Funky Fluff One-Size Swim Diaper Review

I didn’t use a lot of swim diapers for my son. We didn’t spend a lot of time in the water, and consequently, he wasn’t much of a water baby. Whether it’s a case of nature versus nurture I’m not sure, but his little sister is the opposite. While I had to force Cub into the pool on the best of days, I have to work doubly hard to keep Little Miss Cub out of the water.

Last summer I published a comparison of some of the most popular reusable swim diapers on the market, and this year there’s a new addition to the market that I’m especially excited about: the Funky Fluff one-size swim diaper.

Cut the same as their one-size diaper but with the addition of outer gussets, the Funky Fluff swim diaper is lined with athletic wicking jersey and fits approximately 7–35 lbs. The diaper will likely fit past 35 lbs. since it is used without inserts, and I use it on a smaller rise and waist setting on my 25-lb daughter than I do the regular diaper.

The Funky Fluff swim diaper was released this summer in three perfectly tropical prints, named by Funky Fluff fans. The pink flamingos diaper was christened “Tango,” the palm trees-print is “La Vida Loca,” and “Maritime” was already named when the print was released as a regular diaper in 2015.

Little Miss Cub has rocked Tango in a variety of swimming scenarios. She loves to splish splash in our blow-up pool on our deck, and I love to pair her Bummis “Tampa” print tankini with her diaper for the cutest little swimsuit ever.

In Jasper, she was wading and building sandcastles at Pyramid Lake Beach. I was very concerned that the diaper would be full of sand. I remember as a child coming home to a swimsuit full of sand between the layers that was impossible to get out. I am happy to announce that nary a stray grain of sand was found inside our Funky Fluff swim diaper.

Little Miss also used her Funky Fluff swim diaper at her very first swimming lesson. Because our community pool requires a plastic-pant on top of a disposable swim diaper, and I am not throwing my money away for disposable swimmers but I don’t like to blatantly disregard rules, I brought Little Miss to lessons with a size 1 AppleCheeks swim diaper underneath her Funky Fluff.

While visiting a friend’s backyard blow-up pool, I confirmed that adding an extra diaper under the Funky Fluff is wholly unnecessary in terms of poop containment. I was surprised to find a little present in her diaper and no trace of turds in the water!

The Funky Fluff swim diaper is an awesome one-size swim diaper that should last your little mer-baby till potty-training. The rise adjustment and hip snaps make for a snug and effective (read: poop-containing) fit on babies of a variety of sizes, and the adorable prints are enough to convince even the cloth-fearing parent to dip their toes into the very accessible world of reusable swim diapers!

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45 responses to “Funky Fluff One-Size Swim Diaper Review”

  1. Olivia

    Love that these seem to fit as wide a variety of sizes as the Funky Fluff diapers! And could she be any cuter in that diaper and top!!

  2. Annie

    Thanks for the reviews. I always wonder how a swim diaper would behave on a beach. Does the sand affect the pull?

  3. Emily

    Such a huge FF fan already and can’t wait to try the swim diapers. You just pushed me to give them a go!

  4. Amy M

    I Love funky fluff

  5. stephanie

    I love Funky Fluff and have been wanting to try one of these but wasn’t sure how they’d hold up. I have an Omaiki based on one of your previous reviews so I trust that these are pretty great as well!

  6. Ulina Grondin

    Can’t wait to put one of these to the test! We have used one swim diaper and it was sized “22-28” pounds and barely fit our little up to 20. Excited to see how a funky fluff swim will fit given the excellent fit of our current funky fluff. We’ve yet to have any containment issues either so that will be awesome to not have to worry about! As a bonus they are also super adorable!

  7. Elishia

    I love Funky Fluff and am super excited that they have a swim diaper out now!

  8. KD

    No sand in the swim diaper? That’s impressive! Sand under the bathing suit is a pet peeve.

  9. Hmmmm… I wish Funky Fluff was stocked in the baby stores here. Our swim diapers are alright, but there is sand EVERYWHERE.

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What a beautiful design this swim diaper is. In my day we didn’t even have cloth diapers as cute as this, let alone have swim diapers. My granddaughter would look super cute in this one too 🙂

  11. M Hobson

    Funky Fluff is on my list to try – mostly because of your recommendations! Also that it’s a local brand to support!

  12. Marie Lowther

    These swim diapers sound great, I love that they have double gussets! Thanks so much for the review

  13. Barbara

    I like the Funky Fluff review as do I all reviews. They are always helpful especially when it comes to diapers. I have two swim diapers that are both different brands but no accidents in them yet. I would love to try Funky Fluffs.

  14. Danielle B.

    I like that this adjusts for size. It’s so nice not to have to worry about what size is the right one to order.

  15. KW

    The Funky Fluff Swim diapers look great. Love the thorough review!

  16. Leigh K.

    I read great things about Funky Fluff diapers and this looks like a great swim diaper. Those prints are especially cute too!

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  18. I would love to try one of these super cute swim diapers. I have been a longtime fan of all things funky fluff and maritime is such a great print!

  19. Kelly K

    That’s such a cute diaper. My twins are both around the 25lb mark too and they LOVE the water. There were multiple temper tantrums yesterday as we wouldn’t let them swim at the in-laws because of a thunderstorm. My 1st child also hated the water lol.

  20. Ann

    I love Tango! My hubby has a thing for flamingos so it’s perfect. I am curious how the fit is on the smallest setting. My oldest was on the big side of things but my youngest two are on the smaller side

  21. Katie

    The patterns are so cute!

  22. Melissa Bissett

    Great review. I have some cloth diapers but not Funky Fluff swim diapers. I love the colours and the prints and the fit is great!!

  23. Kami

    I can’t wait to take my little one swimming! These diapers are so cute.

  24. Tera Penton

    Love your reviews. I have yet to try any funky fluff diapers but I do want to . And this swim looks really awesome especially since it’s one size. I currently use AppleCheeks swims which are only currently available in sized diapers

  25. Kaley Harkins

    Such cute patterns! I love colourful diapers. And the fact that they are one size is even better! That means that they will last all summer (and then some!).

  26. Elaine Buonsante

    I’m in love with the idea of a one size cloth diaper….it makes the cost worthwhile. The patterns on the swim diapers are so unique and cute. I love the Tango especially.

  27. Kristine

    The flamingo print has to be the cutest swim diaper I have seen. I am glad to read the it also works well for its most important job. Also like the side snaps.

  28. Linda

    It’s good news to me to hear that the diaper would likely fit beyond 35 lbs since I have a heavy son.

  29. Heather Bradshaw

    So cute! I can’t wait to try my Funky fluff coming in the mail! I’d love a swimming diaper for my little mermaid!

  30. Steph I

    I’m so happy that Funky Fluff finally has swim diapers too!

  31. Danielle Petryshyn

    I like the regular FF diapers, so I would love to try the FF swim diaper too! I’m sure I would like it.

  32. Andrea

    I love their swim diapers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Alice

    I like how the sand stays out of the diaper. It was horrible trying to get the sand out of everything this past week with my 14 month old. He even got a rash. Would like to try these and save his bottom.

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  35. Kara

    I love Funky fluff. Love to win a swim diaper to try out

  36. Ashley F

    I would really love to try a ff swim diaper. The swim diapers I have for dd are both on the small side and I don’t see her fitting them next summer. It looks like the ff swim diaper is a bit roomier.

  37. Pat F

    Just starting to build a stash and give cloth a try this would be a great addition to my start Thank you Great view as well!

  38. Tanya N

    My babe starts swimming classes next month and I’d love to try one of these! I hope FF will release it in my favourite print, Kumbaya.

  39. Franka

    I love the design, too bad summer is almost over, luckily enough my baby girl will still be in diapers next summer.

  40. Beth

    Ma petite poisson definitely needs a reusable swim diaper and as we’re making the switch to cloth diapers at 6 months of age and building up our stash, winning one would be great! Your blog has been instrumental in helping us with the transition. Merci mille fois.

  41. Jocelyn Paprocki

    My daughter loves the water and I would like to try the Funky Fluff swim diaper after reading this review.

  42. Marsha C

    Funky Fluff is awesome! I love the beach swim diaper.

  43. Amber Delorme-Stubbs said

    I Love reading a great review, your review is very thorough and you really have answered all of my questions which l normally would have when I go lut to buy a new swim/cloth diaper..So KUDOS for sharing-writing such a very informative review article.

  44. Sara A.

    I have been looking for a swimmer diaper that looks comfortable, has a nice fit, and is cute. These are perfect, exactly what I was looking for! My daughter loves flamingos so that is even extra awesome! My favorite thing though has to be the fit l, I feel like it actually looks comfortable on your daughter.

  45. Viv Sluys

    These prints are awesome! My swim diaper has gone through 5 babies and is in rough shape now!

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