Premier Ski Stroller Skis Review

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

Since Little Miss was born, we have barely used our stroller. I used it a lot with my firstborn. We didn’t have a vehicle, so the stroller was how we transported our groceries. I’d often push the groceries home in the stroller and wear the baby on my back! With two kids, I find it easier to wear the little one so that I have my hands free to wrangle the preschooler. Whether I’m running errands or going on hikes, babywearing is my number one choice. In the winter, babywearing saves me from having to push a stroller through the snow, which is why I didn’t think I’d have a reason to test out stroller skis by Premier Ski. (Fun fact: Premier Ski is owned by the same problem-solving papa as Make My Belly Fit, the jacket extender company). Premier Skis solved a toddler-parenting dilemma I didn’t know I was going to have: to skate or not to skate.

You see, here in Calgary, almost every public park also has a skating rink once weather permits. I’m not doing any triple Salchows (I always thought it was called a “sow cow”), but I do love to skate outside. Outdoor skating is still a novelty to me, having grown up in the soggy, winter not-so-wondrous-land of Vancouver. I’m not about to hit the ice with a baby strapped to my chest, and I wouldn’t recommend it even if you’re an exceptional ice skater. That means I need to get Little Miss to and from the park on wheels. Theoretically I could hand her over to her papa to wear while I skate around, but he’s busy sledding with the preschooler. (Not so fun fact: I bought the preschooler ice skates and he refuses to wear them, claiming he absolutely hates ice skating, although he has never tried.) Rather than leaving her to watch from the sidelines, I can actually take the stroller onto the rink thanks to our Premier Skis!

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

As for getting around on the white stuff, our BOB stroller is actually pretty darn decent on the snow thanks to its big, rugged tires. Strapping on our three Premier Skis makes the ride smoother and easier on most snow-covered terrain. If your stroller is already good on the snow and you’re not planning on taking it on the ice rink (or if you live in Florida), you’re likely not in the market for stroller skis anyway. But if you want to use your stroller all winter long and it has proven itself to be a nightmare in the snow, then Premier Skis are an affordable, easy way to upgrade the stroller you already have into a one horse parent open sleigh.

How do Premier Ski Stroller Skis Work?

Premier Skis are pretty much universal. They will fit on strollers with single or double wheels with a diameter of 4–18″ and a width of up to 2″. Sold individually, you don’t need to purchase four if your stroller only has three wheels. If you just need a little bit of help in the snow, you can equip just the front wheels!

Your Premier Skis will arrive IKEA-style, assembly required. All you need is a screwdriver. It took us about twenty minutes to get our three skis set up, with a preschooler and toddler “helping.”

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

Each ski comes with two brackets that hug the front and back of the stroller wheel. You attach the brackets to the ski loosely, then place your stroller wheel on the ski to determine exactly where to attach the brackets “permanently.” (If you use the skis with another stroller or sell them to another family, it’s just a matter of loosening and re-tightening the brackets to fit.) Because my dad’s smart like that, he suggested I mark the front ski with a permanent marker so I could easily distinguish it from the two back skis.

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

To put your skis on, just set the wheel between your now perfectly placed brackets and attach the strap around the wheel. It takes mere seconds, meaning you can put them on and remove them as needed if you’re on variable terrain. I find I’m happy to have a ski just on the front wheel when we’re on snowy sidewalks and the snow is quite packed, but prefer to throw the back two skis on when we’re a bit off-road (and for ice skating).

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

I just toss the spare skis in the stroller basket and away we go! When it’s time to fold up the stroller and put it away, the skis can be popped off easily.

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski ReviewI much prefer pushing Little Miss (and sometimes her big brother) in our stroller with the Premier Skis attached over pulling them in a sled. First of all, Little Miss is too little to keep herself properly seated on a sled. Second of all, pulling a sled is annoying. Thirdly, pulling a sled if you run out of snow is impossible. With Premier Skis, I can just toss the unneeded skis in the basket and continue on my way. This is a big plus if you are out in the snow but will also need to push the stroller indoors, like at the supermarket!

The only barriers Premier Skis cannot overcome are too much snow and not enough snow. Your stroller will sink in deep, unpacked snow, and the skis will scrape painfully on patches of sidewalk that have been completely cleared. In the case of deep, unpacked snow, the person pushing the stroller would also be sinking anyway. As for snow-free sidewalks, just pop the skis off until needed again!

We first tried out our Premier Skis on the Bow River Loop in Canmore. I had a good feeling Cub would want to ride in the newly ski-equipped stroller, so I also brought the baby carrier for Little Miss so her big brother could have a turn in our stroller-turned-sled.

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were hit with a great deal of snow. Cub wanted to sled and my mom wanted to try out her new snow shoes. I wanted to get my skate on!

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

I was able to push the stroller uphill (not both ways, but it sure felt like it) to our local park, thanks to our Premier Skis. The snow was coming down fast enough to cover up the hard work of my shovelling neighbours and make for prime Premier Ski gliding grounds. At each intersection we had to cross over unploughed roads—a mishmash of tire tracks and various textures of snow. I was impressed with how well the Premier Skis performed at each crossing. I know strollers with smaller wheels than the BOB would have never been able to navigate the journey to and from the park without the help of Premier Skis.

Skis ... for your stroller - Premier Ski Review

What I love about Premier Skis

  • Made in Quebec
  • Preferable to pulling a sled
  • Compatible with most strollers
  • Sold individually (purchase only as many as you need)
  • Makes it possible to skate or snowshoe with your stroller
  • Easy to set up and install, take them on and off as needed

Disadvantages of Premier Skis

  • Not equipped with brakes, so only suitable for flat surfaces
  • Cannot be used with strollers equipped with mud-guards
  • Extra attention required when going up and down curbs

Bottom line:

Whether you use your stroller for snowy walks on gentle trails or for making your way to the corner store, turn it into a winter warrior with a set of Premier Skis.

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33 responses to “Premier Ski Stroller Skis Review”

  1. Adrianne Wall

    Hmmm I am still searching for the best way to transport baby across the snowy school field at big kid school drop off and pick up (without wrecking my back) … may have to look into these for the stroller!

  2. Meredith Mattson

    I had no idea these existed! They would be perfect for our Minnesota winters, it’s snowing here right now. Thanks for the review!

  3. Leeanne C

    These look amazing for going out during the winter and actually enjoying the outdoors without the struggles through the snow. I’m happy to hear they actually work. Such a great idea.

  4. Tina

    These look like they would save me from our daily struggle of getting my 8 year old to and from school with our toddler and baby in tow. Where we live no one likes to shovel their sidewalks plus the plows plows the snow from the roads on to the sidewalks making it nearly impossible and dangerous even with our double Bob stroller m.

  5. Carrie H.

    These. are. genius! I was just talking with a friend on how I needed something like this. Great timing!

  6. Marilyn Nawara

    These skis are awesome — I live in Michigan so the stroller gets put away during the winter. Would be great to be able to take the stroller out for walks during the winter.

  7. Ladybogs

    Living in the mountains in Colorado I think these stroller skis are a must!!

  8. Wendy hutton

    I love the skis, what a great idea this is definitely needed for canada winters

  9. I think these skis look amazing! Our LO isn’t here yet, but I plan on taking daily walks on the trail near our house, where we currently walk the dog. It isn’t a paved trail, so we picked up a jogging stroller at a rummage thinking the larger wheels would handle the trail. These skis would help it to handle the trail in the winter, too!! So sweet! I wouldn’t have even thought about taking them on a sidewalk, but that is a good idea, and great to know that they go on and off easily for going indoors or whatnot.

  10. Rebekah Bueckert

    These look awesome for winter. I always have one kid, or two fall asleep at school pick up and i only have so many arms, so then im dragging the stroller through the snow, not fun!

  11. Sometimes you ask yourself, why has no one thought of this before! What a marvelous idea, skis for the stroller. I was in town when Calgary got all that snow, beautiful, but no way you would just take a stroller out. Now I need to win a pair for the new grandbaby!

  12. Tera Penton

    These look great not very often do I use a stroller especially in winter as we are babywearers but this could still make outing in winter easier as I often use the stroller to put the bags etc in

  13. Joan S

    This would be amazing for life in Winnipeg! The snow has really curtailed all of the walking we do.

  14. Gord

    My grandfather would get some pieces of wood and hand carve some skis for my grandmothers baby buggy. He would have loved these as they are easy to install and saved him all those hours of carving.

  15. kathy downey

    Living in Newfoundland ,i could really use this actually from Oct.-May

  16. Tina F

    I think that this is an amazing product. I am wondering if these could also be used for wheel chairs.

  17. Amber Ludwig

    These are fantastic!! I love that they are pretty universal!! This would make winter hiking in Wisconsin with my kiddo way more enjoyable!!

  18. jodi Armstrong

    I have been trying to figure.out how to bring skiing. And I think these would solve that issue. We could pull her behind us w these little skis attached to the wheels. Thanks.

  19. Nicole van der Dussen

    This is such a great idea, that I am unsure why I’ve never seen something similar. Especially in these Canadian (Alberta) winters, these look like a necessity!

  20. Ashley Stone

    Until you posted a picture a few weeks or so ago, I had no idea something like this existed! I love it! So glad you’ve done a review of them. I love taking my son for walks and now that there is snow on the ground we haven’t taken the stroller out. I’d love to be able to take him out, even if it’s just to walk down the street to get the mail. A little fresh air is always good! 🙂

  21. loriag

    Living in the North with snow and cold, these ski’s would be so nice to have for all the Mama’s.

  22. These look so cool! I’d give these as a gift to my friend who has kids.

  23. Elaine Weng

    I have no idea such product exist!!! I would not think that I will ever need stroller skiis till I move to the NWT where we get snow from October to April/May!!!!! These would be perfect for us to take our baby out and enjoy the cold but beautiful outdoors. I can even see myself pushing her on the Great Slave Lake!! Thanks for the detailed review and giveaway opportunity! ?

  24. Vanessa S.

    This would really come in handy as I pick up my kindergartener from school daily!

  25. Michael

    I live in South Central Alaska these skis look like a great way to take my son out on the trails.

  26. janie vezina

    your review looks awesome. i never knew these existed. these do look awesome getting thru all this snow, and being able to still do outside activities.

  27. Shelley Butcher

    We have 3 feet of snow right now, so stroller skis would be awesome!

  28. Caitlyn Quinn

    I have been getting more and more interested in these devices. There are a few other brands on the market – just wondering which one is best!?

  29. Calvin F.

    Haven’t seen anything quite like this, it’s neat and definitely great to get around with in the snow.

  30. Jessica G

    Wow these are ingenious!

  31. Erin

    I was just wishing for something like this this winter! Our sidewalks are not as clear as they should be.

  32. Kayla Klontz

    I’ve never seen these before but they’re pretty cool, great idea!

  33. Breanne Lukac

    I live in Northern Alberta so these would be awesome! We also have a skating rink nearby so it would be great if I could skate too 🙂 And is it bad I still thought it was a sow cow?! Haha

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