Souris Verte’s Haircare Line: No More Tears, No More Tangles

My daughter has my dream hair. The colour is exquisite: a light brown with hints of auburn that could never be achieved from a box. She has gentle curls in stark contrast to the stick-straight hair on her brother’s head and the random wavy kinks that I so often iron out of my own locks. But with perfect hair comes the need for the perfect maintenance routine!

I can count the times I’ve run a brush through my son’s hair on one hand; even during his Beatles phase, he never had any knots or tangles in his straight-like-straw strands. As for me, I’ve forgotten my hair brush at home on extended trips and not even missed it—there’s nothing my fingers can’t handle. Miss Cub, on the other hand, seems to wind up with a massive rat’s nest every morning and every evening. And while my son can skip the shampoo no problem, Miss Cub’s hair needs a good wash at least twice a week to deal with all the food that seems to wind up in there.

Quebec’s own Souris Verte has an Organic Shampoo with a no-tears, gentle formula that is now my favourite for my little girl’s curls. It has a gentle lavender and rosemary scent and contains no harsh synthetic fragrances or chemicals. It works well as a body wash, too. When I dump water over Miss Cub’s head to rinse away the shampoo, her eyes do not get irritated—it’s truly a no-tears shampoo! Souris Verte’s shampoo has moisturizing properties that leave hair soft and help prevent cradle cap, and the lavender naturally repels lice.

Even if we get through shampoo-time without tears, hair-brushing time more than makes up for it as I work through the knots in Miss Cub’s aforementioned rat’s nest. Thanks to Souris Verte’s Detangling Spray, hair combing has gone from a torture session to a minor annoyance. I used to use a diluted apple cider vinegar spritz on Miss Cub’s tangles, but it has to be rinsed out, and she winds up smelling a bit like salad dressing. Souris Verte’s detangling spray doesn’t need to be washed out and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Initially, I was using more spray than needed, and her curls felt heavy with residue once the detangling spray dried. Now that I’ve figured out that less is more, I’m able to work my way through the knots with fewer protests, and her hair is smooth and gently curly when I’m done.

Souris Verte’s organic arnica Magic Stick is a new staple in our first-aid kit. My son is a klutz like his mama and bruises easily. Any and all minor skin afflictions must first be treated with a kiss, then a dab from our Magic Stick! Arnica treats bruises, sprains, swelling, inflammation caused by insect bites and muscle and joint pain. In other words, we needed Souris Verte’s Magic Stick pretty much every day of summer vacation.

Souris Verte’s line of body care and first-aid products is entirely made in Quebec and is available from their online store as well as some Quebec-based retailers.

Souris Verte recently brought the handmade stuffies brand Les TrOnches under their wing, and Little Miss Cub loves the Ninja Cat that came with her Souris Verte goodies.  At Souris Verte you can choose a gift that’s both practical and fun for the little mouse in your life!


46 responses to “Souris Verte’s Haircare Line: No More Tears, No More Tangles”

  1. Lynda Cook

    I would love to try the Detangling, No-Rinse Spray the most, no more dramatic episodes when brushing the hair!!

  2. kathy downey

    The product i’m most interested in trying is the Detangling, No-Rinse Spray kids get so many tangles!

  3. Katie Lawrence

    I’m most interested in the detangling spray. My kids have wild hair!

  4. Alyssandra Church

    Definitely the detangling spray

  5. Beth

    My 7 month old baby girl already has so much curly hair and she’s starting to wake up with tangles. The detangling spray sounds like it will be a must have as her hair continues to grow.

  6. Cathy Oppedisano

    I’m most interested in trying the Detangling Spray for sure.

  7. Holly MacRitchie

    I would love to try the Boo Boo Cream for my daughter for her bug bites!

  8. gloria patterson

    Thats the problem with looking on line you want so much. I loved this and that and this again..

    But I picked Ninja Kitty – Black for Zadaya

  9. Carole D

    Other then the Detangler I would love the Boo Boo Cream.

  10. Rosanne Robinson

    I would like to try the Bubble for Bath for my grandson.

  11. Angelica Dimeo

    The organic cream for big hurts

  12. Pat F

    I would liked to try the detangler. Nothing worse than fighting with a head of hair that is full of tangles!

  13. tammy ta

    There is so much I would love to try-White Pine Syrup, Organic Cream for Big Hurts, Soothing powder-just to name a few.

  14. Barbara

    I would like to try the Boo-Boo cream. When it comes to the giveaway I am most interested in the detangler.

  15. Jessica eapen

    I’d love to try the Boo Boo Cream on my kids =).

  16. Jenna D

    We would love to try the Detangler. I can’t brush this kid’s hair without it, ha ha!

  17. Francine Long

    I would like to try the Organic Cream for Big Hurts (Boo-Boo Cream)

  18. Janet M

    I would like to try Organic Cream for Big Hurts (Boo-Boo Cream) .

  19. jan

    the Natural Laundry Detergent, FRAGRANCE FREE

  20. Sharon

    I would like to try the eucalyptus mist

  21. Molly

    Great products! I’d love to try the calendula stick

  22. angela eagle

    Kaolin white clay soap as I find most soaps irritating

  23. Jaclyn Bartlett

    The detangling spray looks great!

  24. Joni

    I would love to try the Wintertime Tonic. seems incredible

  25. Linda

    I would like to try the lip balm. I have very chapped lips.

  26. Wendy hutton

    I would love to try Analgesic Balm

  27. Mylène Bélanger

    Définitivement le Bâton magique pour moi et les enfants…. mais le démêlant serait aussi utile

  28. Debbie White Beattie

    I would like to try the Organic Cream for Big Hurts (Boo-Boo Cream) because I think it would be very useful

  29. Sandra McG

    I would like to try the repair lip balm

  30. NickyJ

    Definitely NEED to try their detangling spray. Would also like to try the shampoo and their Calendula Soap

  31. Heidi c.

    The Detangling Sptay would be very helpful in managing my girls’ hair.

  32. Terri S.

    I’d love to try the Soothing Powder.

  33. Melissa Bissett

    The detangling spray. Great review!!

  34. ColleenMarie

    I would like the Eucalyptus Mist

  35. Amy B

    I’d like to try the white clay soap

  36. Emily R

    Would love to try the detangling spray as my daughter has super long hair!

  37. I’d like the temporary tattoo! 🙂

  38. Robyn Bellefleur

    I am most interested in trying the De-tangling Spray.

  39. Ira

    Their Calendula Soap sounds wonderful!

  40. Kathy Davis

    My 5 year old granddaughter has long curly blond hair. I would love to try the Detangling, No-Rinse Spray.

  41. Laurie P

    HE Fabric Softener is one I’d love to try!

  42. Lesley F

    My granddaughter loves her bubble baths. She would love the Bubbles for Bath

  43. Melissa F

    I’ve been wanting to try all their products but the magic stick would be perfect for my rough and tumble kids!

  44. sarah alexis

    I would also love to try the Shea Body Butter

  45. Saresyn

    Would love to try the detangling spray.

  46. Anettte

    I’d like to try the Analgesic Balm.

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