Stick2Me Labels: The Only Labels You’ll Ever Need!

Cub is starting kindergarten in September, and based on our experiences in his various preschool classes, he’s as prone to losing stuff as … his mother. I still remember how annoyed my mom was with me when I left our brand-new bottle of fancy shampoo in the changing room after swimming lessons. Guess who left her absolute favourite solid shampoo in a cute little container in a shower stall after Mommy & Me swimming lessons? Also me. I am very familiar with lost and found boxes.

Stick2Me identification labels are designed and printed in Quebec by mother-of-two Annie Nadeau. Inspired by her inner artist and her children’s need to label everything for school and daycare, Stick2Me labels are durable, waterproof and fun! Annie does all the illustrations herself, inspired by her children’s playful universe.

Cub received a set of 216 labels (the “Full” size) from the Forest Collection to get him all set for kindergarten. The sizes are perfect for all of his gear: from the small rectangles for his clothing labels, the fun label for his water bottle to the medium rectangles for various school supplies. (Just a note that I have obscured Cub’s last name in my photos as it is different than mine, and I am paranoid.)

Although school hasn’t started yet, I wanted to make sure I did some rigorous testing of our new labels before writing this review. We recently completed two weeks of swimming lessons, four classes per week. I placed Stick2Me labels in Cub’s swim shirt and trunks to put them to the ultimate test. The labels were exposed to chlorine pool water at least ten times, washed ten times with detergent and dried in the dryer. They still look brand new—no sign of wear or peeling corners.

To further test their washability, I put a label on one of Little Miss Cub’s daycare diapers. They fit great on the label of our bumGenius diapers, and if your child goes to childcare with other cloth-diapered kids, this is a great, non-damaging but durable way to identify your fluff! After multiple heavy, hot-water wash cycles, our Stick2Me labels are still Stuck2Fluff. I also put one on our wet bag, which Cub will be using to store his change of clothes in his kindergarten class. If you need to remove a label, they actually come off fairly easily and without leaving a sticky residue.

We also have a label on Cub’s water bottle, which gets washed every day. I’ve put labels on his lunch bag and all of his reusable food containers, and when we receive his school supplies they’ll save me the effort of writing out his name over and over again with permanent marker.

For his shoes, we are using the round labels. His sandals have been to the beach, and not even sand can defeat our Stick2Me labels!

We recently received the school supply list for kindergarten, and it is quite something. Cub needs a yoga mat for resting time … I dug out my long forgotten yoga mat in the basement and cut it to kids’ size.

Another interesting requirement? Fifty wooden clothes pegs … all labelled. I remember my mom painstakingly using a paring knife to shave off a sliver of the outer coating on my pencil crayons to expose the wood and then neatly printing my name with a fine-point Sharpie. If I just trim a sliver off our Stick2Me labels, I can make the job of labelling 50 clothes pegs slightly easier. I will let you know what the clothes pegs are for when I find out! (Perhaps for hanging up their artwork?!)

So besides being absolutely adorable and the perfect size for all of Cub’s belongings, Stick2Me labels have so far stood the test of multiple washings and even exposure to chlorine. They are also affordable and ship for free in Canada and the US!

Cross one thing off your back-to-school to-do list and order your Stick2Me labels today!

Purchases made via my referral link help support my children’s preschool.

58 responses to “Stick2Me Labels: The Only Labels You’ll Ever Need!”

  1. Tamy

    Seems durable. Have you ever try Mabel’s labels? I wonder how different they are.

    1. Mary W

      I have tried both and stick 2 me is just as good as Mabel’s

      1. Tamy

        Thanks for letting me know 🙂
        I like stick2me’s illustration more tho

  2. Megan Marcroft

    My son will be starting first grade at a nature based charter school, and I was just considering labels for all the gear he will be needing! Thanks for the review!


    I think I will be ordering if i dont win. LITTle dude is startinn school and im sure I’ll be needing to label its it all!

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’m Esther from Stick 2 Me! Thank you for your nice comment. If you feel like ordering now, go for it and don’t worry, if you win, Annie will be more than happy to refund you ( to the amount you’ve won of course). Have a great day! Esther 🙂

  4. I’m just thinking about needing labels for daycare. These would be perfect. As a teacher I’m curious about those clothespins too! I’ve used them to pick students and keep track of things on charts, but never used more than 5 or so per kid.

  5. Ainsley

    Thank you for this review and supporting a Canadian. I’m in the same boat as you sand Neff to label everything as my daughter starts kindergarten this year.

    I love the wet bag idea for change of clothes, or clad list asks for large Ziploc bags. Perhaps I can convince the teacher otherwise.

  6. Elizabeth C.

    I wish I found this company before! I just bought my son a bunch of labels for daycare. I’d love to try these for myself though when I head back to teaching in two weeks. I love that this company is based here in Quebec!

    1. Thank you for the nice comment 🙂 I’m Esther from Stick 2 Me. I’ve seen a lot of teachers ordering this year. Feels good. Thank you for supporting a Quebec based company. 🙂

  7. Lynda Cook

    These are great labels and are perfect for back to school!!

  8. Cath D

    They are great so far. I order 2 kits for my boys (I need a third kit for my little one, but my pocket says no). And they look like they will not come off at the end of the school year like the other ones from another company I buy last summer. I’m eager to test them more. Also, you can order a kit for kids with allergy. So fantastic! My second one, who start kindergartner is allergic to milk, so I used these labels on is lunchbox, Yumbox and other conteners.

  9. Leanne

    Sounds like a great product. I will definitely have to keep it in mind when my kiddo starts school.

  10. Alexis Cuffy

    These look amazing! I love that they are so durable and washable! My daughter is starting preschool this year and this would be perfect to label everything!

  11. Melissa Bissett

    Great review. I like the brand name very catchy!!! They seem to be durable so I need some for my 3 year old son. Also the designs are beautiful 😀 Its from Québec this is pretty cool!!

  12. jan

    These are particularly nice – the background and the colours. We have to label everything that goes to the school, so we are always needing these.

  13. Nancy

    It is very important that children’s belongings have name labels so they are not lost.

  14. Nancy

    They have some cute designs. I like the Forest Collection designs.

  15. M Hobson

    Thanks – I like Mabel’s labels but it’s good to know ow there’s another brand that seems just as good.

  16. Candace Galan

    I would love to try these out, they look like they come in so handy! Great review!

  17. Kendra Hum

    So many lovely choices!

  18. Linda Madden

    If I won I would choose the Dino Collection. Thanks!

  19. Elaine Buonsante

    These are very cute! I would choose the Girls’ Sports Collection.

  20. Janet M

    I like that they can come off easily without leaving a residue. It is so easy to lose items in a crowded classroom with everyone having similar items.

  21. Elaine Buonsante

    From the sounds of your review, you really put these stickers to the test, from bathing suits for swimming lessons, cloth diapers and school supplies. I’m not sure about how easy they would be to remove if desired, though. I thought that the photographs that you included were excellent, both showing the stickers’ uses as well as being beautiful shots.

  22. My daughter is starting 4th grade in a couple weeks, these would be great. They look like they would be durable.

  23. Kim C

    These look amazing! I’m going to have to keep these in mind for my girls! They look like they would be perfect.

  24. Barbara

    Guess I have been out of the loop for too long. I had know idea there were lables that stuck on and lasted through the wash and for so long. No more sewing or marker. Hooray!

  25. Shannon Majewski

    What a great idea!!! Love that they’re washable, durable and fun! 😄 Will definitely need these for my little guy!

  26. Camille W

    These designs are so cute! My daughter is currently obsessed with construction equipment so the On the Road collection would be perfect.

  27. HEIDI C.

    I like that these are “waterproof, durable and fun”. I have issues with some other label products staying on so these being durable particularly appeals to me.

  28. Jaclyn Bartlett

    My daughter starts kindergarten this year and we are going to need labels! These look great!

  29. KD

    I never thought of labelling clothespins. I look forward to seeing the project you have planned!

  30. Ira

    I’d choose the Forest Collection.

  31. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    These are so cute – great for labeling books

  32. Amanda Neilson

    Labels make life so much easier for back to school and these are super cute!!

  33. Sonya Vander Maaten

    I really appreciate that Stick2Me labels doesn’t charge a ridiculous amount for allergy labels. Way more reasonably priced and cute.

  34. Amy godwin

    I’d love to try these labels for my daughter who is starting school this fall.

  35. Linda

    This is great! My son is forever losing things around.

  36. Monica ester

    Wow these are super cute! Even if I don’t win I’m probably going to get some! Thanks for highlighting another great wahm!!

  37. These sound amazing! I would love to have some 🙂

  38. Rosanne Robinson

    Thanks very much for this informative review. I like that the stickers can be removed and don’t leave sticky residue behind. My grandson is constantly losing his sweaters, hats, gloves, water bottles, etc., so these labels sound perfect for his belongings.

  39. Leigh K.

    Having taught in an elementary school for 29 years, I witnessed first hand the mounds of clothes, lunch boxes, hats, gloves, etc. that end up in the school lost and found. Most of it went unclaimed every year and ended up being donated to charity. I wish everyone would label their kid’s items!

  40. Laurie P

    I really do like the designs, and selection, and they have UNICORNS!!!!!!!

  41. Samantha C

    Thanks for the review, and outing these labels to the test! I love supporting moms, so I’m glad to hear of a local-ish company!

  42. Andrea L

    These look so useful and cute. My daughter just started daycare and we started to label some of her things, I can only imagine that there’ll be more and more as the years pass by! Thanks for the chance!

  43. Erica P.

    I’m torn between the animals and the bugs!

  44. Tera Penton

    I am always looking for good labels for my children’s things for school. And would love to try these.

  45. Jenny Major

    These labels look great

  46. cheryl hodgkins

    Ive tried Mabel’s labels but not these. The uses are endless and I like the fact that they have adhered even after multiple washings and exposure to chlorine. Love to try them.

  47. Sunshine H

    It seems like you really put these labels to the test. Great to see they stood up to the challenge. I’m always amazed at how many thing we need to label each year, though, this year, I may be going back to school too, so it would be nice to have some labels of my own (b/c my DD’s ability to misplace things comes from me setting such a good example).

  48. Alana B

    I ordered a set of labels a few days ago from Stick 2 me, and I can’t wait to receive them. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the company. I am happy to support a Canadian business. I’d love to win a second set (I let my 7 year old pick her style, but I really wanted her to choose the forest ones….If I win them I’ll have them made for my younger 2 kids)!

  49. Marie Lowther

    I used to work at a daycare and I wish parent’s would have done this to their children’s items! I am planning on labeling my son’s things so they know it’s theirs and other people do as well! Thanks for the review!

  50. April E

    How am I just finding out about these, my daughter is in 5th grade and we have lost our fair share of items. Cant wait to go label crazy 🙂

  51. Melinda Campbell

    Oh my goodness! Why have I not heard of these?! So much easier than labeling EVERYTHING for school! I have kiddos in school from Jr. High on down to 3rd grade. I need these! I bet they would work well for my husband’s lunch items too! I’m baffled by how they are so durable, yet easy to remove.

  52. Jennifer Smith

    I’ll have to give these a try! Labelling all my daughter’s stuff hasn’t been fun – I’ve got terrible handwriting!

  53. Staci Morton

    The Stick2Me labels sound amazing! I can’t believe they went through so many washes and swimming without wearing off. My teenager sure could of used these when he was in grade school as he was constantly losing items (or they were being stolen). I’m sure I could find plenty of uses for them with my 2 toddler girls!

  54. […] 7. Stick2Me Labels: The Only Labels You’ll Ever Need! […]

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