August 2016 Blog Income Report

Blog Income Report: August 2016

Page Views: 112,762 (Nice increase from July)  

Unique Visitors: 26,333 (Increase of over 4000 from July)  

August was less productive than most months because I spent time with family and friends visiting from Montréal; plus, the weather was beautiful! Although I didn’t write many sponsored posts, I finally published my Cloth Swim Diaper Comparison post, which has been a work in progress for months. I really wanted to have it up before swim-diaper season was over, but it takes a surprising amount of time to test, photograph and write about diapers!


Affiliate Sales:  

A big shout out to everyone who shopped at Lagoon Baby and with my affiliate links this month!

Lagoon Baby: $54.90 $67.03 

Total: $121.93

On-site Advertising:  

I am so excited to have signed on with SavvyMom for my ad network! Not only is my ad revenue up significantly, but I’ve had sponsored-post opportunities come up already after a complete drought with my previous network.

SavvyMom: $217.79 $21.97 USD/ $28.70 CAD   

Monthly ads & ambassadorships: $330  

Total: $576.49

Sponsored Posts:

I wrote only three sponsored posts this month. The one I was most excited to finally publish was my Ultimate Guide to the Huggaloops Carrier. Given that my original Huggaloops review is one of my most popular review posts, I was really motivated to put together a thorough FAQ-style post about this unique baby carrier. With assistance from Huggaloops owner, Stacey, I addressed the most common questions I see mamas asking about this carrier.

Total: $480

Grand Total: $1178.42

Blog expenses:  (affiliate links where applicable)

McAfee Anti-Virus software:  $2.91  

Vault Press Website Back Up Plug in: $6.23  

Web hosting by Green Geeks (3-year subscription): $8.33 

PicMonkey Image Editing: $3.91 (I won’t renew this now that I’m paying for Canva, but I had already paid for the year.) 

Freshbooks accounting software: $22  

InLinkz Linky service: $1.67  

Mad Mimi Newsletter Service: $35   

Facebook boosting: $10

Giveaway buy-in: $8 

Diapers for upcoming non-sponsored review: $60

Canva $13 

Tailwind $11.40 

Lifetime Membership to Stencil: $73.68 

Sendible $9.23 (Use my Sendible promo code, 170220, and get 10% off your Sendible plan. Redeem from the sign up page at

Total Expenses: $265.36 

Total income minus expenses: $913.06

Final thoughts:

August was the last month of trying to operate the blog and serve my social media clients without some form of childcare. Mid-month, I decided that there was no way I could continue to juggle the kids and my business—something would have to give. Little Miss had gotten super mobile and was napping much less, so periods of work during the day were fleeting. It was hard to justify paying for childcare: obviously it’s much more profitable to be earning income when you are not simultaneously paying someone to watch your children. Work when my husband’s home on the weekend or work at night? That would mean never seeing my husband. Stop working? I love it too much. It wasn’t an easy choice, but so far it is paying off in terms of both my business and our family’s happiness. I’ll talk about this more in my September report!

4 responses to “August 2016 Blog Income Report”

  1. Amie Melnychuk

    I shop on all the time. Where can I find the affiliate links throughout your site to help you get a little more $$?

    1. Lindsay

      Click through using the Well ad on my side bar (appears at the bottom if you are on mobile!) Right now it’s a Well “Baby Registry” ad, but it still works! Thanks so much!

  2. Amy Hall

    I always like these checkups giving a real glimpse into what blogging is like. I’d really like to get into being a review blogger. When I’m looking for reviews I often can’t find a reviewer like myself, with my opinions or the things I’d like them to think about when reviewing. So I end up reading umpteen reviews to get the full picture that I want. I also kind of hate video reviews. THey’re nice when I don’t have a sleeping baby but I often do so I don’t get to watch them.

  3. Amber Ludwig

    Way to go!! You had a great month!! I bet you will continue to climb with more time and your kiddos will have a great time hanging out with friends!! What an exciting time to come!

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