Stonz Mittz and Booties: For Baby’s First (mobile) Winter

Baby's First Mobile Winter with Stonz


I love snow! It’s so pretty! It’s so bright! It makes that satisfying crunch when you first walk on it! Growing up in Surrey, BC, snow was a rare and fleeting experience. Living in Montreal, I soon learned I preferred a snow-covered landscape and -20° C with clear, sunny skies to the warmer but greyer and wetter winters of my childhood. Now in Calgary, where we just had our first snowfall while Montreal enjoys an extended summer, I am so ready for the fluffy white stuff! The only thing I don’t like? Getting the kids dressed to go out. I discovered the Stonz brand two winters ago when I reviewed a pair of their Mittz for then-two-year-old Cub. Since then, I’ve added more and more Stonz products to our winter arsenal for one simple reason: they make getting outside easier and staying outside more pleasant.


Little Miss rocked her size small Stonz Booties last winter. I loved them for their versatility: with the Linerz or thick slippers they were great on the coldest of days. With just socks, perfect for the fall. Alas, her precious little toes never hit the ground last season—she wasn’t mobile! Just in time for her first winter as a toddler, Stonz has released their Booties in sizes medium, large and x-large with a new, hard sole! These PLUSfoam soles are skid-resistant, lightweight, durable, waterproof and made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The boot upper is water and wind-resistant 600D nylon.


These are the perfect winter boots for crawlers and sort-of-walkers, for whom proper, rigid winter boots would be too awkward and heavy. (When your kids are ready for regular winter boots, Stonz makes those too, and we just bought our second pair for Cub this season.) The toggle closures at the ankle and calf not only make them so easy to put on, but also keep them on tight even as the kids roam around on the playground or in the snow.


For the coldest winter days, pair them with heavy socks and thick slippers or the Stonz Linerz. Otherwise, just regular socks will do! You can even put them on top of shoes!


As I mentioned earlier, Stonz Mittz were my introduction to the Stonz line of winter gear. Cub is wearing his pair for the third winter now—talk about value! The infant Mittz are thumbless because babies do not need to use their thumbs in the snow. I have enough trouble trying to get my four-year-old to put his thumb into mittens, so I’ll skip that step with the baby, thank you. These mittens are long, going halfway up baby’s forearm, and are secured around the arm and wrist with the same toggles as the booties.


They’re easy to put on top of the sleeves of a snowsuit, saving you from the struggle of pulling a mittened hand through the cuffs of a coat. I remember hating it when snow would get into the space between the cuffs of my coat and my gloves, and the Stonz design eliminates this issue! Stonz Mittz are made of a wind-resistant 600D nylon shell with a 100% waterproof, breathable lining. Little Miss is wearing the 0–12 months size, but they’re also available in 12–24 months. When we came in from her very first playtime in the snow, her hands were toasty warm and perfectly dry despite having been in constant contact with the snow while she crawled. Cub has the larger, thumbed Stonz Mittz and is in his second pair of Stonz Winter Bootz!


Stonz has totally nailed winter gear for babies and children, and if their functionality weren’t enough to convince you, they are also made in Canada!

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13 responses to “Stonz Mittz and Booties: For Baby’s First (mobile) Winter”

  1. Marie Cole

    These will be prefect for my little guy this winter!

  2. Valerie

    I’m thinking of getting the Stonz boots for my 8 month old. If he starts walking this winter, will he need shoes underneath? Or is there enough support? Thanks 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Valerie! For the kind of walking he’ll likely be doing (like, not that much), they should be fine! For warmth, you may like to put him in a pair of slippers inside the booties, or the Stonz Linerz. My daughter is barely toddling at 15 months and I don’t expect to need other boots for her this season! They just don’t do THAT much walking at this age 😉

  3. Marie

    Great design, love the adjustable cinch. I was just starting to think about winter gear for my little one.

  4. It’s so funny that my kids are in shorts and teeshirts here in San Diego and yours are playing in the snow! We don’t get to see snow hardly ever, but if we ever DID take a winter trip with the kids, those look brilliantly designed!

  5. Sarah Pomerleau

    J’ai très hâte d’utiliser mes Stonz booties pour l’automne et l’hiver! Tellement facile à mettre aux pieds de mon bébé! J’ose espérer qu’ils feront aussi au printemps! Hihi

    1. Lindsay

      Ouiiiiii! Tellement pratique 🙂

  6. Amanda Smith

    I’m thinking my little man needs these boots. Do they sell in the states?

    1. Lindsay

      I’m not sure, but ships to the US no problem!

  7. Savannah K

    I really want to try these with my little one! so genius!

  8. Amanda Joosten

    I have been debating getting a pair of tthese for a while now. I just am having a really hard time spending that much when I.know I can go to Wal-Mart and get a pair for $10 🙁 but I guess these would definitely be more durable and be better for warmth it seems. thanks for the review 🙂

  9. Christie

    Hi! My 15 mo old walks great, is super mobile and is ALWAYS on the go, lol. I’m trying to figure out which boots are right for her – the draw string ones or hard sole boots. We live in Minneapolis and will be out in the snow basically every day this winter (so she’ll be closer to 18-20 months by the time will use these). Which type would you recommend? Thanks!!

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