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Viva La Mama Babywearing and Breastfeeding Apparel Review


All About the Viva La Mama 3-in-1 Babywearing Hoodie


Two terrible things happen when I put on my new clothes from Berlin’s Viva La Mama. See, the dress’s label reads “Milchshake” (German for milkshake, dontcha know), so I immediately start doing my best twerk while singing, “My Milchshake brings all the boys to the yard … ” As soon as I pull on my sweater, I serenade whoever is lucky enough to be in my immediate surroundings with “Viva La Mama, I’ll be waiting, ever lasting, like the sun …. ” If you have no clue what I am talking about, then right now you do not have a mish-mash of Kelis and The Spice Girls running through your head. If you do, you’re welcome. If you’re from Germany and wonder what kind of music we listen to over here in the colonies, Keine Sorge! I can send you YouTube links.
Alright, so terribly catchy pop songs aside, I am in LOVE with my Viva La Mama Charlie 3-in-1 babywearing jacket and Una long-sleeved nursing dress. What do I look for in clothes these days? Easy access for breastfeeding. Flattering fit. Sporty comfort without making me feel like I need to do sports.

Una Dress

Let’s start with the Una dress. Now past the one-year mark of nursing Little Miss Cub, I’m starting to yearn for dresses. Dresses were my staple during pregnancy, but now I can’t really wear them unless they’re specifically designed for nursing. I know I’ve brought this up before, but I had to take my dress halfway off during my brother’s wedding speeches in order to nurse Cub. I’m not shy about nursing, but that was a bit much. So remember how I said I like to dress like Sporty Spice without actually doing sports? How cute is my Una dress?! It’s like a cozy sweatshirt, but IT’S A DRESS!
Viva La Mama Una Nursing DressNaturally, it can also be worn during pregnancy. But thanks to these subtle zippers, you can also completely expose your Milchshake-makers to nurse without hiking your dress up over your chest!
Viva La Mama Una Nursing DressI actually held off washing my Una dress (it passed the sniff test!) as long as possible so I could just keep wearing it. It looks great over skinny jeans, leggings or tights; you could even dare to bare your legs and pair with cute sneakers in the spring!
Viva La Mama Una Nursing DressThe zippers perfectly expose maximum breast surface area, which in turn keeps milk from wicking onto the fabric. Sometimes I can feel the back of the zipper against my skin and it bugs me a tiny bit, but that’s honestly the only slightly negative comment I can come up with.Viva La Mama Una Nursing DressThe Una retails for $118 Canadian (the price will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate), which I know may not suit every budget. They have other stunning options in the $80-range, and it’s important to remember that Viva La Mama’s items are ethically manufactured in Poland.

Charlie Sweater

The Charlie 3-in-1 babywearing jacket (more of a sweater than a jacket, but they call it a jacket on Etsy) retails for about $180. This sweater is truly a three-function sweater. If I combine the prices of my favourite maternity sweatshirt, my favourite babywearing sweater and my favourite regular hoodie, the total would be close to $300. And while most 3-in-1 products do one thing well and get a passing grade on the other two functions, the Charlie babywearing jacket does all three of its jobs perfectly!

As a pregnancy sweater:

There are two perfectly subtle zippers on the sides of the sweater that reveal hidden panels to expand the jacket for your baby bump! (Note you can also use this for stealing watermelons or simply as an excuse to eat more at Christmas dinner.) Here I am with my throw pillow baby:


As a regular sweater:

When my Charlie sweater first arrived, I didn’t even notice the secret pregnancy zippers! This means no one will even know your favourite hoodie is also for pregnancy! (Except, if you’re like me, you’ll tell them and then shove a pillow in your sweater to prove it.)

This is exactly the kind of zip-up hoodie pre-children Lindsay would buy. It is nice and long, perfect over leggings, it has long sleeves with a thumbhole, and it’s made of thick sweatshirt material, so it’s quite warm.

As a babywearing sweater:

As if those sneaky little side zippers to make it a pregnancy sweater weren’t enough, the Charlie also comes with a zip-in insert to go around your baby carrier!


The insert has an attached hood and a neck panel that keeps you and baby warm. The one drawback is that when fully zipped up, Little Miss cannot access her thumb for sucking because her hands are entirely enclosed with me in the sweater. Awesome for warmth, bad for thumbsucking. (Our dental hygienist would be pleased … )

viva-la-mama-charlie-hoodie-1The baby hood can be tightened thanks to the toggles at the sides and back of the neck to fit your baby’s noggin perfectly. As with any baby sweater, you can increase warmth depending on what you and baby wear underneath and what you put on top. If you don’t have a babywearing winter coat, for example, you could put your winter coat on top of this sweater!

Bottom Line:

Viva La Mama, I’ve been waiting … for you to bring your Milchshake to my yard. Not only are their clothes amazing (and you should also check out the pieces The Monarch Mommy reviewed), but the women behind this brand are a delight to chat with over email. We’re like pen pals, comparing life in Canada and life in Germany. They currently sell their products on Etsy, but I’d love to see them grow enough to have retailers in North America!

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28 responses to “Viva La Mama Babywearing and Breastfeeding Apparel Review”

  1. Marie Cole

    My son is pretty much weaned right now (we only nurse st bedtime ) but I would have loved that dress when we were actively nursing.

  2. Briana S

    I love the zippers on the side for nursing. I love my Momzelle nursing shirts, but I feel like you can tell most of them are meant for nursing. This is amazing!

  3. Danielle

    I’m not breastfeeding but I would love it for babywearing. It’s super cute and looks really well made!

  4. Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh I LOVE everything!! All of it is so adorable and functional!! Seriously so fabulous!!

  5. janie vezina

    i love all the featureas, nicely designed.

  6. Knittinchick

    I would have actually spent more on my maternity wardrobe if I knew that it could transition to the first year of breastfeeding… but as I anticipate LO in a couple weeks, I would love a dress like that… Casual enough for mat leave and would transition back into work wardrobe as well!

  7. Laura

    What adorable clothing! I really love that hoodie! Too cute!

  8. Hannah Avery

    What an amazing hoodie! It’s a minimalist dream! That dress looks so cute on you!

  9. Tristan Merriman

    I am in love with the Charlie jacket! It looks like they are sold out on Etsy, but I am definitely going to get one of those as soon as I can!

  10. Shannon M

    I had no idea those hoodies existed – thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get mine!! ?

  11. Marie

    Love the dress! I really miss wearing dresses, as I hate having to undress every time baby is hungry..

  12. This brand sounds awesome! I’d love to gift some of their stuff this holiday season.

  13. Betsy Williams

    I would love to have a couple of Viva La Mama pieces to wear with baby #2! I wish they were available at retail locations in the US/Canada. I looked through their Etsy shop and want all of the super cute, and comfy looking clothes!

  14. Elishia

    This sweater is seriously gorgeous! I may be sneaking it onto my Christmas list. …

  15. kristen visser

    oh my gosh! this company is absolutely brilliant! I wish I had a dress similar to the Una dress when I was pregnant with my two girls. it would have made life SO much easier. The zippers at the side are so convenient and makes feeding anywhere you are hassle free! and love the jacket with the zip in insert!!

  16. Bailey

    All of my clothes are picked for boob access now! I have one dress that worked but it’s gotten stretched out of shape from wearing every single day this summer – other than wash days!

  17. Sam C

    I wish I had these when I was breastfeeding my now 17 month old. Maybe for the next baby!

  18. Audree T.

    I just love your reviews! I had already looked at Vivalamama nursing and babywearing clothes on Etsy, and seeing you reviewing them just makes me want to buy one of her pieces even more! I’ve been eyeing a nursing hoodie for weeks now 😉

  19. Monica Cobbs

    Love this! This is the first baby wearing sweater I’ve seen where the baby has draw strings too. Finally! Thanks for the great review.

  20. lauren velasco

    im excited for these, with a little one on the way it will make it a little easier to breastfeed considering it will still be a little cold when shes born!

  21. ASM

    Great review! I thought I could make it through the winter rigging up some kind of pashmina to my old coat, but today’s first snowfall has proven me wrong. It all fell to pieces when my baby just wriggled out of everything. This sweater under the coat would be a great solution.

  22. Sam F

    I am in love with the ease of this design and you don’t lose style for nursing shirts!! So awesome!

  23. Megan G

    I seriously think I need this sweater!!!

  24. Lindsey K

    I’ve been eyeing up those dresses! They look awesome! It’s not easy to find good nursing clothes.

  25. Shannon C

    I’d love the babywearing jacket. I’ll have to save up!

  26. I love Viva La Mama Berlin! Such amazing quality for truly functional pieces!

  27. Sandra Caballero

    Amazing clothes. Love the dress that I can unzip and nurse my baby girl anywhere.

  28. Amy Hall

    You had me laughing all through, thank you. The dress isn’t my cup of tea because it would look positively awufl on my very full overweight figure, but the sweatshirt is really cool.

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