Newborn Photos Made Perfect with Canvas Champ

I was very mobile with my first two newborns.

Gosh, when I had just one kid, we jaunted about town like nobody’s business. We’d stroll to the grocery store for one item just because it was something to do and a chance for me to interact with adults. When baby two came, she was plopped on my chest by my midwife and stayed there in a baby carrier for a year, following me and her brother around on our daily tasks and trekking up to our favourite destinations in the Rockies on weekends.

Babies three and four, affectionately but uncreatively known on the interwebs as Cub Twins A & B, have left the house a total of three times (aside from a few walks) since they were born at the beginning of March. With Papa Wolf on parental leave, it’s just been easier for one of us to run the errands and the other to mind the cublets.

One of their trio of outings was a few blocks away to the home of my dear friend and former neighbour Evi, who also conveniently happens to be a talented photographer who wanted to add twins to her portfolio of newborn photo shoots.

I had zero artistic vision for our newborn photo shoot. I rarely have an artistic vision for anything, to be honest! My babies, looking cute, in a photo—that was all I had in mind. I also wanted a decent photo of me and Papa Wolf for posterity. We showed up in our best white T-shirts, but Papa Wolf’s was so wrinkled Evi made him change into one of her husband’s! (Hey, we ain’t got time to iron!)

Luckily, Evi had lots of ideas for the Cub Twins’ first photos, and all I had to do was keep them happy and photogenic (tummies full, bums clean!) so she could work her magic.

The most challenging part of getting twins camera-ready is having both of them full and clean at the same time … although I guess she could’ve just taken one’s photo and then duplicated him in post-production! Honestly, going through the photos I wouldn’t be able to say with 100% certainty who’s who in some of the shots anyway.

For all my kids I’ve aimed to create a photo album of their first few months, and I succeeded with my two singletons, so I’ve been using Chatbooks on my phone to build one for the twins. (Sidebar: do I print out two copies? Are they both going to want to inherit one when they grow up?) Neither of my singletons got a newborn photo shoot though! Being our last babies and the only ones that came as a pair, I think it’s only fair.

It was hard to choose which of Evi’s stunning pictures I wanted to turn into a canvas with Canvas Champ, but once I chose, it took me about five minutes to place my order. And the 16″ x 20″ canvas? It retails for just $16! Shipping is free for orders over $149.

For an additional $1.99, I appreciated being sent a proof for my approval just to be certain and that didn’t take long to turn up in my inbox. Once I approved the proof, it was a mere four days—FOUR DAYS!—until our gorgeous canvas showed up at my door.

And it will likely be four months until we decide where we want to permanently hang it and get around to putting a nail in the wall … but that’s okay, it’s done!

You can order custom canvases in a variety of sizes, including panoramas, and make wall displays with multiple canvases of varying sizes. You can even order custom photo pillows or have your photo engraved directly onto wood.

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12 responses to “Newborn Photos Made Perfect with Canvas Champ”

  1. Cheryl H

    Love this! I have so many wonderful photos of my kiddies and all of us it, it would be hard to choose just one but I’d love to be able to win to put a photo of my beautiful family up! Thanks for the chance (entered on fb as Cheryl Heig)

  2. Janet Meisner

    This is one of the most adorable twin photos I have seen. I really like the button outfits, they are flattering and the buttons are the perfect touch.

  3. Steph S

    Your neighbor is so talented 🙂 love the way the photos turned out.

  4. ivy pluchinsky

    I would love a nice canvas print for my living room!

  5. kristen visser

    love this!! we are expecting our third in July and I would love to capture an updated family picture of our family complete 🙂

  6. Andrea Amy

    A personalized canvas is the perfect piece of art for the wall. I have several of the kids, but we don’t have one of our cats (which is next on my list to create). Thanks for the chance. I also shared via twitter.

  7. Toby

    These make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts!

  8. Kara

    Adorable! Getting canvas prints of our camping pictures has been on my to-do list for too long

  9. Bethany G

    That photo of the twins is so adorable!

  10. Michelle Jensen

    16×20 is on $16?! I’ll have to see how much shipping is. That’s so great! I want to do a family picture now!

    Your twins and family are adorable!

  11. Kyla

    Beautiful shoot!! And the canvas turned out amazing!

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