LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater Review

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater

When the first images of the LennyLamb Fleece Babywearing Sweatshirt floated across my Facebook feed, I could almost hear the collective gasps of awe coming from all corners of the babywearing stratosphere. My first reaction was: “Those are stunning!” If anything, LennyLamb’s new babywearing sweater is unlike any other on the market. The sweater is made of soft, lightweight fleece and features a substantial cowl neck made from the same woven fabric as Lenny Lamb carriers, a pouch for baby with matching woven fabric detailing, and long, long sleeves with glorious thumbholes.

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater

I chose the grey with little herringbone tamonea in size small for me and Little Miss Cub to try out. It was daycare day when the package arrived from Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks, but I had to put it on right away even without a baby! The sweater feels divine. The fleece is ultra soft and cozy, the sleeves are long enough for my monkey arms and the sweater itself is a nice, bum-covering length. The cowl is gorgeous and can be worn up over your head like a hood whether baby is on your front or your back. My greatest sadness when it comes to this sweater is that you can’t use it as an ordinary sweater. (Lenny Lamb has released a similar, non-babywearing version, by the way.)

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater

I put Little Miss in a front carry to try out the sweater for the first time with a baby. Getting the sweater over my head and then getting her head through the baby pouch seemed to freak her out a bit compared to when I put her in our Belly Bedaine sweater. It’s a bit of a wriggle to pull it off, and not something you’d want to be doing if you had a hairstyle to preserve. Little Miss typically doesn’t like to have the pouch closed tightly around her because she prefers to have access to her thumb.

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater

Because the LennyLamb doesn’t feature a side zipper, I have yet to successfully put it on for a back carry without help from another adult. (I’m sure there are some preschoolers who could help, but Cub is not one of them.) It’s also struggle to get it off without assistance when baby is in a back carry. And from the front, I feel like I look a bit … boxy …

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater


The LennyLamb Babywearing Sweatshirt comes with a separate hoodie for baby with a cowl neck. It’s my new favourite winter head-covering for Little Miss, in or out of the baby carrier.

All About the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater

What I love about the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweatshirt:

  • At $99 CAD, it’s competitively priced for a European-made sweater with such unique detailing.
  • It comes with a fleece baby hood that is thick and warm.
  • The cowl is designed to work as a hood no matter which way you are wearing the sweater.
  • The drawstring at the opening of the baby pouch allows you to secure the sweater snuggly around baby, or leave it open wide for those who need access to their thumb (ahem, Little Miss!).
  • With baby on your chest, you get to use the cozy front pocket to warm your hands or to store your keys.
  • The sleeves are long and feature an extended cuff with thumbhole.


What I love less about the LennyLamb Babywearing Sweatshirt:

  • The structured pouch for baby makes this a single-purpose sweater. You can’t wear it for maternity and you definitely can’t rock it as a regular sweater.
  • Although described as unisex, I’m not confident that many men would choose this sweater.
  • The lack of side zipper makes it super awkward to get on and off, especially for a back carry.

The bottom line for me on this sweater is that it’s a statement piece. It’s definitely warm, and while I really do love how it feels and looks in a front carry, I don’t know if it’s a look that’s universally appealing. This is not a sweater that I pull on and off for quick trips out to the car and into the grocery store; it’s too much effort. But for winter walks—layering appropriately depending on the temperature—it’s perfect.


Sizing note: I am about 130 lbs, 5’8” tall, and my measurements are a 32″ bust, 29″ true waist and 35″ hips. I have the size small sweater.

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You can get your LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater from Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks!

24 responses to “LennyLamb Babywearing Sweater Review”

  1. janie vezina

    this looks so comfy and warm.

  2. Marie Cole

    This sweater is so amazing!

  3. Amanda Smith

    I am loving the Cowl!

  4. Anne

    Just when I thought I had seen it all! So cute and cozy! This is such a practical product and would make such a great gift.

  5. Elishia

    I love the look, but am not crazy about the texture of fleece. Thanks for the thorough review!

  6. It looks so comfy and warm!

  7. AHHHH, Little Miss is just the CUTEST in these photos!!! Gavin hasn’t liked being worn in a while now (he wants to GET DOWN AND GO!) but she looks so dang happy and snuggly and cozy that now I want one just to cuddle with him in! (Hahaha, and it was in the 80’s here today, so, I should probably just stick to our usual shorts!) 😉

  8. Lynne

    As a soon-to-be Grandma who was NOT a babywearer when her kids were little, I have to admit, I had never considered how you dealt with wintertime! What a fantastic idea, thanks for the info!

  9. It looks so cozy! Love that it does a back carry too!! Great review, I have to go shop for one now!

  10. Thanks for this thorough review! I always layered up in huge cardigans and coats when I was babywearing – you think you look boxy? Hah! I could see this being perfect for a winter walk around here though. Fleece is so warm and repels moisture too so even better for Wet Coast weather. Little Miss is adorable in her cowl. I’d put that on Kay all the time regardless of whatever else she’s wearing.

  11. Joanna

    Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve been seeing this pop up in my life, and was wondering if it’s worth it. Didn’t know it came with the wee hood too.

  12. I so wish this had side zips! Not being able to get it on in a back carry by myself is a total deal breaker for me! It is beautiful though and I love the wrap details on it.

  13. Laura

    That looks incredibly comfy! Cute too! 🙂

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  15. Caroline Duggan

    I LOVE this sweater and baby wearing. I’m hoping to eat this one for Valentine’s Day. Such a mom gift lol

  16. Shawna Kerr-Smith

    Have you tried the Boba hoodie? I have the Boba and am contemplating selling it to buy this one. I do like that the Boba has the side zip though…
    I think the Lenny Lamb looks more classy and is fleece.

  17. annie

    How did you find the sizing? I’m debating if I should size up 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      I usually wear size small in women’s clothing, and my LL was a small. BUT I have a small bust. I’ve heard from others that larger chested women struggle with the sizing.

      1. annie

        thank you! that’s helpful! I’m usually an XS/S but breastfeeding has changed things a little. sounds like i might be better off sizing up. Did you have a fave babywearing coat and sweatshirt? i’ve been looking through your reviews 🙂

        1. Lindsay

          My favourite is probably the Kuuma by Belly Bedaine!

  18. Michelle

    Question…I find the opening for the babys head SO small…I am looking at the photos of your daughter with her arm out of yours and it looks like there is plenty of room….I wonder if mine is defective. Do u happen to know the width of that opening? It just seems like with the tula at least, and the fleese hood there is NO room, I can’t imagine who would be able to close the drawstring even more….and do u find it’s hard to see the baby with the Cowell? I find islt blocks the view…I’m hoping someone can help me to love mine 🙁

    1. Lindsay

      How big is your baby? I don’t have mine anymore to measure. I would contact the retailer from whom you bought it and see if they can assist you!

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