Wee Urban Dresses Rock our Wee World

I like to give my brain a really good intellectual workout now and then. While I normally occupy myself with questions like, “When was my last shower?” it’s always good to throw myself a bit of a curveball and wonder … what does it mean to be Canadian? For the record, this is the kind of open-ended question I start pondering when I finally do get into the shower.

When I look at my extended family, I can’t help but think that we are a quintessentially Canadian clan. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents were immigrants, from England and China respectively. My parents and their siblings married people from diverse backgrounds, further increasing the cultural mix at big family gatherings. Now with my own nuclear family, we have our country’s two official languages represented along with the ethnic diversity the True North has come to be known for. My children are Chinese, British, Irish and French … but ultimately, they are just Canadian.

Raising my kids away from my little United Nations-esque extended family has been hard for me. It has meant forging new bonds and creating friendships to fill the gaps made by leaving home. One of the things I like best about Calgary, where we have lived for two years now, is that almost everyone we meet is, as they say in the Maritimes, “from away”. Calgary is a relatively new city compared to Montreal, a relatively affordable city compared to Vancouver (my two previous hometowns), and the oil and gas sector in particular brings families from all over the country and the world in search of jobs. When you don’t have a local network of family and friends that has been in place since childhood, you are so much more open to welcoming new people into your life. While no one is “from here,” everyone feels welcome here.

 One of my children’s favourite little people here is our neighbour, whom Miss Cub calls A-Boo. Born just a couple of months apart, A-Boo and Miss Cub are a pretty delightful pair. And while big brother Cub has zero interest in playing with his toddler sister, he adores his toddler neighbour!

One of the reasons we have come to be so close to A-Boo and her mama is because their extended family is far away too. Even farther, in fact. A-Boo’s parents are Hungarian, so not only does she teach Miss Cub some very universal baby sign language, but also some Hungarian! (For example, “Nem!” is Hungarian for “No!”)

Almost every day, A-Boo and the Cubs play outside our townhouse. Cub has expressed his desire for us to build a door that would lead from their unit to ours so we wouldn’t even have to go outside to see each other. Given the time he started banging on their front door (unbeknownst to me) during a hard-won nap time, I suspect A-Boo’s parents would not approve of this renovation.

Little Miss Cub doesn’t have many buddies her own size, so her friendship with A-Boo is one of complete adoration, coupled with a healthy dose of typical toddler jealously and random hair-pulling. When we were recently asked to model dresses from Wee Urban with a friend, I knew exactly who that friend would be.

Conveniently, A-Boo’s mommy is a gifted photographer, so we took the girls out for a photo shoot that went exactly how you might imagine a photo shoot would go with two almost-two-year-olds.

Our girls like to crouch, climb and crawl wherever they are, so the flexibility of their organic cotton jersey Wee Urban dresses is perfect. The dresses are stretchy, not stiff, and instead of itchy tulle or easy-to-lose sequins, they feature ruffled detailing on the back that’s just enough cute without being over the top. The skirt is ample enough for a twirl, but not so wide as to impede play.

A-Boo and Little Miss Cub are around 32″ (81 cm) tall so their size 2T dresses are still quite long on them. These are all-season dresses, so even if they shoot up like beanpoles over the summer, in the fall we can pair them with sweaters and leggings for a different look. Calgary’s weather is unpredictable at best, so it’s great to have a dress that will work even if it’s snowing in May.

About Wee Urban:

Wee Urban is a Toronto-based children’s brand with manufacturing in Canada and abroad. They use custom certified organic cotton blend fabrics, low-impact dyes and eco-inks. They pride themselves on creating products outside the “pink and blue” box and on helping families make better choices … with urban style!

Wee Urban’s dress collection fits sizes 2-8, and with a retail price of just $24.99, you’ll want one of each of their eye-catching, animal-inspired designs! Shop the collection here.

Photo credit: Evi Novak Photograph

87 responses to “Wee Urban Dresses Rock our Wee World”

  1. Jocelyn Paprocki

    I love Wee Urban – the fabric is so soft even after it’s been through the wash lots of time.

  2. melanie Lapierre

    Très beaux vêtements et à pris très abordable!
    Very nice clothes and very affordable!

  3. Angelica Dimeo

    I would pick the seahorse design as well as the giraffe dress

  4. Miranda L

    Love Wee Urban’so dresses!

  5. Shirleyp

    The sea horse and the snail are nice dresses

  6. Kristy R

    I have been a long-time fan of Wee Urban. From their sleep sacs to onesie/bib sets to rompers and dresses, we’ve tried them all. I just bought 2 Seahorse dresses – one for my oldest and one for her bff! Would love to get an emerald unicorn dress and a snail dress!

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What absolutely gorgeous dresses, love them all. 🙂

  8. Jennifer P.

    I love the price point on these, especially considering they are organic cotton! I would choose the Royal Blue Seahorse and Teal Peacock dresses for my daughter.

  9. Sarah Hayes

    I adore these dresses! they fit so well and are comfy. I love the cute design and how they are great for summer and winter.

  10. Jessica M.

    I love that they are conscious of using low impact dyes and super soft kid friendly fabrics.

  11. Audrey R

    The dresses are so cute, and the girls so adorable! It would be perfect for my almost four years old niece 🙂

  12. Jenny Ragan

    Such lovely dresses. I think I will buy one either way!

  13. Amber L

    These are such cute dresses. I love the longer length. My girls wear dresses all year round, so we would wear leggings and sweaters too.

  14. Tia Rose

    I would have never learned of this shop if it wasn’t for you! Love learning about new awesome shops 😊

  15. Carla

    I first heard of Wee Urban years ago at one of our local artisan shows. Adorable clothes and an adorable post. 🙂

  16. Brandi Stevenson

    I’ve been a fan of Wee Urban for a few years now. I love how comfortable and cute these dresses are, my daughter would love to wear any of them.

  17. Megan L.

    Adorable dresses, and beautiful pictures of the girls in them. I really like that there is length to the dresses, my daughter has long legs, so everything always looks so short on her.

  18. Maya West

    We have one WeeUrban dress that I bought second hand and love it. It’s being worn by my second daughter now. Would love to have more!

  19. Knittinchick

    I love these dresses… sweet and innocent and not princess-y!

  20. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love the look of these dresses! The prints are cute and definitely something my girls would like! I love that they are organic and look so comfortable!

  21. Tanya Nix

    My daughter used to have the giraffe one and the peacock one (a lonnnnng time ago!) and I bet she wore them for 3 years and this is her first summer in a long time not wearing wee urban dresses, she sure missed them! She would be over the moon with any of the prints, so hard to choose, but my guess would be she’d for sure choose unicorn and snail or seahorse.

  22. Carly Archer

    Such cute dresses! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  23. Krista

    You have the best giveaways, I’ve always wanted to own some wee urban. Their clothes are beautiful

  24. Anna Cole

    Wow, I want those in my size. My daughter would love them. She likes dresses that look great and let her play.

  25. Kali Cloutier

    These dresses look so ridiculously comfortable, I kinda wish I could have one. 😂

  26. Tara Kosing

    My little girl would love these adorable dresses.

  27. Jaclyn Bartlett

    We had a Wee Urban sleep sac and I have the FF diaper collab but I had no idea they had dresses! So sweet.

  28. Hannah Bueckert

    These are adorable! Nice to find an affordable Canadian company too.

  29. Lizzy

    Sweet styling. Love the graphics!

  30. Julie

    Love Wee Urban dresses! So comfy!

  31. Angelehm

    These little dresses or so light and fresh in their lovely here comes summer colors! My little miss would pop dressed up in any of these cuties.

  32. Monique L.S.

    I would pick the elephant and the seahorse.

  33. Jennifer Hankel

    I’ve had my eye on wee urban dresses for a while but didn’t know how good they would be for play! Thanks for the review!!

  34. Jessica Nelles

    We love Wee Urban! The designs are unique and love all the animals they print. Love that they have added more items than just clothing too

  35. kristen visser

    These are absolutely adorable! i love the colors and the fun animals they add to them

  36. KD

    These dresses look so comfortable! I love cotton for kids’ clothing. There are cute animal patterns too.

  37. Jane N

    Love the dresses!

  38. aimee place

    I like how cute and light weight these dresses are. perfect for summer time. I really like the length of the dresses, very modest for little girls

  39. Janet M

    I love the Seahorse and the elephant dresses.

  40. Dagmar

    elephant and seahorses!

  41. Lara

    I would love to win this prize – these dresses look like they’re made from great quality fabric and I love the not-necessarily-girly colours and patterns!! I’m seriously considering ordering a couple (if I don’t win, lol)

  42. Barbara

    I love that the dresses are organic. I think theses dresses are good for so many occassions. I also like the length.

  43. Monica ester

    These dresses are super cute. Thank you for showcasing wee urban. I’ve never heard of them until now and I will def be looking at their items

  44. Janet M

    I love the styles and the softness of the material. The animal designs are lovely.


    They have some really nice clothes for little girls. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Linda

    I like that the dresses are cut on the long side because my niece is very thin but tall.

  47. Gheewizzers

    I love the elastic in the back! SO cute! They also look Amazingly comfy! I’m really glad they look long enough to grow a little bit!

  48. Amy M

    These dresses are so cute! My 2 year old daughter would love to wear any of them. Thanks for the fun giveaway

  49. Geordia Baynes

    Love these dresses 💙 Beautiful design

  50. Viv Sluys

    Love the photo shoot! How perfect that your neighbour does photography, eh?
    I would pick the seahorse dress and the elephant dress. They are all so adorable!

  51. Diana P

    Love all the dresses. They’re the cutest.

  52. Nancy

    I like Wee Urban’s simple yet modern designs!

  53. Meg

    I love that these dresses have some shoulder to them. Cute and airy, but less sunscreen to apply!

  54. Hanjia

    Love that these dresses can grow with kids and that there are so many colours beside pink and purple

  55. Miranda Welle

    Their dresses are adorable! I love the simple yet fun designs.

  56. Kim C

    I absolutely love Wee Urban! Their dresses are so soft, and their sleep sacs are amazing! I really regret not buying a Flamingo dress when they had them last year!

  57. Tera Penton

    These dresses are so adorable I would love to try them

  58. Deborah D

    These dresses are so cute!

  59. Theresa Cledomin

    the dresses all look so adorable as well as comfortable.

  60. jan

    these are just lovely

  61. Melissa F

    I have a wee urban outfit for my youngest and I love how soft and comfy the material is! Would love to dress all my kids in their clothes!

  62. Ira

    I’d get Royal Blue Seahorse and Teal Peacock or Elephant.

  63. Lesley F

    These dresses are adorable. My granddaughter would be thrilled to wear them to the zoo; her favorite place!

  64. Jennifer S

    These dresses are just adorable! My daughter loves to wear nice dresses and it’s so hard to find ones that are also suitable to play in. She would absolutely love these!

  65. Cynthia Dingwell

    I love these products! Trendy, comfy, functional, easy to maintain and absolutely adorable!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway and awesome vendors. Thanks!!

  66. Alissa

    Love the length of the dresses from wee urban

  67. Tabitha Dencklau

    Love Wee Urban! We have the giraffe dress and adore it.

  68. Jillary

    Omg love love love these little dresses! I love this material tho on my daughter, so these dresses would be perfect for her! I love the part in your blog where you talk about being Canadian, you can feel the sense of pride in your writing and the journey your family took to be here. I was genuinely touched by your story, awesome blog!

  69. Charity Holland

    Love the look of wee urban! The dresses are super adorable!

  70. I love the look of these! So cute!

  71. Jennifer M

    I love that the clothes look so comfy and functionable for such a reasonable price.

  72. nicolthepickle

    The dresses are so sweet. They’re cute and feminine and most of all practical for little girls.

  73. Emily R.

    My favorites are the elephant & seahorses dresses!

  74. Camille W

    I’ve been wanting to try Wee Urban for a while now but keep forgetting about them. I love the simplicity of their designs!

  75. Laurie P

    Love the look of these dresses, and the Snail design is just way too cute!

  76. Donna

    These dresses look lovely. I can’t wait to get one for my daughter

  77. Terri S.

    These dresses are adorable! I would choose the Teal Peacock and the Royal Blue Seahorse Dresses.

  78. gloria patterson

    what caught my eye with these little dresses were that they wore them out to play. I think both little dresses are so cute, but I would have to cut off a couple of inches just a little long for zadaya

  79. ErinK

    I would love to win this contest – one for my almost 2 year old and her bestie-before-birth! Me and her mama met in pre-natal yoga 🙂

  80. Leela

    My twins would love their dresses!

  81. April h

    What a neat brand! While my daughter is already in the toddler stage, I love their organic sleep sacks! What a great baby shower gift!

  82. Viv Sluys

    I love that these dresses are so adorable while also being so practical! And made in Canada too; we have a winner!! I have 4 daughters and they all love animals and dresses, I love that I could get matching but different (same style, different colour/animal) dresses for each of them from here!

  83. Tracie Cooper

    My nieces love animals and dresses. I am sure they would love several of these dresses.

  84. Samantha

    These dresses are so cute! My daughter loves animals so she would lo!

  85. wendy browne

    These are so cute. I would have to give them to a friend to choose as I have a son.

  86. Lauryn R

    Wee Urban has the cutest clothes! I have two little girls that would both absolutely love all of their dresses, the animals are adorable. 🙂 I just love that their clothing is eco-friendly as well!

  87. Laurie Emerson

    These dresses are just so adorable. My daughter would love them all!

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