.

I discovered I could comfort one twin by wearing him and bottle feed the other if I lay him on the kitchen counter on a nursing pillow.

To pick up Cub at his bus stop, I loaded the twins and Miss Cub up in our stroller and made it with plenty of time to spare—although I’ve never wished for a less-hilly neighbourhood.

When Miss Cub was a baby, I would wear her while preparing dinner. I got a sweet deal on a baby swing from a generous twin-mom in my neighbourhood, so now I can have one twin in the carrier and one swinging when I need to get dinner started.

My first Mother’s Day as a four-time mom was celebrated with my own mama in da house. Papa Wolf made us both a lovely breakfast and dinner and took care of all of our offspring while my mom and I went out for a sushi lunch.

Our bedroom is a busy place at night with Miss Cub committed to continuing to co-sleep with me. I don’t mind having her because it’s probably the most adorable thing ever when she rolls over in the morning and comforts one of her baby brothers without even opening her eyes while I’m feeding the other. This girl adores her bros and her maternal instinct is strong!

Cuddles are supervised!

The boys were still primarily bottle-feeding during their second month, with mainly pumped milk and some formula overnight. With a bit more energy on my side, I started “practicing” getting them on the breast, since ultimately, I do hope to have them feed mainly straight from the tap. I miss the ease of nursing just one baby … but with the right pillow I can get two nursing at once. It’s definitely not as comfortable and relaxing as just feeding one, but it’s efficient!

Overall, month two was easier than month one, and I feel more confident about this whole “four kids” business. I’m blissfully happy, I feel less scattered and insane thanks to a bit more sleep, and I do feel like I can manage on my own now that the boys are feeding less and everyone is on board with our daily routine.

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3 responses to “Life With Twins: Month 2”

  1. Leela

    Awww, they are all so precious. I can’t believe my twins are already nine.

  2. Emily

    I’m on my 3rd baby and my 1st that prefers a bottle. If love to hear your tips on getting out of the house with pumped milk for bottle feeding. I find this so daunting, after not having to worry about it the last two times.

    1. Lindsay

      Ya, that’s a tricky one! And doubly so with twins! I have, at least for the first two months, barely left the house. I have packed formula for the few outings because I was afraid to waste my pumped milk. That said, if the twins were continuing to ONLY take bottles of my milk then I would probably use a cooler bag to transport bottles. Mine don’t mine drinking it cold. Breast milk is ok at room temp too, up to at least 4 hours. Yesterday we went to play group and I knew I would be feeding them, so I just put two bottles of that morning’s pumped milk in an AppleCheeks wet bag and off we went!

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