Lilly & Frank Dream Flat Diaper Review

Whenever my Nana sees me change my kids’ diapers, she always tells me the same story. She tells me how disposable diapers came out right when she needed to travel across the country by train with my dad. She was so grateful for the innovation and how much easier it made travelling with a baby. I like to remind her that I actually use cloth diapers with my kids, and I love to show her how cute they are and how easy they are to use. I don’t blame Nana for being excited about disposables: the cloth diapers and plastic pants she used on my dad were not exactly the pinnacle of convenience. And back then, the idea that we would get to a point in our society where single-use, disposable items are the norm rather than a luxury likely never occurred to her.

Sixty years later, here I am using the most old-school of cloth diaper styles—the flat diaper. A flat diaper is exactly what generations and generations of babies had pinned to their bums: a large piece of square cloth, folded into a triangular sort of loincloth and secured around their waists using pins. Lilly & Frank Dream Flats are made with an organic bamboo terry blend with a hint of spandex, which makes for a supremely soft but also stretchy diaper that can be folded and secured perfectly around baby.

These days, people don’t use pins to secure flat diapers. They use Snappis! These flexible plastic doo-hickies have little “teeth” that grip the diaper fabric to hold it in place. There are a huge variety of ways to fold a flat diaper, so finding the fold you love is a matter of trial and error. A flat diaper allows you to create your own fitted diaper from a square of fabric—it’s not as convenient but it’s definitely economical.

Now, I would be flat out lying if I said I love using flat diapers with Snappis. In fact, I used our Lilly & Frank Dream Flat this way a grand total of once, just to prove I could do it. I greatly prefer using flat diapers the same way I use prefolds: simply by folding them and placing them inside a diaper cover.

I fold my Lilly & Frank Dream Flat in half twice, then I fold it up like a burrito!

I place this burrito inside my favourite diaper cover (Thirsties, if you’re wondering) and place a hemp booster on top. This combo is a total success overnight! The Dream Flat is nowhere near saturated in the morning even though my daughter still nurses and drinks water throughout the night.

The awesome thing about using flat diapers is that they are incredibly easy to launder. I always rinse and wring out overnight diapers in cold water before placing them in our wet bag. Because a flat diaper unfolds into a single layer of fabric, it’s very easy to get all the excess urine out—much easier than with a fitted diaper, which has many layers all sewn together. As you can imagine, it also dries very quickly.

For Little Miss Cub, who is just over 2 years old and weighs about 25 lb, we are using the large Dream Flat, which measures 27″ x 27″. Lilly & Frank recommend this size for anywhere from 5 months to 3 years old.

One large Dream Flat retails for CAN$18.95. That’s about $4 more than what you would pay for a Flip Overnight Organic Cotton Insert, which is what I often recommend for overnight diapering. However, I would highly recommend spending those few extra dollars for Dream Flats instead. They are softer, stretchier, more versatile and more absorbent. Also, they make wonderful blankets!

Get your Dream Flats today!


30 responses to “Lilly & Frank Dream Flat Diaper Review”

  1. Olivia

    Love your reviews, they’ve led me to buy quite a few products and I have yet to be disappointed! Love how these flats have that little bit of spandex, should make for an easier fit if snappying on!

  2. Leigh K.

    I haven’t used any flats yet, but this one sounds incredibly absorbent and soft!

  3. Jennifer Smith

    I’ve got a few flats to try out once my baby can fit into them. I’m excited to try them for an overnight solution after reading your review as we used disposables at night for my daughter

  4. Ting Waymouth

    I’ve heard great things about stretchy flats and have been really wanting to try some! I like my flats snappied on – I feel like when I’ve tried padfolding it’s more bulky and everything slips around or bunches up inside the cover. I guess I haven’t figured that part out yet…

  5. Carly

    We love lilly&frank, we have 3 XL flats. We normally use wool, therefore a snappi or pin would be needed.. but now I’m thinking we should get some PUL covers for babysitters and stuff! Thanks for the review!

  6. Samantha

    I love Lilly & Frank, I think one. Of these flats will be on my next order.

  7. Kari Barone

    Bamboo Terry is one of my favourite fabrics for cloth diapering. I love using bamboo flats or prefolds for overnight . They are so absorbent, easy to use, and wash wonderfully. Thank you for the chance!

  8. kathy downey

    Thanks for such a detailed review,they certainly look to be absorbent and simple to use !

  9. Danielle B

    There are so many of these smaller brands that I had no clue existed. It’s nice to have personal recommendations so you know which smaller businesses are good options.

  10. Molly

    This looks like a great option for my heavy wetter, and it looks so soft!

  11. Theresa

    These look very absorbent, I’ve never used flats, but it’s nice to see how versatile they are.

  12. I’d love to try a flat diaper! I have an almost 3 month old and a 20 month old. I would love to try this out for overnight!

  13. aimee place

    I love flats for how easy they are to wash and how versatile they are. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered flats with a stretch to them – love! I like the stretch so I can get a better fit and it makes the flat itself so much softer too.

  14. Barbara

    I used flats in the 80’s with the pins and horrid plastic pants. My daughter will be using cloth and cloth diapers sure have come a long way!

  15. Marie Lowther

    I love flats! They work out so wonderfully in diaper covers. Thank you for the review Lilly & Frank flats sound amazing!

  16. Stephanie

    This review is very timely! We struggle to find a solution for our heavy wetter at night – he’s just over 2, and pushing 40 lbs!

    This flats could be a great option in our AppleCheeks covers 🙂

  17. april h

    This looks like a great flat! We use a lot of cotton prefolds and bamboo inserts. This looks like the best of both worlds!

  18. Linda

    I love using flats. I find they’re much better for growing with our baby.

  19. April E

    Flats seemed so overwhelming at first but I finally tried a few and I love them. The motto of Keeping things simple it echoing in all areas of my life lately, got to love simplifying diapers 🙂

  20. Pat F

    Working on building a stash for the baby. Flats are something I will always need more of. Thank you for a chance to win !

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  22. Melissa A.

    These look amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Janet M

    I really haven’t tried the flat diapers but am intrigued by them. We are going back to the older styles of diapers which may be a good thing.

  24. HaleyG

    These look amazing. I have to try them.

  25. Crystal A

    I love your reviews! I love the sounds of this flat – bamboo! Quite expensive though 🙁

  26. Alice

    Your have a nice review. I like the idea of it having some stretch and they sound very absorbent. It is a plus that it can be used as a blanket in a pinch. Thank you for this giveaway.

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  28. Anna

    Thanks – would love to try this. I am on the search for the perfect night time diaper. This seems like an affordable option!

  29. Bailey

    I inherited flats from my aunt whose kids are older than me. These look much nicer!

  30. Natalie L

    I haven’t Lilly & Frank but they sound like they work great. My daughter is a super heavy wetter so I’d love to try one of these

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