Putting Some Spring to Our Step With Skechers

I’m no meteorologist, but I am here to proclaim winter 2018 the longest. winter. ever.

Winter lasted even longer than what I subjectively proclaim to be the longest pregnancy ever. My son had to wear winter boots so long he outgrew the pair he started the season with! My husband normally walks 45 minutes to work, but he found himself needing to take the bus due to excessive snow or ice (or both) many times in January and February.

Thankfully, it is finally … FINALLY … spring. And the Cub Twins are finally here! And their big brother can finally wear his new Skechers!

The first time he wore his Hydrus Modern Z sneakers was to visit me in the hospital where I was hanging out for my second false alarm, and he was so proud. Then it snowed a ton more and they were relegated back to the closet.

Now he wears them every day, in a whopping size 13. (When did he get so big?!) And with the weather finally being fabulous, we are walking to and from his school bus with his baby brothers.

Cub also has a pair of Kinectors Megahertz runners … and they are his first shoes with LACES!

Why I chose lace-up shoes for him when he suffers from learned helplessness and I have newborn twins I will never know. Well, probably because they look SO COOL! If someone would like to teach my son to tie shoelaces, that would be great.

Luckily, Papa Wolf CAN tie his own shoes! His new footwear is all about comfort and durability. One of the ways we have been saving money since learning we were having twins is by skipping his monthly bus pass.

Walking the 9 km round trip to work each day is also a way for him to get exercise without taking extra time out of our insane schedule to go to the gym. (He has to work off all his sympathy pregnancy weight!)

His last pair of shoes were designed more for indoor exercise rather than hitting the pavement, so they got holes in the soles. His Afterburn Memory Fit and Metro Track Skechers are both stylish (because his wife cares about that) and durable.

Having been cooped up this winter taking care of a very pregnant wife and mother, it’s time for my boys to get outside and enjoy a long-awaited spring … with an added spring in their steps thanks to Skechers.

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30 responses to “Putting Some Spring to Our Step With Skechers”

  1. Sue

    I shared this post to my Facebook because I love to win but I also love skechers!

  2. Sue

    And the new Skechers would be mine. My Hostel Mary Jane Archers have holes after a long active life on my feet. I am replacing them with the exact same shoes because they are the most comfortable dressy shoe I have ever owned.

    1. Sue

      Ahhh! My post auto corrected on me! I love my Gostep Mary Jane Skechers!

  3. Angela

    Great review!

  4. Josiane Laroche

    Hiver pénible! Enfin on sort les espadrilles!
    Merci pour ton post sur les skechers! Je dois acheter bientôt des espadrille pours mes filles alors je vais aller faire un tour en magasin😉

  5. Josiane Laroche

    Mais si je gagne le concours…les espadrilles sont pour moi😉les miennes on plus de 6 ans😮

  6. Jessica Lester

    I love sketchers! So comfortable even for me having wide feet.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Josiane Laroche

    Jirais probablement pour :Relaxe fit empire game on 😉

  8. Trista Arney

    Wow! Those are nice looking shoes!!
    I really like how Cubs new ones have the wrap look? Are they easy to get on and off?

  9. kathy downey

    Thanks for the wonderful review,I love the choice your son has,really cute!

  10. Melissa

    It truly was the longest winter ever. I agree with you! I live in my skechers and it’s almost time for me to get some new ones too.

  11. Sharianne steptoe

    I would love to win a pair of sketchers for my son. He goes thru shoes so fast as he grows.

  12. Katie

    I love the colourful ones!

  13. Kayla

    Great review! Love Skechers.

  14. l p


  15. l p

    shared on FB and Twitter. thanks

  16. Lindsay

    I have slip on sketchers that I’ve lived in the past two years and have even tossed them in the wash. So durable and max comfort!!

  17. Cara-Leigh Smith

    I love cubs new shoes, and how proud he is of them!

  18. tammy ta

    Skechers are great looking shoes. I have a pair that I have been wearing for a few years now-could really use a new pair. They are super comfy.

  19. joanne darrell

    Sketchers are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

  20. Toby

    Once you try Skechers, you’re hooked!

  21. wendy hutton

    I have a pair of after burn memory skechers and I love them they are so comfortable and I have mobility problems so shoes with a great grip in winter is a necessity and these are perfect I have not slipped once and this winter has been bad, would love to win this pair for my son who really needs a great pair of shoes, thanks for this giveaway I also shared on my facebook

  22. Melissa Bissett

    I love Skechers. I shared on Facebook. It would be awesome to win this for my son.
    Thank you for the great contest!!

  23. Gord

    I shared to G+ and Pinterest.

  24. Tannis W

    Those lace up shoes for cub are super cute!

  25. Diana Z

    I would love a new pair of Skechers! The no lace ones are great!

  26. Would love for myself

  27. Julie F

    Skecher’s really are the best running shoes out there!

  28. Cynthia Dingwell

    I would love a pair for myself they are really great shoes and totally trendy! Thank you🙂

  29. Dianne G.

    Shared on twitter https://twitter.com/wowcheckitout/status/996956238041645056 These shoes look so comfortable.

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