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As soon as the snow melts, we are ready to get rolling around our neighbourhood.

I bought Cub a big-boy bicycle with training wheels over a year ago, and he has ridden it a grand total of … twice. He has a big, plastic tricycle that keeps him low to the ground, but now his little sister wants to cruise too. Since I can’t exactly put the toddler on the two-wheeler (though she would be game to try), I wanted to find them another set of wheels they could both use. The PlasmaCar by PlaSmart Toys fits the bill!

This wheeled toy for indoor and outdoor play keeps the rider low to the ground, which is great for both the clumsy and the fearful! Cub is much more comfortable riding the PlasmaCar than a bicycle, but I’m hoping that cruising on the PlasmaCar will at least help with his coordination and steering so that one day my dream of mother-son bike rides shall be fulfilled!

We have a pretty basic daily route in our neighbourhood that has us rolling from our house down to the corner store and back. With one of the kids on the aforementioned big wheel and the other on the PlasmaCar, we mosey on down the slight incline of our sidewalk with requisite stops at the ladybug bush (a bush that always has many little ladybugs to spy) and the picnic bench down the street.

Sometimes even I take the PlasmaCar for a spin. It can accommodate a rider up to 220 lbs (99.8 kg) on smooth surfaces, and it’s pretty fun! Miss Cub isn’t quite two yet, and the recommend age minimum for the PlasmaCar is three years. She doesn’t glide freely on it with her feet up like her big brother (turning the steering wheel left and right propels the PlasmaCar forward), but she likes to push it along with her feet.

It’s super easy for her to get on and off by herself, and she has yet to take a spill. Since it doesn’t have pedals, it was easy for her to learn how to manoeuvre it on our walkway. The PlasmaCar works best on smooth surfaces, so it’s a bit of a bumpy ride on the exposed aggregate, but it also keeps her from getting up too much speed!

Because it’s not heavy and isn’t awkward to carry, I don’t get frustrated when someone decides they would rather walk than ride. I can even carry Miss Cub in one arm and the PlasmaCar in the other. (On the other hand, it is super awkward to carry a trike and a toddler home.)

When we first unpacked and assembled the PlasmaCar, we were riding it around our house like speed demons. If we had more space, I would’ve happily kept it as an indoor toy. I’ve seen PlasmaCars in gymnasiums and community centres; they’re great for indoor play when you have the space.

The PlasmaCar is easy to assemble … but you might notice that our steering wheel is missing the signature yellow cap in the centre. A word of advice: do not assemble things with small pieces when there are three kittens in the vicinity. We still haven’t found the cap!

The PlasmaCar is fun for our toddler and our preschooler, and both my husband and I have had a few joyrides ourselves. It’s a simple toy that can inspire hours of fun for kids of all ages!

2 responses to “PlasmaCar Review”

  1. Thank you for the in depth review. Too bad no pics of you riding it. That would have been fun to see -lol- 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win as well. If I were the lucky one, it would be going to my sons mini me.

  2. gloria patterson

    First I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your post, your pictures, your writing style just makes me smile. This little plasma car sounds like it can be the perfect little car

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