14 Halloween Pregnancy Costume Ideas

Last year I put the call out to my readers for Halloween Babywearing Costumes, and they did not disappoint. This year, given my current state of affairs, I thought it appropriate to ask you for your best pregnancy costume ideas! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a picture: even if your picture didn’t make the cut, you were still entered in the draw for $25 PayPal cash!

1- Oh YEAH! The Kool-Aid Man

Katy and Darcy prove that one of history’s creepiest mascots makes for a fabulous pregnancy costume.

2- Skeleton in your closet? Nope, in your belly!

Jenn, Jessica, Karine and Joanne all rock a skeleton costume with a teeny tiny skelly-baby in their bellies!

3- Is it Woody’s?!

Why not just be a pregnant version of a beloved Disney character? Shannon is Toy Story’s Jesse … but the question is … how does Bo Peep feel about this pregnancy?

4- In a galaxy far, far away …

Vicki’s Death Star is actually a little ball of life! Cue “I am your father” jokes.

5- BABY-8

The Star Wars universe is full of spherical objects perfect for belly costumes! Hannah painted BB8 all by herself!

6- Pun in the oven

Maman Loup contributor Dani is a high school English teacher, and dresses up as a pun every year for her students to figure out. She is, of course, a Pregnant Pause.

7- Meeee-Ow

Tania’s belly doubles as the world’s biggest ball of kitty yarn to take her little dalmatian pup trick-or-treating.

8- Like a cat

In French, an easy labour is described as giving birth comme une chatte (like a cat). This mama kitty found it so easy she’s got kittens on the outside and the inside!

9- Beer Belly

Seana and Mallory both noted a resemblance between their pregnancy pouches and a man’s beer belly. I particularly enjoy the addition of belly hair on Mallory!

10- Kanga & Roo

Myriam made this office chic kangaroo costume out of two t-shirts!

11- Mrs. Peanut

Stephanie made herself Mr. Peanut, a welcome snack for her baby elephant.

12- Find the princess!

We’ve got Kirsten’s daughter in a homemade Zelda costume, and still in the womb is Navi!

13- Mombie If you’re into the creepier, gorier side of Halloween, why not make yourself into a Mombie?! Definitely not for the faint of heart!

14 – Classic Pumpkin Pie

You already feel like you’re carrying around a pumpkin … why not bring that pumpkin to life on the 31st?! Whether it’s an orange t-shirt or some belly painting, you’ll look smashing.

What’s your bump going to be this Halloween?


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