Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families

Do you have a cloth-diapering family on your holiday shopping list? Perhaps YOU are a cloth-diapering family and want to subtly drop some hints about gifts you could really use? Well, I’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for any family that uses or plans to use cloth diapers. I’m writing this with Christmas just around the corner, but this list is of equal value if you’re attending a baby shower and you know the parents-to-be will use cloth!

Buncha Farmers Stain Stick … $4.42


This is the perfect stocking stuffer for cloth-diapering parents … or basically anyone you know who has laundry. Moisten the BunchaFarmers stick, rub it directly on a stain and launder as usual. I’ve used it to get rid of tomato sauce, oil stains and even blood. You can grate up your BunchaFarmers stick and dissolve it in hot water to make a stain-fighting spray. If you’ve got stubborn poop stains in your cloth, BunchaFarmers is safe to use on your cloth diapers and it’s environmentally friendly!

Shop BunchaFarmers

Doll Diapers by Cee Gee Couture … $6

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families: Cloth Doll Diapers

Kids love to imitate their parents! I’ve seen disposable doll diapers in stores. That’s just silly! Cloth doll diapers are so much fun for pretend play, and make a whole lot more sense than miniature ‘sposies. Whether you’ve got a new baby on the way and your son or daughter wants to take care of their “baby” too, or your child just shares your love of fluff, CeeGee Couture makes adorable doll diapers with your choice of fabric, which you can choose here. They fit dolls with a 6–14 inch waist.

Shop CeeGee Couture

Hemp Boosters from Öko Créations … $6.50

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Hemp Boosters

What’s a booster? Well, it boosts the absorbency of your cloth diapers! You can use Öko Creations’ 3-ply hemp boosters in any brand or style of cloth diapers. I use them with many of our daytime diapers, especially if I know we’ll go more than two hours before a change. I always use a hemp booster in my daughter’s overnight diaper! You can also use an Öko booster all by itself in a newborn diaper cover for the perfect newborn diaper solution! Made in Canada with a blend of hemp and organic cotton, these boosters are pre-shrunk and are sure to be loved by any cloth diaperer! 

Shop Öko Creations Boosters

Les Produits de MaYa Liniment … $6.99–$25.99

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Les Produits de MaYa

To try liniment is to never go back to disposable wet wipes or even bum wash spray. Les Produits de MaYa liniment, made in Quebec, is a creamy, olive-oil based cleanser that is the only way I tackle poopy diaper changes. A dollop of liniment from my handy pump bottle on a soft cloth wipe gets my daughter’s bum clean and moisturized. No water needed! Parents who cloth diaper often choose cloth wipes over wet wipes anyways but have to use a spray bottle, moisten wipes in advance or be sure to change diapers near a sink. Les Produits de MaYa liniment is an effective and eco-friendly solution! Plus, it’s amazing as a makeup remover— use it to clean crusty noses and remove all kinds of goop from your children’s bodies (think the residue left by bandages, temporary tattoos and face paint).

Find a Les Produits de MaYa Retailer | Read my Les Produits de MaYa Review

Organic Cotton Wipes from Öko Creations … $10.50–$42

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Öko Wipes

The perfect partner for liniment, and you can never have too many cloth wipes! Öko Creations wipes are soft and absorbent, and we use them for diaper changes and cleaning snotty noses. (You can also use them as face cloths in the bath or at the dinner table!) If you give a mouse a cookie … he’ll eat it. If you give a family Öko cloth wipes … you’ll save them tons of money on disposable wet wipes and also cut down on landfill waste! Available as a 4-pack (great stocking stuffer!) or 20-pack.

Shop Öko Creations Wipes

Lil’ Tights by Skights … $14.50

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Skights

You might have heard of baby legwarmers as great accessories for cloth-diapered bums … but legwarmers only warm legs. That’s why I love Skights! They’re footed legwarmers, or knee socks or however you want to describe them. It’s sad to cover up a perfectly adorable cloth bum with pants; with a pair of Skights, legs and feet are covered (and knees are padded) but diaper remains in view. It’s one part fashion, one part function. Diaper changes are much easier without pants! I like to use them on Little Miss when she’s got a dress on, but they’d be adorable with a t-shirt, too. For winter, I use them as an extra layer of warmth under her pants, and they guarantee her ankles are covered even when her pants ride up in the baby carrier or stroller.

Shop Skights || See Little Miss in her Skights

Shea Body Butter & Boo Boo Cream from Souris Verte … $18.99

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Souris Verte

When using cloth diapers, there are certain ingredients you want to avoid in diaper creams. Petrolatum (aka Vaseline) and heavy oils like cod liver oil and mineral oil are big no-nos: they are very difficult to wash out of diapers and can build up, impeding absorbency. Souris Verte is a Quebec company that makes delightful creams that are suitable for use on cloth-diapered bums, but we use them all over our bodies! Their Shea Body Butter is a super-moisturizing, super-gentle balm that I use on any dry patches in the diaper area as well as on chapped cheeks and my own hands and lips. Their Boo Boo Cream is green (naturally!) and I use it for treating small wounds and on Little Miss’s diaper area if it gets irritated.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Use the code hohoho to save 15% on Souris Verte Shea Body Butter, Boo Boo Cream and Bubble Bath! (valid until December 31, 2016)

Shop Souris Verte || Read my full Souris Verte review

Wet Bags from Funky Fluff … $14.99–$24.95

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Wet Bags

I have used wet bags from a lot of different brands, and the Clutch, Double Pocket Wet Bag and Hanging Pail from Funky Fluff are my absolute favourites! The Clutch is the perfect size to carry a clean diaper and change of clothes when you’re on the go. The Double Pocket Wet Bag holds at least six diapers (it’s the one I send to daycare), and you can easily store dirty diapers in one pocket and clean ones in the other. The Hanging Pail is amazing at home or when travelling: the straps unsnap so you can hang it on a towel rack, the back of the door, in a closet … the possibilities are endless. It holds at least three or four days of dirty diapers, but we also use it for our regular laundry!

Find a Funky Fluff Retailer || Read my Funky Fluff Hanging Pail Review

Custom Cloth Diapers from Brinkeebum … $22–$44

Even if the family on your list has a full stash of diapers … everyone needs a CUSTOM diaper! I have a Brinkeebum diaper with my Maman Loup logo on it! Star Wars? Harry Potter? Something totally obscure? BrinkeeBum makes embroidered diapers in a variety of styles, and you can even submit your own image for embroidery like I did with my logo. She’s also got some holiday-inspired designs if you act fast! Talk about a functional keepsake!

Shop Brinkee Bums || Read my BrinkeeBum Review

One-Size Swim Diaper from Bummis … $25.95

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Swim Diaper

Washable swim diapers aren’t just for cloth diapering families, but families that love cloth are likely to love the Bummis One-Size Swimmi! No worries about sizing, this swim diaper is designed to fit from 10–35 lbs. It might be snowy outside, but the Swimmi is perfect for those heading south for a vacation or families that love to hit up the indoor pool. If you’re buying for a family expecting in the new year, there are lots of adorable, gender-neutral prints to choose from. Made in Canada and made to last! (The coordinating baseball caps and swim shirts will be available in Spring 2017.)

Find a Bummis Retailer || Read my Swimmi Review

Evolutive Pants from Coton Vanille … $33–$36

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Coton Vanille

Evolutive Pants—also called grow-with-me pants or maxaloones—are specially designed to fit children from three months to three years! Yes, one pair of pants that fits from baby to toddler! These pants also feature a circle of fabric at the bum that is perfect for accommodating cloth diapers. (They can absolutely be worn by children who are potty trained or in disposable diapers, too!) Coton Vanille also makes a mini version that will work for newborns up to about one year. From simple solids to statement-making prints, there’s definitely a pair for every tot on your list! If you want to give a complete outfit, Coton Vanille is working with Poche & Fils to sell t-shirts with pockets to match their pants! Watch out for their holiday-themed pants and lots of plaid!

Shop Coton Vanille || Read my Coton Vanille Review

 Splatter Shield and Diaper Sprayer from Spray Pal … $34.95–$89.99

Nothing says “I love you” like the gift that says: “I don’t want you to touch poop.” The Spray Pal Splatter Shield is an ingenious invention that keeps poop in the toilet (rather than on your bathroom walls or in your face). A diaper sprayer attaches easily to a toilet and is used to spray solids off a diaper before it goes in the wash. Just imagine what happens when you spray a concentrated jet of water at a pile of poop. Right. So that’s why parents love the Spray Pal! 

Shop Spray Pal || Read my Spray Pal Review

Babee Greens Wool Longies from Gentle Nest … $42.95

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: Gentle Nest

What does wool have to do with cloth diapers? I wondered this for a long time, too! Well, wool has some amazing properties: it’s antibacterial, breathable, water resistant and absorbent. It’s nature’s cloth diaper cover. I use wool longies (basically wool pants) as my daughter’s pajama pants. This gives us an extra layer of protection against leaks at bedtime! Wool longies also just make great, warm winter pants that regulate heat and are completely natural. Babee Greens longies are made in the USA from upcycled cashmere and merino sweaters. No two pairs are alike!

Exclusive coupon code: Save 15% on all BabeeGreens products at Gentle Nest! Use code BabeeGreens (expires November 20)

Shop Babee Greens at Gentle Nest || Read Maman on the Trail’s Babee Greens Review

PeapodMats Bedwetting Mat … $49.99–$69.99

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: PeaPod Mat

Giving a family a PeapodMat is your way of saying: “Sleep well, my friends.” This absorbent, stay-put mat saves parents from stripping the bed at 3 AM when there’s an accident, a leak, some vomit, a nosebleed … basically any unexpected excretion you can imagine. We have one on my son’s bed and one in our bed where our daughter sleeps, and every time there’s an “oops,” I am so grateful for this invention. It’s cozy to sleep on, and it doesn’t crinkle and wrinkle like plastic mattress protectors. It can also be used as a diaper change mat, a picnic blanket, a drop cloth under the high chair and so much more!

On Black Friday only, 3 x 5 PeapodMats will be 30% off on their site and on

Shop PeapodMats || Read my PeapodMats Review

Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag from Lagoon Baby … $229.95–$249.95

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Parents: JuJuBe

Do you have a mama who’s been REALLY nice this year on your list? You’ll be her new BFF if you get her a Ju-Ju-Be. Diaper bags by Ju-Ju-Be are the hottest, trendiest, most functional totes on the market. I’ve had the BFF for almost a year now, and I’m always getting compliments on it. But big whoop if it looks fabulous … I’m not going to use it unless it’s flawlessly functional. Roomy enough for two kids in cloth but not too bulky if you’re travelling light: you can wear it over your shoulder, cross-body or as a backpack. Fill a Ju-Ju-Be BFF with all the other great things on your list and stick it under the tree for the cloth diapering family in your life!

Shop Ju-Ju-Be at Lagoon Baby || Read my Ju-Ju-Be Review

AppleCheeks-Inspired Ring Slings & Doll Slings from Lil’ Monkey Cheeks 

Holiday Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families: AppleCheeks Ring Slings

Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks is always coming up with the cutest AppleCheeks-inspired gear! Coming soon: AppleCheeks-inpsired Ring Slings ($128) and Doll Slings ($45). The available AppleCheeks prints will be Red Apples, Grey Apples, Wild Child, Irrelephant, Parade, To The Core, Out of the Blue, Lola and Coolio. Little Miss is getting a To the Core Doll Sling for Christmas! (Don’t tell!) You can customize the colour of the coordinating twill: grey, navy, lime, violet, teal, brown and possibly other options. Sewfunky Ring Slings are a comfortable and versatile way to carry your baby from full term birth to 35 pounds. Each sling is adjustable making it one size fits all, perfect for sharing with your partner! Its unpadded, sleek design means it can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse. As for the doll slings, your child can carry their special doll or toy around in these matching versions of the ones mama and papa wear! Wait-time for custom orders will be about four weeks.

Custom Order Your AppleCheeks-Inspired Slings 


Disclosure: The products included in this guide were carefully selected by yours truly. Companies were charged a nominal fee to appear in this post.

Which items are on your cloth diapering holiday wish list?

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  1. Anne

    Oh yes! I agree that to try Les Produits de MaYa Liniment is to be hooked. Ever since I reviewed it last year, it’ s all I will use. Speaking of, my bottle is extremely low. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great list! I plan on making some doll diapers! My girls love cloth diapers for their dolls too 🙂

  3. I LOVE this! Love. Yes, this is an awesome and Extremely well put together post. Very nice!

  4. Samantha reyes

    Doll dippers are so cute and such a great idea!

  5. Stacie

    Wow what a great list! I will be putting almost everything on my wish list. But favorites are the sprayer and the wipes

  6. Michelle

    Tough to choose just one item!! I love the Buncha Farmers sticks. They work so well to remove most everything. Perfect for the stocking, too! My guy would love the dolly diapers. He’s always trying to get his stuffed animals into diapers. And we have two or apps mats which are fantastic!!! I love their reusable nature for potty learning at nap and bedtime. If I had to choose one for my list, it would be a peapod mat as you can’t have too many!

  7. Rebecca

    These are all fantastic gifts! If had to choose one it would be the doll cloth diapers! My 4 year old daughter would love them!

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