Just 4 You Baby Designs’ Anytime AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Jocelyn is a cloth diaper craftswoman. To carefully inspect one of her diapers is to realize how intricate and thoughtful her designs are. This is a mama who has used many brands and has spent hours upon hours experimenting behind her sewing machine to create a better diaper: something unique that you can’t find anywhere else. Her Hybrid Nightly Essentials is perhaps the perfect overnight diaper. Her Anytime AIO Diaper may just be the perfect all-in-one diaper.

Let me start by saying that this diaper takes Jocelyn about two hours to complete. If she is doing more than one at a time, she can manage one hour per diaper. It’s important for you to understand the time it takes to create this diaper before you balk at the $40.99 price tag. Let’s get one thing straight: once you factor in the cost of materials, this mama is not even paying herself minimum wage at this price point.

Anatomy of a Just 4 You Baby Designs Anytime AIO:

The weight range for this diaper is approximately 8–35 lbs. There are four rise levels and crossover snaps at the waist. There is a centre rise snap, which I love. Diapers without a centre rise snap often bulge out in a rather unflattering way …

Basically, Jocelyn has put all my favourite AIO diaper features in one adorably trim package. I love flap-style inserts because this speeds up dry time. I love a pocket in my AIOs to neatly tuck away the inserts. I love an AIO with extra, hidden absorbency. I love when a booster is included, so you don’t need to add anything else for heavy wetters. I love the AWJ lining. To be specific, this is not the mesh-like AWJ you might be familiar with. This is called “athletic wicking pique,” and it’s a much tighter weave, and according to Jocelyn, much sturdier. It’s my favourite kind of stay-dry layer.

Notice the cute squiggly topstitching on the inserts and the diaper inner? This helps channel wetness to the centre of the diaper.

There’s no doubt that the Anytime AIO is heavy on the features and light on the bulk. Even with the booster, look how trim it is:

But does it perform? I have two tests that I use to assess the absorbency of a diaper. First, there’s the “first morning pee containment” test. Miss Cub pees through many of the diapers in our stash if it’s her first diaper of the day. Often, this means a wet lap for me, since she likes to sit with me at breakfast time. This morning, with the inserts placed on top of the pocket, I had a dry lap despite a saturated diaper. The second test is the “preschool drop-off test.” Basically, I change Miss Cub right before we leave to drop Cub off for preschool. Then, she falls asleep in the car. Sometimes she doesn’t get a bum change until we get back from picking up her brother—4 hours later! Our Anytime AIO passes this test without leaks, too.

If I were to offer up one small critique of this diaper, it’s that I find it a bit finicky to stuff the two inserts inside the pocket. This is by no means a deal-breaker, and part of the reason for this is that the sewn-in absorbency makes it a bit of a tight squeeze inside the pocket. I wouldn’t want to part with the hidden absorbency, so I’m not complaining!

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