Bummis Splash Line Review

I am terrible at keeping secrets, but I am frequently entrusted with them by my translation and social media clients. Luckily, I’m better at keeping business secrets than I ever was at keeping my best friend’s secrets in high school.

When Bummis had me translating and revising their Splash 2017 catalogue last fall, I had a hard time containing my excitement. I already loved their one-size Swimmi swim diaper, released for summer 2016, but now I was seeing their matching UV Tees, tankinis, sun hats and baseball caps for 2017 in all their adorable, UV-protective glory!

It’s surprisingly tricky to find funky baseball caps for toddlers. Bummis’ Splash Cap is a baseball cap available in two sizes. Size small is for 0–2 years and fits perfectly on Little Miss Cub. She’ll fit it past the age of two for sure, as she’s fairly petite.

Size large is designed to fit ages 2–5 years, and it fits nicely on Cub who is almost five and has an enormous head. Because of his enormous head, he can fit into an adult baseball cap fairly well, so I was impressed that the Bummis hat worked for him.

I really love the design of these hats. Little Miss insists on wearing her Mermaid hat so she can be just like her big brother. (She usually has to put on an empty backpack for preschool drop off and pick up to complete the look.) Cub’s Geometric cap is far from babyish and, like the other caps in the line, has a matching Splash swim diaper and UV tee for smaller kids.

While we are on the topic of headgear, there are two other hat options in the Bummis Splash line that I must tell you about. First, there’s the Swim Cap. Now, this product may be completely baffling to many parents outside of Quebec. Who puts a swim cap on a baby?! Well, in most public pools in Quebec, swim caps are required even if you are bald. Yes, even if you are bald. The swim cap I bought for Cub when we started our swimming lessons in Montreal was super boring. Bummis’ swim caps are made of stretchy Lycra (so they don’t snag hair) and, of course, match their swim diapers, UV Tees and tankinis.

Another new product for 2017 is their one-size Sun Cap. With a drawstring adjustment at the crown, the hat should fit most children up to age 3. The brim protects little faces from UV rays, while the back flap protects the neck.

I am able to keep the hat on Little Miss Cub’s head nice and snug thanks to the drawstring adjustment, but I would love to see their next version with a chinstrap!

I never liked to cover up an adorable swim diaper with a bathing suit, and now I don’t have to thanks to Bummis’ new matching UV Tees and tankinis.

We have the tankini in Tampa print, and with the matching Tampa Swimmi, it makes the most adorable poolside ensemble ever!

The ruffle along the neckline is precious. Little Miss is wearing size large, 18–24 months.

If you’re not into ruffles, you can also get the UV Tee in Tampa print, as modelled by Little Miss Cub’s handsome buddy, Petit Prince.

The Barberry Bird Swimmi was what I was most excited about when I was given a sneak peek of the Splash 2017 catalogue. It. Has. Ruffles. It’s supremely feminine without being pink or sparkly.

Little Miss Cub has the matching Barberry Bird UV Tee (tankini also available). The UV Tee offers some neck protection and full arm protection. The previous UV Tee had ¾ length sleeves, which I really didn’t like. If I’m going to put sleeves on my kid in the summer, it’s because I do not want to apply sunscreen anywhere on their arms. The lengthened sleeve is a total game changer (and I’d like to think it is all thanks to my feedback).

With a UPF rating of 50, the tankini and UV Tee are made with swimsuit-quality fabric that is soft and durable and won’t fade in chlorinated pools. The fabric is specially milled for Bummis in Canada! (It is hard work to get fabrics made in Canada, so this deserves recognition.) For a completely Canadian-made garment, I can’t get over the $12.99 price tag for the tankini and $21.99 for the UV Tee!

If you’re not into prints, there are also solid-colour UV Tees and tankinis that will match a variety of swim diapers or regular swim bottoms or shorts. If your child doesn’t need a swim diaper anymore, you can easily pair a Bummis tankini or UV Tee with regular swim trunks or bikini bottoms.

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3 responses to “Bummis Splash Line Review”

  1. Ashley

    When I started reading this, I was 100% on the I don’t need any of this train; then I saw Barberry Bird and who doesn’t need that?!

    1. Lindsay

      I love that you started reading my review even though you didn’t think you needed the product! Sorry about Barberry Bird … it’s just so perfect!

  2. Hahaha, you have to put swim caps on babies??? I’d love to see a photo of that! 😉

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