Modern Rascals: Putting the Kid Back in Kids’ Fashion

Our kids’ wardrobes don’t have to be all fast fashion glitter and ruffles, superheroes and monster trucks … despite the impression you might get from a stroll through the mall these days. I was recently approached by Jana, owner of online children’s boutique Modern Rascals, and she opened my eyes to a whole new world of clothing options for my little rascals! A lot of kids’ fashion these days is essentially grown-up clothes shrunk down to junior sizes. But if I refuse to own anything I need to iron, why would I choose clothes for my kids that need that kind of upkeep?!

With a focus on gender-neutral, high-quality, ethically manufactured organic apparel, Jana has curated a Modern Rascals collection of bright colours, bold graphics and clothes that are made for play. We all know how expensive it is to dress our army of minions, so why not spend a bit more on high-quality pieces that can be handed down to siblings or friends, regardless of gender? Little boys can wear rainbows just as easily as little girls can wear rocket ships, and Modern Rascals makes that possible.

The first thing you’ll notice when you shop at Modern Rascals is that the clothing is not divided by gender. In most big-box stores, you’ll notice that boys’ apparel has a boxier, loose-fitting cut, while girls’ clothing tends to be more tailored, tight-fitting and embellished. (Not to mention the very gendered selection of prints and sayings typically emblazoned on girls’ T-shirts versus boys’ T-shirts.)  With no “girls” or “boys” department to speak of, children can choose the prints they love and see them modelled on kids just like them.

Cub received a Bright Stars Raglan Baseball Shirt from UK-based Boys And Girls Shop. It is an undeniably unisex piece that I am eager to save for his little sister. The shirt is made from super soft 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. If you’re as in-love with this stars print as I am, you’ll be happy to see that it also available in short-sleeved T-shirts, crew shirts, shorts, pants and rompers!

Cub also received a Boys and Girls Shop Secret Raglan Baseball shirt. The European sizing for these shirts can be a bit confusing. His shirts are size “5–6 years,” and he normally wears a size 5T. The shirts are meant to be snug-fitting, but if your child is a similar size to Cub, I recommend erring on the side of caution with a size 7–8 years. (Cub is 44 lb and about 44.5 inches tall.)

For the bottom half of his Modern Rascals outfit, Jana introduced us to my new favourite line of basics for kids: More Than a Fling. Designed in Sweden and made of 100% GOTS organic cotton, More Than a Fling basics include brightly coloured unisex leggings, shorts, baggy pants, T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and more. For Cub, I chose the Black Baggy Pants because they reminded me of Hammer Pants. (Remember those?) I really wish they made these soft-waisted, narrow-cuffed, flouncy-legged pants in my size. I want Cub to feel supremely comfortable at school, and these pants are as close as you can get to wearing pyjamas out of the house. Plus, the elastic waist makes it easy for him to dress himself and get himself to the bathroom.

Little Miss Cub received a Maxomorra Oak Tree Long Sleeve Dress to wear with More Than a Fling green leggings.  Now I’ll grant that most boys don’t want to wear dresses, but many girls want to wear dresses that feature designs OTHER than the oh-so-princessy-fare found in most stores. Swedish-designed Maxomorra dresses feature undersea creatures, tugboats, foliage, planets and fruits—and all without glitter! Don’t get me wrong: glitter is great … just … not in my house or in my laundry machine. This dress is perfect for play this fall, and unlike a lot of the other dresses in her closet, this one is actually long enough to be a dress! Many of her other tunic-style dresses seem to hover mid-bum, leaving me unsure if I should be putting pants underneath or tights. At 11 kg and 87 cm tall, Little Miss fits her size 18–24 months dress perfectly.

From affordable, ethically made basics to unique and bold shirts, dresses and more … outfit your children for unisex-success at Modern Rascals!

Shop now and save 10% with code LOUP10 until October 31!

51 responses to “Modern Rascals: Putting the Kid Back in Kids’ Fashion”

  1. Mylène Bélanger

    I love gender neutral clothing, even if my 1st is a girl, I never was and never will be fan of glitter too… unfortunately she is but her entier cloths don’t need to be 😛 so I can pass the majority of them to her little bro. Will be easier with no gender cloth like those, I just love it

  2. OMG!! Now, I hate you, I want EVERYTHING!!

  3. Isabel Whited

    They have some really cute clothes! I like the solid colored shirts!

  4. Elena C

    It can be quite hard to find gender neutral clothing in typical stores. I really love the dresses with fun prints that are not pink! So happy to have found this site! Thank you for reviewing it!

  5. Miranda Holton

    Love the wolf winter jacket, it is the cutest!

  6. mami2jcn

    I love the Dark Blue Umbrellas Short Sleeve Dress.

  7. Laurie Nykaza

    I love the clothing that Modern Rascals makes so cute and colorful. They have such nice items for kids. It would be great to give as a gift which now were going to baby showers and its nice to know about them when sending gifts to our family and friends who are expecting too.

  8. Stephanie Phelps

    Wow I love all the colors and that you can get organic. So many wonderful pieces you can get that you cannot find anything else like it anywhere!

  9. Beth M

    I love gender neutral clothing, being able to re-use them for the next little ones is what i like the best! Thank you for a great giveaway

  10. joanne darrell

    I would buy matching dresses for my granddaughters.

  11. courtney hennagir

    I think I just found my new favorite company! I love everything on their site! I would love to get the dark blue umbrella short sleeve dress,the green bats long sleeve dress and the Rowanberry light tan long sleeve dress for my daughter! I really want to snag one of their mystery boxes too.Such a cool idea!

  12. Anika

    Very unique prints! So nice for a change!

  13. Kara Rotella

    I love the simplicity of the styles yet they’re still bright and fun which kids love!

  14. Sara Neely

    These clothes look awesome!!! My daughter hates pink and my son’s favorite color is purple. 😀

  15. Sarah Hayes

    so glad to find a new company to shop for my LO at. I love finding nice clothes that I can afford and that is her style

  16. Janet M

    I like that Modern Rascals has organic clothing that is gender neutral as my granddaughter prefers clothing like this.

  17. Elaine R

    I really like the bright, cheerful patterns of the both the boys and girls Modern Rascals clothing.

  18. jan

    I just love the fabric patterns they use.

  19. Piroska

    I love the fun, bright colours of the clothes!

  20. Julie bolduc

    The clothes are so adorable

  21. Bianca

    I want to buy everything! It’s all so cute… Wish there were more items for adults.

    I’ll definitely be taking a look at their catalogue for my kiddos!

  22. Noémi Lavoie-Lefaivre

    Wow. I want everything!

  23. Cat

    One of my favourite places to get my little one clothing. Not my favourite personally, but I love that he actually gets great joy out of wearing the DUNS shirts. It’s important to really feel awesome in what you wear :3

  24. Elaine Buonsante

    I love the rainbow stars on the little guys tshirt.

  25. Debra Holloway

    It nice to see a line of clothes that compliment children and their age.

  26. kathy downey

    Hi,i totally love the Dino Hoodie my grandson would be adorable in it !

  27. M Hobson

    This is great because if we ever are able to have another child after this one, and it’s a girl, it would be nice to worry about the mounds of “boy” clothing we have!

  28. Linda

    I love that this line is ethically manufactured, which is what I look for in all the clothes I buy.

  29. Roch Farmer

    We are fans of gender neutral clothing and frequently shop in the boys section for my daughter as that is where the pattern she likes are.

  30. Dana Rodriguez

    Their clothing is so cute! I want to get our grandson some things from there.

  31. Holly MacRitchie

    My daughter would love these clothes!!!

  32. Carole D

    I love the clothes, they are so cute and unique!

  33. lori galbraith

    Modern Rascals seems to have some really cute cloths. My niece would look great in them. I also love that they are offering a 10% discount code with your blog post..

  34. HEIDI CA.

    I love the cute Bugs Short Sleeve Dress. My niece would look adorable in it.

  35. HEIDI C.

    I love the adorable prints that their clothes offer.

  36. Barbara

    So many adorable clothes. I like being introduced to new shops. I like the bright colors, makes it easier to spot your child on the playground! I like organic also.

  37. I would buy the classic rain suit for my granddaughter in turquoise.

  38. Lynda Cook

    They have some very nice outfits, my grandchildren would look adorable in them!!

  39. Rosanne Robinson

    The little ones look super cute in their new outfits. and love that the material is organic. I’d love to see my grandson in these Modern Rascals clothes.

  40. Mi Webber

    Such stylish clothing. I love them!

  41. Sarah alexis

    I love these clothes! So adorable, especially love the stripes crew sweater, it is nostalgic!

  42. Theresa

    The print and colors are so fun! Children’s clothing should be fun, not serious!

  43. denise low

    Modern Rascals has really nice kids clothes. And they seem reasonably priced. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Jocelyn Paprocki

    What a great brand! There’s so much to choose from! I’m looking for a poncho for my toddler and will look into purchasing it even if I don’t win the $100 (but of course, I’m hoping that I DO win!)

  45. Jenna D

    That rainbow star shirt on cub is so adorable! I really, really love the prints available at Modern Rascals. It doesn’t feel purposefully “unisex”, just fun and whimsical!

  46. Lesley F

    The Panda shirt is super cute

  47. Kendra hum

    I love clothes that are easy to mix and match!

  48. Bashayer

    I always said that I’d never dress my daughter in pink, but that was before I realized that half the gift clothing we’d receive would be pink! I still personally prefer gender neutral clothes though, so this brand is right up my alley! Thanks for the review!

  49. Melissa A.

    I am just now looking for fall clothing for my son. They have so many great outfit choices! Thanks for the chance!

  50. Angela N

    Cute stuff!

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