Stonz Rain Bootz Review

At our house, we luvz Stonz! All winter long, my kidz don’t leave the house without some Stonz on their pawz! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) We are already committed users of Stonz’s Mittz, Toddler Booties and Trek Winter Bootz: I am so grateful to Stonz for creating mittens and boots that I do not have to wrestle my children into and out of. When winter lasts four or five months, you need good gear to make it through.

With spring on the horizon, I wanted to try out Stonz Rain Bootz. Cub loves a good puddle, and Little Miss loves whatever her big brother loves. Cub got a pair of size 12 green Bootz with Rain Boot Linerz and Little Miss got a pair of size 5 purple Bootz. (They were already out of Linerz in her size at headquarters!)

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

There’s still tons of snow on the ground here, but we’re experiencing some very mild days that are perfect for testing out our Rain Bootz. Cub loves how cozy his feet are with the Linerz on. When the temperature is hovering around zero, his feet are plenty warm enough … although he is dissatisfied with the availability of puddlz.

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

Both kids’ Rain Bootz are one size larger than their regular shoes, and I have been using thick wool socks in Little Miss’s purple pair so that they fit properly. Cub prefers the snugger fit of his boots when he is wearing the Linerz, but he can definitely still wear them with his regular socks.

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

Since Little Miss is so often in my arms, in a shopping cart or being lifted in and out of a car seat, she loses her boots easily. As cute as her purple boots are, I prefer putting her in her Stonz Toddler Booties if we’re running errands since they never fall off. When she’s clambering about, it doesn’t take long to lose a boot.

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

As long as she’s keeping her feet on the ground, her Bootz are made for walkin’! (Or ridin’!)

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

I have to wonder if one day Stonz might create a Booties/Rain Bootz hybrid: the waterproof, natural rubber construction of the Rain Bootz with a nylon, drawstring cuff like the Booties! (They can call them the “Lindz Bootz!”)

As for Cub, the only time he loses his Bootz is when he kicks them off in the car or when his legs are dangling in the shopping cart. (We just take them off and put them in the cart when we’re shopping.) They’re perfect for preschool since he can take them off easily and switch to his inside shoes, and pull them on again when it’s time to go home. Cub never met a puddle he didn’t want to jump in, but nothing infuriates him more than having wet socks …

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

… so naturally, he is a huge fan of his Rain Bootz. It’s finally warm enough to play outside for extended periods, and his current favourite activity is to shovel the soft, slushy snow into the storm drain.

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

In terms of comfort, I can only speak to the fact that my quick-to-complain son has had nothing negative to say about his Rain Bootz. We’ve been out walking for a couple of hours in them, and his feet have been happy.

Stonz Rain Bootz Review

I’m put off by the strong odour that accompanies many rain boots, and I noticed that Stonz Rain Bootz have no such odour. This is because they’re made from natural rubber from—it may seem too obvious—the rubber tree! Natural rubber is breathable and has good bending resistance, natural elasticity and memory. If you’re like me and have never considered synthetic versus natural rubber, you’ll love this blog post from Stonz!

Stonz Rain Bootz are also free of PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde. With black soles and black lining, they come in yellow, green, pink, purple, royal blue and grey, and in sizes Toddler 4 to Youth 4.

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75 responses to “Stonz Rain Bootz Review”

  1. Victoria Scott

    My middle daughter is a huge Peppa Pig lover. So that means lots and lots of muddy puddle jumping. These would be amazing for that. I like your idea about the booties too!

  2. Angelehm

    I just love these boots they are perfect for boys and girls. With several fun color options , siblings can have a shade all their own. The same but different has been my mantra/motto lol with 3 girls close in age. And there are no bad chemicals in the rubber which is so very important for parents to know. Thanks for a thoughtful review

  3. s powell

    Puddle jumping is so much fun and so are these boots awesome colors

  4. Cathy Jarolin

    First of all your 2 Children are adorable! I loved looking at the pictures of them in their new Stonz Raiin Boots. The Boots are so Cute! I love the many colors that they come in. Your review was very enjoyable to me.. Thank You for sharing these awesome boots. :O)~~

  5. Jen W

    I love the bold colours and that the boots are made from natural rubber.

  6. Jenna D

    We’ve loved our Stonz winter boots, and this spring kiddo would be all about splashing around in some rubber ones 🙂 We were just looking at them online!

  7. Robijn C

    I just keep hearing and reading amazing things about this company, my little one isn’t quite on her feet yet but she’s already determined to get in to things, I suspect puddles will be a major attraction! I love that there are liners available, although your idea of a hybrid boot sounds ideal.

  8. Marsha C

    I showed these to my son and he flipped out begging me to get him the green ones (his favorite color). They really are great-looking boots. These would be great for walking to and from school during our awful wet, muddy spring! Great for the playground, too.

  9. Jaclyn

    We had a pair of these for my oldest daughter, they were the smallest/slimmest I could find for my early Walker. They are great boots!

  10. Hannah Bueckert

    We love out stonz winter booties. I’d love to try their rain boots.

  11. Lacy

    We love our stonz booties and mitts. I’ve been thinking about the rainboots too. Thanks for this review! I think I made my decision.

  12. Florence Cochrane

    I love the choice of colours. I really like the purple.

  13. Tina F

    These boots look so amazing and so comfortable for the kids. I love the selection of colors sand either girls or boys can wear.

  14. Tera Penton

    I love all the great colour choices. And that they appear to be great quality. These would be perfect for the little ones

  15. ChristinaH

    I’ve been needing some great waterproof boots for my toddler to play in the snow or when it occasionally rains here. These look perfect, really cute, and I love the natural rubber!

  16. Mary Babe(Noel)

    I got myself a pair of stonz winter boots for next year, and am now eying these as well. I love the bright cheerful colours, and love, love, love the fact that they don’t stink of that horrible cheap ‘rubber’ smell. Thanks for the detailed review.

  17. Kelly K

    Thank you for the review. I love this company

  18. gloria patterson

    FYI In case no one has told you today your kids are so cute!!

    You gave a lot of good information here thats makes me want to get a pair right now for my great niece. But finger crossed I will win. The sizes and styles make these perfect for any kid.

  19. Debbie S.

    These look so durable and warmer for sure than other mud boots. These would be great for spring and wonderful for camping! So many great colors!

  20. kathy downey

    Thanks for such a detailed and fun review,these boots sound great and with a couple of grandson we do love pupple play in the Spring and these look nice and comfy.Great photo’s the little ones are sure growing.

  21. Lesley F

    I like that they are breathable. Great colors

  22. Brandi Cramer

    I love that these have the interior fleece to keep those little toes warm!

  23. Amber Ludwig

    I love that they are the classic rubber design so they keep ALL water out!! SO perfect for the wet bi-polar winter we have in Spring here lol!!

  24. Angela Ingles

    We have really muddy springs (and sometimes summers and falls, too) here in NY. My toddler wore his rain boots so much last season that they broke before he even outgrew them. These look like they would hold up well to a toddler’s rough and tumble abuse. 🙂

  25. These look so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Leslie

    My 3 year old loves his bright yellow Rain Bootz! He calls them his Flash boots. With the Linerz they’re perfect for spring and fall, and for summer without.

  27. barbara parker

    Such cute pictures. My favorite is Little Miss dressed in purple with matching boots on the steps and Cub wearing his very nice green colored boots by the evergreen tree. Choosing just one color boot is hard because they are all so bright and bold. They have some very nice booties on their site too. I love the fire trucks and octopodes. The rain boots look like they would be perfect for rainy days and puddle jumping.

  28. Laura

    What adorable boots! I really like the yellow and purple ones. They look like they have good grips on them!

  29. Olivia

    Love your reviews, always very thorough and super real!

  30. Marilyn Legault

    I love buying natural products and bonus that these boots come in yellow, my grand daughter’s favourite colour.

  31. Carole D.

    I love that they use natural rubber are breathable and they come in Purple!

  32. Hannah

    I love the vibrant colors! And the fact that you can get liners with them!

  33. crystal frey

    i love these boots. my daughters love rainboots and practically live in them. we would l0ve to win the purple pair

  34. Sharon Fraser

    Love the review. These sound like great boots.

  35. Julie

    My daughter would love the purple boots!

  36. Julie

    These boots are so cute! I know my kids would love them and love the fun colours!

  37. Courtney Janssen-Grieve

    Do they have any warranty if they wear out before they’re grown out? Or within a year?

  38. Katlyn D

    I had no idea their rain boots were made of natural rubber, I love that! I love the yellow but knowing me I’d chicken out and go for plain ol’ grey ?

  39. Bailey Tulak

    I love that they’re made with natural rubber. We’ll definitely have to invest in some for around the farm!

  40. Andrea Amy

    I would choose the blue ones!

  41. Kelsey S

    We are like you and love all things Stonz. New rubber boots are own our must buy list this spring!

  42. Lisa M

    I love how vibrant the colours are for these boots! And I appreciate that they are made from natural rubber.

  43. Holly MacRitchie

    Thank you for the chance to win these amazing boots! I have heard many good things about them even before reading your review! We need these for this warm/yucky muddy winter!

  44. Ashley F

    These look like they are great quality! I love the fun, bright colors!

  45. Wendy

    Love the bright colours! These would be perfect for my grandson’s first puddle jump! Fingers crossed.

  46. Doriana Hutton

    I wish these came in adult sizes 😛

  47. Tracy

    I like the fun colors of these boots.

  48. heidi c.

    I am a big fan of Stonz’s products. I have been using their Mittenz for years. I love the look of the rainboots and will definitely check them out!

  49. Danielle Petryshyn

    I’ve heard awesome things about these boots!!! They look great 🙂

  50. Caroline Duggan

    I like every how detailed this review is. You even talked about the rain boot odor. I’m so glad that these ruby have an odor like most rain boots!

  51. These are so cute! I know my 6 year old son would love these and then my 5 year old son would probably follow suit! Would be a huge win for me! Shoes get so stinky when they have wet sweaty feet in them.

  52. Tanya Nix

    My daughter had these boots a few years ago and we loved them! They’re so much softer and more flexible than regular gum boots, they are definitely worth the $!

  53. Janet M

    I love their boots because they are comfortable for walking and playing. Once she has her boots on, she doesn’t want to change for a walk and she can wear them comfortably to play for an hour or so. We love Stonz boots.

  54. denise low

    These boots are just so cute. I love all the different colors. They are very good quality.

  55. Lori Standring

    Nothing like watching kids being little puddle jumpers!

  56. Cassandra Rae

    I love the inserts available for the Stonz Boots!

  57. Jenny Major

    Love the bright colours!

  58. Now that my little man is 2.5 he has alot more energy for walks instead of carries. Longer walks mean more chances for puddles! I think I will need to invest in a good pair of rain boots this spring.

  59. Jennifer Ann Wilson

    Great looking rubber boots, and I like that you can add a liner for that in between Winter and Spring weather.

  60. Diana

    Thanks for the great review. I have tried the Stonz winter boots, but I haven’t tried their rain boots yet. I would love to win the opportunity.

  61. KD

    I also find the odour from rain boots bothersome. I had no idea that it was the smell of the synthetic material, and that real rubber didn’t have the same scent!

  62. janie vezina

    these are so cute. wish they came in a more neutral color like navy or grey. but thats the only thing, besides that they look awesome

  63. Heather W

    I love the liners concept of the boots! Green is my son’s favorite color & I k ow he would love a pair of these – we need them here in Oklahoma with our storm season coming up!

  64. Brenna

    these boots look great!

  65. Susan Bilger

    I hav small feet so I am hoping to be able to wear them myself when cleaning the yard. Otherwise it will give them to the neighbor girl

    It did not like my AOL account when I tried to submit my post so I had to use my Gmail account instead

  66. Liz L

    My two year old loves rain boots, well any and all boots really! But she loves her rain boots a tad more because of all the muddy puddles she can jump and splash in! I ove the vibrancy of these, thanks for the chance.

  67. nicolthepickle

    I’ve been eyeing stonz boots. I have 3 littles and I’m wondering if they’d last for more than one child. What do you think?

  68. Kyle

    These would be great for us in the PNW! I like the booties they have too, since my guy is still a little small for the bootz.

  69. M Hobson

    These look great for spring! Thanks for the review!

  70. Terri S.

    These Stonz Rain Bootz look perfect for my granddaughter. Right now her favorite color is green so the green/black ones on your son would be what she’d choose. The liners would keep her feet toasty as we’re having really low temps with lots of snow here in upstate NY. She could wear these and do all the puddle jumping she wants when the April showers come.

  71. Melissa F

    Love Stonz! Those rubber boots look great for my little girl who is currently in love with trudging through mud. She picked the blue boots as her favourite.

  72. Leigh Kitchens

    These look like awesome boots. They would also work well for camping…mud puddles, lake or sea shore. What kid doesn’t love stomping in water! It great that they are PVC, etc. free too.

  73. Cathi T

    Love Stonz winter boots for little guy, especially their new ones this year (super light). This review convinced me I need to get their rubber boots for my little guy, who is also a big fan of puddles.

  74. Laurie P

    Looks like a great quality boot!! I’m curious if they really stand up to heavy heel walkers. Love the color selection!

  75. Lauryn R

    These rain boots are adorable! They also seem very durable, like they would last all year round! 🙂 I love all of the cute colors that they offer as well.

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