DIY No-Sew Car Seat Poncho

DIY No-Sew Car Seat Poncho from an IKEA Blanket

A few weeks ago, IKEA’s Polarvide Throws were on sale for $1.99. This 51″ x 67″ fleece blanket is regularly $5.99, but the chartreuse ones were discounted. At once my favourite shade of green and a sweet deal, I snagged a couple and decided I’d figure out what to do with them later.

It just takes a pair of scissors to turn one of these blankets into one or two car seat ponchos. On top of a packable down coat, this fleece poncho keeps my daughter warm on the way out to the car and during the ride. You could make an even warmer one by choosing a thicker fleece blanket to begin with.

Basically, just cut an opening in the centre of your blanket … and you’re done. Start with smaller opening than what you think you’ll need and adjust once you’ve tried it on. You don’t want it too tight, but you also don’t want it so loose that it slides off their shoulders. You could easily make two ponchos out of this blanket but first cutting it in half.

If you want a thicker blanket, you can fold the whole thing in half once and “sew” up the ends by cutting strips on either side and knotting them together. Then, fold this double-layer of fabric in half to cut out the neck opening.

This simple solution keeps extra bulk out of the car seat where it can interfere with harness-tightness. Plus, children can easily pull it off once the car gets warm enough!

DIY No-Sew Car Seat Poncho from an IKEA Blanket


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